"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Its not good enough to just believe

As long as you believe, you are still searching. The believer aspires to know but does not. They are currently worshiping an idea in their imagination or simply another’s. Their mind and ego must create a counterfeit reality against the truth within them.

If left to our own natural senses and awareness truth would reveal itself with ease. It is the mind and ego trying to create a separate reality from truth that begins the barrier to true knowing. An idea or belief can be worshiped and believed, but that is not the reality of it. 

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Silence is golden

Silence is the best teacher because you must search for the truth with something other than your mind. There is nothing to observe or speculate on with the mind. You can’t describe it easily, unless you can begin to be aware of it and feel.

The language of feelings is underrated and in some cases ignored completely. This lack of understanding feelings ignores another important dimension of our experience and abilities. This dimension is the dimension of knowing without thought. It is a direct experience without words or ideas.

Words and ideas can only take you so far and they take you out of your self understanding. They put labels on what you see. Feelings reveal what you know naturally and who you are naturally.

The ego and mind tend to ignore feelings, because they are a basic ingredient of our natural state of being. They are what make us both human and divine in a sense. The ego needs to stand outside feelings, because it will lose its sense of separateness if it doesn't.

Silence brings all things together in your feelings, there is no separation of identity, no you and me. In silence you can be one with the other and in silence all things dissolve into the one. It all begins and ends with us and the silence.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

A personal religion

It’s not about predictions. It’s not about techniques. It’s not about man made religions. It’s not about gurus. It’s not about Nostradamus. It’s not about Pope’s and priests. It’s about you and your awareness.

The mind and imagination can create all manner of possible outcomes to a situation, but for you the only thing that really matters is your truth in your awareness. Awareness is yours and not someone else’s; it does not require you to believe anything. You cannot be deceived by the words of another.

The New Age, Astrology, Psychic and Paranormal interests, and all forms of occult (hidden) interest have become religions and a new curiosity for the mind, the imagination and the ego. They can speak silently to the reality of your inner world, but they can also be a distraction from it. You can go in circles with these things or you can choose to go to the heart and soul of the issue and that is your awareness.

Your feelings are the golden key to you and your awakening, not opinions, ideas and outdated legends in the mind and ego. Simple awareness is felt as a knowing within. It is the counterpart to the mind which thinks. Freedom is when you know within whom you are and you no longer have to believe in another or what they are selling you.

Your awareness comes from within you and nowhere else. It is the most personal religion of your conscious being. It is a communion between you alone and the universe where ideas and opinions do not exist. Belief does not exist; in fact it is not possible because the mind is not there.

You are finally and truly free, because your identity has moved from an idea of who you are to the reality in knowing who you are. The mind has no response for that.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Teach them to feel

If you want to change the world and prevent the madness, teach the children about their feelings so they will respect and understand them.

While you are educating their minds, you must also educate their hearts. Stop glorifying violent action and praise the tender-hearted innocence of children.

Teach them it is okay to be afraid, to feel confused, and to cry. Help them understand that it is okay to be who they are and as they are without judgment or criticism.

Teach them that they possess all the answers and not to judge what they feel, but only see it as a doorway to discovering who they are.

Cherish the uniqueness within them and by all means allow them to fail, because true learning comes from failure. Allow them to bond within again to eternity while it is still fresh within their awareness.

Do not pound the magic out of them with rules, commandments, and regulations that are poison to their innocence.

Do not drive them away from the source of their inspiration or the love of self within them. When you drive a child away from all that is good and true within them, you isolate them from the very best part of who they are and who they can become.

Do not distort reality through perversion of their imagination with false hopes, or the borrowed dreams of others. Let them respect who they are without fear of reprimand or judgment.

Above all, do not break their spirit, because they did not pass a test or remember all the presidents. What does that have to do with life?

If you do not teach a child to love themselves early, or to feel and recognize the love within them, they will make a lifetime of errors in judgment. This begins when they forget how to feel and only think.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The miracle within you

When all is lost, you still have you. When your body begins to fail you, you still have you. When your mind begins to falter or torture you, you still have you. Nothing can touch you, if you know where to find yourself. The world can end, but it will not touch you.

