"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Consider this before you reply to anyone

 Do not speak or reply to anyone to hear your own thoughts bounced back onto your mind and ego.  Do not defend what you believe because it angers you or insults your intelligence, just listen and feel what you read or hear, listen with your whole body and become aware of what is being said. Where are they coming from?  Are you coming from your heart? Are you coming from your emotions? Are you coming from your mind? Or are you coming from your inner awareness? It is a simple thing to come from your awareness when you trust yourself and the universe, you know the truth and you rest within your awareness. It is not about proving that you are right, it is more about stating what is so simply clear to you. It is like sharing candy with a friend and not caring if they return the favor. You do not have to prove or defend your awareness to anyone and that is the simple truth. Each of us carries the simple truth of awareness within us, but not all are aware at the same time. Patience and thoughtful replies cultivate aware answers; challenges to awareness shut the door on truth and knowing. You become aware from surrendering your mind and ego to the unknown, not by fighting or debating beliefs and seeking to be right. Only the ego and mind need to be right, awareness doesn’t.
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Awareness is simple yet profound

Awareness does not permit the imagination and ego to divert you from the core truth. It is not complex and therefore cannot confuse the mind. It bypasses conjecture and reveals the depth of an individual's identity within existence. Awareness is the most personal and deepest revelation of your higher self to you in truth.

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Resting within your awareness

You do not have to prove anything when you are aware, it is enough to know. You don’t have to defend what you believe, it is enough to know. You only need to become more conscious of what is real and what matters. All the questions are answered within your awareness when you are open to receive all that it offers. It is a matter of your personal relationship in awareness with the universe that determines the choices you will make and the direction you will choose. One thing for sure is that you will not make them alone and you will know what you are doing. You will begin to work with the universe and begin to flow with the events of your life in a nonjudgmental way.  The need to defend and justify your existence stops, you live day to day with a conscious knowing that life has never been against you and that every experience before was to get you to this place of awareness. Now you can live knowingly that love is your true nature and all of life supports you on whatever journey you take with awareness. 

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Awareness makes us whole

Thought and Emotions give depth and flavor to our human experience in the body, but it is awareness that wakes us to the totality of our entire being in existence. Awareness brings thought, emotion and feeling or awareness into a unity that makes us whole.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Awareness is not imagination

The imagination is a function of the mind that the ego uses to avoid an encounter with the truth in awareness. It distracts the individual from a deeper perception of their reality. The imagination differs from the awareness in that as a function of the mind it can draw from the endless possibilities of thought and idea. Awareness does not include or use imagination, it comes from our source energy and the dynamic creative presence of ultimate beingness
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Big Brother, Big Religion, Big Education....Big Problem?

Identity is important, but even more important is where you get it from. Identity should be natural and in alignment with how you feel about yourself and who you are within. Identity created on the surface or the mind does not go deep enough and is not true enough to fulfill you. Big Brother, Big Religion, Big Education all want you to adopt and accept their image of who you should think you are. While they use the word individuals behind the scenes they really mean clones. Each of them wants to brainwash you into an image of their ideal. Human identity runs deeper then government, religion and education. Its need is to be true to itself and not live a lie. The Big Three all say that if you conform you will establish a sense of identity that will fulfill you and make you free, but the reality says otherwise. Money, Fame, Power do not bring happiness or fulfillment. A true identity can only be achieved when you feel real to yourself and not others.

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Cosmic Entertainers and Hype

What good is channeled material if it does not speak to your heart directly, offer good advice on becoming more aware and feel right. Too often you see or hear channeled material that gives these fantastic stories about long ago places, potential future possibilities and weird explanations that do not speak directly to the heart of the matter and feel like hype. While I see this as fascinating to the mind and imagination of curious people seeking answers I fail to see how this helps anyone to grow spiritually. Serious channeled entities tell you where you are, where you can go and how you get there. Channeled entities that do anymore more than this amount to nothing more than cosmic entertainers. This does not apply to those credible channeled guides that address specific situations with clients to help resolve personal issues related to growth in awareness.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why we have rules

Some of you may wonder why we are so picky on what we allow as posts in the group, why we created rules. No one likes rules but they do serve a purpose to keep a focus on topic. This group is about your feelings and awareness, how you feel and what you perceive. We don’t just want to know what you think about something, but how you feel and what are you becoming aware of. Most groups just want you to promote or market yourself or to talk about things that have nothing to do with life or you. Beliefs and opinions may be shared but they never touch the heart, inspire or push buttons. To become aware you must face yourself and your fears, know yourself and encounter yourself. None of this can be done if you are in trivial conversations. It takes comments that push your buttons at times and even make you feel enraged to get you to look within at why you feel a certain way, why you think a certain way. Then you have to explore it and understand it without losing your dignity, poise and self respect. If we don’t keep this focus then the conversations will wander and the meaningfulness and power of awareness will be lost in opinions, beliefs and trivia.

