"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Addressing doubt and suspicion

 As long as you perceive anything with the mind you will have doubt and suspicion. Channeled material and my whispers are not the complete truth, they are a reminder of the unseen reality within us. not until your awareness unites the duality within you and you see through experience and knowing how we create our reality will you be able to say "This awareness really works" It is the knowing and perceiving of a new reality that proves to you that your awakening is not airy-fairy, mumbo-jumbo or simply put BS. When the seeker and that which is sought are ONE in consciousness the doubt disappears because you are in a place within where you have proved it within what is true for you. You have become the proof that you were seeking.
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