You are not your thoughts or your body. You are not the events that occur in your life. You are not the ego, mind or imagination. You are not the one that prays or meditates; you are not your worries or fears. You are not the emotions that pound the beaches of your mind. You are life.

Life exists in a trillion places as the truth of existence. It takes many forms, but it itself is formless. It exists beyond time and space as the one true reality. You are life and you are forever, but you need to find that place within you where you identify with nothing at all.

Silence is the key that opens the door to you. It is silence that identifies with nothing and only enjoys the presence of being. It is the timeless state of knowing that reveals the true nature of you. It is through awareness that you will encounter the one and only miracle of existence and that is you.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

There are no secrets

There are no secrets in the universe, nothing is hidden. Awareness reveals all that can be known and is true for you and others. It is a subtle trick of the ego to make you believe that mysteries exist and that life is too complex and mysterious for anyone to comprehend. It is the old child’s game of “ I got something you don’t have” in which a person or a group tries to gain control of another by manipulating the curiosity or ignorance of another.

The mind and ego make you think there are secrets because so much of you is hidden behind them. It is the sense of something is missing that makes you think it is hidden.  Awareness reveals what appears to be missing to the mind and ego.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Where are we headed?

Our beliefs are what are killing us. The current fascination with the end of the world is not a literal end of the world, but a possible end to our dependence and addiction to old beliefs. Life as it is being presented to us will not continue to support the lofty dreams and goals that we are programmed to obey and manifest. We will have to look deeply at ourselves and ask where we are headed.

The fantasy’s and goals sold to us nightly on tv and in our schools and universities will be examined more closely to see if the end result truly brings meaning to our lives. We will not be able to hide from ourselves any longer within the mind and imagination. It will not be just enough to fake it and get by for a lifetime.

The current master dream born from the minds of businessmen and supported by governments is not bringing us closer to peace and fulfillment, but rather despair, hatred and violence. Having more is not the answer, being much more within is.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snap decisions

The truth is seldom revealed because of snap decisions. In our minds we are quick to judge ourselves and others before we examine the facts. It is the nature of the mind and ego to pass judgment on ourselves and others.

Imagination builds on this and creates a false and temporary reality in which we believe something to be true, but in reality it is a fabrication of the mind, your emotions, the ego and imagination.

Because the mind and ego need to be in control and the emotions are desperately seeking a consolation, they will accept as true what is in fact a fabrication of misinformation.  This is how horrible things happen to people and between them.  Emotion, Imagination, Mind and ego all conspire to create a false reality in which they feel they are right or in control, but they are far from the land of truth and reality.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

To feel is to know

To feel is to know, because the truth is not an idea, but a living element within consciousness. It does not have to be recalled and remembered, it simply appears as an aspect of your being within you. In the beginning you become aware of it, you see it within your being as living but it feels far away from the reality of your day to day consciousness. It is present always, but it seems to fade in and out. Little by little you embrace it and over time you will become it, but you must trust the universe and be patient to reveal it when it is time.
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Slipping Away

It’s slipping away, can you feel it? Another year gone by, another generation is approaching the end of its influence on earth. The 60’s generation is rounding third base and heading home. The world waits to see if the Mayans were right or if this is just another example of Chicken Little screaming the sky is falling.

Needless to say what came in with a bang is going out with a whisper. The world is weary once again for changes and new products keep rolling out to tickle the imagination and drain the pocketbook. Everyone is busy celebrating, drinking in the emotions of the season and becoming intoxicated on the fumes of past memories. Wanting to forget the bad and hold onto the good.

Life is filled with anxieties. Like a child lost in a mall or a large store we desperately seek for the comfort of home or familiar people. We desperately want to feel safe and secure.

When will we go home, when will we find that resting place within our awareness and rest. Is it this year or maybe the next?

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Your journey home

Your life is a pathless journey that will lead you home, if you allow it. In each conflict is a message, and in every crisis, an answer. Allow your life to lead and teach you. Trust it and trust the events that unfold before you. Do not seek to avoid or escape, nor hide from the reality of it. Face yourself squarely and feel. Allow those feelings to reveal what you are currently creating and whether you find pleasure or suffering in it.