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Love and Intimacy with Awareness and Partnership with the Universe are two subgroups of Whispers of Awareness that will be available sometime in the future. Cathy and I are not posting there because it is not the right time. Our mission is to share insights on personal awareness, relationship awareness and eventually universal awareness or Partnership with The Universe. Our experiences are what we have learned as individuals, as lovers in a relationship and as partners along with our guides. This is a model of how we feel the universe is directing us in our awareness. We hope and believe that others like yourself are also being shown inwardly this is a model for an aware humanity. Thank you again for joining us in Whispers of Awareness.
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Simplicity is needed if humanity is to become more aware. Language and thought are poor conductors of awareness. To know in your heart what you think you know and understand in your mind a radical change in orientation is needed. Feelings convey far more understanding than mind and thought ever can.  Your thoughts are a system of labeling your experiences so that they can be shared mind to mind, but the experience of life is shared from one open heart to another. We feel love, pain, joy and sorrow and awareness is the greatest feeling of all because it reveals that our life is far more complex and complete then we could have ever imagined. Awareness simplifies the experience of life by bypassing the mind and giving a direct experience of feeling that which the mind cannot experience or comprehend.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Poetry and Awareness

Poetry is much like enlightenment or awareness. It bypasses the rational mind and touches the feeling nature within us. Words are used to create textured feeling pictures in our minds that touch our hearts and souls. Linear words are changed in a chaotic format that the reasoning mind can’t appreciate but the heart understands. Poetry is a way to reach deep into the heart and soul of us and bypass the limits of the rational mind.

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Craving to believe

Illusion begins in the mind and imagination when a thought is accepted as true  and not evaluated in the light of a person’s awareness. Ideas multiply in the imagination and the mind hungers for suggestions on what to believe. People crave to believe because without the belief a person suffers an identity crisis and must either deal with a birth in consciousness or worse hide within an addiction. 

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Friday, June 22, 2012


Transparency is necessary if what is taught is to be given credibility. Too many times the message and the messenger are confused in the minds of those influenced by the teaching.  It is this unnecessary adulation or anger directed at the teacher that creates a gap in understanding for those taught. Teachers are all human with ego’s and issues they are working through. It is incorrect to assume that they have all the answers and that they are infallible. It is this projected hero worship or demonizing directed outwardly to persons, ideas and philosophies and even deities that is the first cause of losing your power. You cannot claim your power if you are believing in the power of some other person or deity. You must own yourself first and then reclaim your power through awareness. In teaching it is always the message that is more important than the messenger that delivers it.

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The road to nowhere

I find it interesting that we have so many ideas about life, existence, awareness and awakening, transformation, new age and the evolution of mankind. Some of this i am sure has come from past channeled material, new age guru’s and psychics. The thing which bothers me is that we all accept this language at face value and never consider it night be wrong. I realize that it is impossible for anyone to prove their experiences in consciousness without language or ideas and these do not adequately explain the reality or truth of existence. New age theories do exist and it is good to remember that they are just that and cant be proved. All the more reason for each person to discover and become aware of your own reality or you will be lead down a dark alley to nowhere.
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Buyer beware

Just because you know the mechanics of entering a meditative state does not mean that you have entered meditation. Just because someone tells you that if you do this you will channel does not mean it is happening. Many people who think they are channeling are simply entering into the subconscious and attracting all manner of nasty and deceptive energies. Channeling is a very delicate and complex process of making connections in conscious between your personal energies and higher life forms in the universe. It can be dangerous when not monitored by guidance who always affirm the contact gradually and not until you are prepared properly. Not everyone is born to channel, it is an agreement between you and guidance arranged prior to each lifetime.
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To believe or to be aware

The believer observes ideas, the aware observes life within themselves. One is deep in the mind and ideas and the other is deep within the self. One is filled with ideas from others and the other is free to discover and explore their identity in consciousness.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Be your own light