You are not aware of the connection between your experiences, beliefs and feelings, because you are still asleep. Your emotions are the clouds of the storm that block the sun. Your wisdom is with you, but you do not trust it yet, nor see the connection between within and without. You fear the world may be against you or merely an idea of God and the universe. You are not ready to see that it's only you who is against you.

You are creating the life you are living, but you are not yet conscious of it. Your mind and ego will fight to keep it hidden from you. You have only to trust in your heart -- that is where you will find your GPS for home …

Happy Holidays,
Robert and CJ

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Who will you be?

It’s more important to ask the question of who will you be, then to ask what you will do. Most people are brought up with the question as to what they will do with their lives. It implies that you are not good enough as you are and that you must look outside to find some meaning or verification for your being here.

It is the beginning of slavery to the system where you must find something to do with your life and it is a waste of time to just be who you are within. You as an individual have nothing special to offer life; you are better off following the herd down the well-trodden path and get it over with. It is the point where we hand the keys of our life over to society and play the game.

It is where we lose our way and become disillusioned with life and ourselves. We buy into the idea life is a struggle and not a joy to be experienced. Now you feel that you have to survive at all costs and you can no longer trust life or yourself. You have descended from a place of infinite possibilities to become one of the herd that produces milk and waits for your caregivers to feed and direct you. You have lost your dignity as a special child of the universe and you are no longer a creator, but simply cattle that eats, defecates and produces milk on time. You are no longer guided from within, but by others who think they know what is best for you and you agree. It is the same old story over and over,” Resistance is futile, you must comply.”

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Almost Broken

It’s in the deep anguish of your losses, failures and defeats that you feel the essence within you of who you are. Not until you have been stripped of all that the ego uses to hide you in a false identity do you feel the love, joy and peace of the real you. It is often at the point where you are almost broken that you feel who you are and awaken from your sleep. Do not fear your life or yourself when it seems that all is lost, because it is then that all is discovered and you are reborn.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No followers allowed

If you have to follow someone else, you are on the wrong path.  Awareness is not a path, but an awakened knowing and a personal truth that rises from within your consciousness. It is as simple as that, if you are following a group, a media guru, an inspired teacher or a so-called master you are out of touch with the source of your direct connection to your personal truth and being. It is not wrong to do this, but the results are often disappointing and borrowed knowledge or borrowed experiences are only going to satisfy the ego and mind and not the heart or soul.
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Metaphysical mumbo-jumbo

Awareness is not based on legends but on the direct experience of your consciousness. Many beliefs are based on legends and so have the various religions and secret spiritual groups been spawned. The ego and mind love a mystery and hope to solve it through external examination and investigation, but your awareness is a self-discovery brought about by your self-exploration of you. Do not become captivated by the stories and legends of old or idea’s about the origins of things, they are a trick of the ego to divert you away from the discovery of your own awareness and truth. Fascination with channeled material, spiritual theory, old cultures and legends are not wrong, unless you seek the truth in them and not within yourself.
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

The mystery of your truth

Truth cannot be experienced through words, not even aware words. What you feel is a reflection within you of the existence of the truth within you. It is a reminder of home and the identity within you that is real and lasting. It is the scent of the formless truth about you. Let the feeling of aware words sink deep into your consciousness and awaken the marvelous being that you are. Let them reveal your truth and guide you along your way. Never see them as the answer, but as a mystery rising within you and begging to be revealed.
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear

Most religions and some spiritual groups are an exercise in the imagination where people imagine that they have powers and abilities simply because they believe. They believe that something has been done or will be done for them simply because they believe. This is simply not so. The mind, imagination and beliefs can create a false identity in which it appears a change has occurred, but in truth it has not.

Change only occurs and lasts when you move from the mind, imagination and believing to knowing. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and that is what the mind is. It mimics, makes copies and tries to look like the real thing, but it is not. You will never know true reality if you create it in your mind and imagination.
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Friday, December 7, 2012

The feeling of awareness

Awareness is the removal of all beliefs and the manifestation of love alone. It is wholeness without the illusion of time, space or tradition. It is simple being, existing in the present moment and eternity all at once. You are not supported by the mind and ego, because they are gone for the moment. All that exists is you in a natural state of being, purified of the clutter of mind and ego and feeling the wholeness of existence running through you as if you have no boundaries. It is the joy of being alive because your limited identity has transformed into the unlimited reality of existence.
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Whispers of Awareness - Home

Whispers of Awareness - Home

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Seek to empower, not power

Great leaders speak to the hope and fears of the masses. They touch a need and provide a solution that is longed for. The danger comes when they seek power, rather than to empower. When they take the burden of the masses on their shoulders and promise to lead them out of trouble with little responsibility upon the masses for where they are. It is dangerous to lead others and not make them responsible for their lives. When the leader seeks power to control they risk leading everyone down a path of peril and destruction in which all pay a price.

To empower is far better than to seek power. One builds up the egos in a massive deception of all concerned and the other hits at the source of the problem, personal responsibility. Anyone who seeks power, rather than to empower is headed for disaster.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just be you

You don’t have to be a star; you just need to be you. So many put energy into creating an image that they think will attract others to them and their work, but it is not the image that attracts sincere seekers.  It is the authentic energy of your awareness that touches them deeper than any image can impress. You do not direct awareness, it directs you. You do not sell it at will; it calls the shots always and is in harmony with the greater good of all. You are a servant to your awareness and not its master. You have no power with it unless you are willing to surrender to it totally.
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


What is your value? Have you ever asked yourself what you mean to the world and others? To your family and friends you may be a reflection of many colors that brighten up their lives and touch their hearts with a warm ray of acceptance. You are a piece of the pie of existence that fills their hearts, hearts yearning for more than a dull existence.

The ego and mind make it very difficult to know our worth because they measure it in dollars, fame and by comparing you to others striving for the same things. These people spend a great amount of time reinventing the wheel and in some cases use deception to get your attention and your vote. They speak words with high moral and ethical content, which they believe, but many do not know personally. They tell you what you want to hear and have been lead to believe, even if it is not good for you or true.

The sad part is that you know it’s not true, but you play along anyway. Your fear and ego are not aware of anything else better. You silently go along with the masses, even though everything within you says “wrong”. You feel the burden of knowing a change is needed, but also the despair of not knowing how.

You do not know your worth, because you do not know you. You do not realize how much your thoughts, feelings, ideas, or words may mean to others. You struggle along like a robot in a factory assembly line because you don’t feel alive anymore. You can only know your true worth to yourself and others when you dare to speak with an awakened heart from a compassionate soul that knows you are much more valuable than you think. Never underestimate your value to a world hungry for the truth and hearts unafraid to speak it, share it and live it.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

No where else

Fear of the unknown brings a strong reaction. Anger is something we all carry below the surface within us as a result of the mind and ego. Neither wants to surrender, neither wants to die to the greater being within us all. The deeper the fear, the harder the edge we carry within us. A shell of distrust envelopes us over time. The joy of living is replaced by imaginary dangers and villains that wait in the dark to mug or steal from us. All of this is created within us individually by failing to encounter fear within us and see that it really exists nowhere else but there. Your mind will and can make you into what you believe, but it will not be the truth of who you really are.
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The touch of love

Love begets more love. When you share the love within you and it is returned a reflection of the divine sparkles within you. Something deep and beyond the mind is touched and you are bonded in a special connection of grace and truth. You may feel a part of you that you never thought existed or even hoped to share with another. Love’s beauty on the inside is that it reveals truthfully the deepest nature of our true identity and being when we risk giving it to others. It unlocks the well of compassion, grace and inner beauty we all possess. To be touched by genuine love is to unlock the potential within us all and remind us of the goodness and grace we all possess within.
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fear and abandonment

As you move to fuller awareness fear and abandonment are issues that you must confront and overcome. Fear is the result of an ego and mind losing control over your present identity and abandonment is a trick of the mind and ego to convince you that you will fail if you persist in following your heart and awareness. It is a great test and together both fear and abandonment can stop or halt your progress altogether. Fear and abandonment are blurs on the clarity of your awareness. They make it difficult for you to know or see clearly what you are becoming aware of. They prevent an ease of transition from control to surrender and the knowing of awareness.
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