The awareness that a teacher brings is like a candle brought into a dark room. You see shadowy images behind the flickering light of the candle. Use this faint light to find the light switch and more of the room shall be revealed. It is not the light of the teacher that matters, but the light you discover in the room called you.
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Life is

Life is never permanent in physical form, it changes to rejuvenate itself in the perfect beingness of existence. Forms that seem to appear longest lasting are empty of life and therefore objects in physical existence only.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Awareness should be natural

It is natural to be aware, it should be. It makes no sense to hide behind a wall of secrecy and denial. To promise and promote that you know secrets and have special guidance or gifts to offer. This gives a feeling of quackery and images of being a con. People with deep insecurity often hide behind the beliefs of spiritual groups to compensate for a lack of self respect and unconditional acceptance of self. We are all human with the same needs, feelings, desires and pain. We all have issues that we need to face and overcome as we accept full responsibility for our healing and become more aware. Denial of our common humanness and seeking power outside our personal experiences of pain and awareness isolates us from each other and creates an opportunity for sheep to be captured by a wolf. It leads to embracing beliefs and ideologies that practice mind control and denial of our common humanness. Fear turns a crisis into slavery to ideals that spawn beliefs which imprison you and do not free you. The vulnerable person is always susceptible to this and it is a test of maturity to see if a person is ready to accept full responsibility for their life or fall into the teeth of wolves. If your spirituality separates you from people in any way then you may be hiding your fear and accepting a belief that you are better than them. You have not become aware truly and your ego still embraces some fear within you.

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Monday, June 18, 2012


Channeling can not be taught, it should be discovered as a natural development in your awareness. It is obvious that what you say is mostly true and could be helpful if the person was learning this themselves and not with an external teacher. You are speaking to minds mostly and these minds cannot fully grasp this extent of awareness without experiencing it personally. Without the assistence of the universe working internally with a person you can only teach their minds and not convey the subtle inner process of discovering the mystery of their inner being. It is not wrong to share these points, but it is unnecessary and potentially dangerous to interfere with anyone's self discovery by influence or suggestion.

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The humility to serve

Very few of us can serve the universe at a high level of understanding. Many more can serve the mind and body of others. Some are awakening and more are becoming aware daily, but we must be careful and clear of the line between reality and illusion. It is not up to us to heal or save anyone. That is beyond the scope of most of our awareness and abilities. As a teacher, I know that while I assist the universe in conveying messages to awaken I still have filters within my ego that prevent a pure and clear expression of all that the universe shares with me. I have to feel with my heart and use my language to interpret what I understand in awareness but it is not that easy at times. I am speaking mostly to minds and beliefs whose egos find it hard to accept what I say.  At times my own ego gets aroused and I have to stop and listen to hear my heart and guidance. I am grateful for those moments when a warm glow rises in my heart and I know the awareness and words are going to flow effortlessly.  I t is an honor to serve the universe at the level of my awareness and also to share with those whose hearts are open to feel the energy within the words I share.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Roots of New Age Capitalism

What began as a movement in human consciousness turned into a wholesale flea market of capitalism. In the beginning insights were shared to raise awareness and to give people the option to explore within themselves the nature of their reality. It was an awakening only and a whisper of things to come. The minds and ego’s of some saw an opportunity to exploit pure truth and because of their spiritual and material greed and impatience they began to sell and merchandise these secrets for profit. Power claimed without permission is deception of self and others. Their minds and ego may have told them it was ok, but their claims were not substantiated by truth and understanding. There is no quick way to awakening or healing, you can’t merchandize truth with a fast food mentality. The result was dilution, deception and disappointment and it continues to be so. Until those who wish to be of service to mankind and the universe seriously consider their methods of representing themselves this deception will continue. The result is a hypnotic belief in something they do not possess.

Those who developed this model of new age capitalism chose to ignore the fact that healing is not a business, it is a service. It is a service that not just anybody can offer anytime. It is not a product to be offered, it is a gift from the universe whose purpose and intent are often unknown by the practitioner. Manipulation of energy without specific guidance of the universe is dangerous, irresponsible and a descent into darkness and deceit of self and others.

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Serving the world vs serving the universe

It all depends on how you are serving and what you are serving. You can serve the mind, the body or the consciousness of a person. The first two require licensing and state approval. No state or government can regulate awareness or inner healing. You also cannot confuse the three, while you may have the authority to work on mind and body it requires a higher authority to work with people's awareness. It is not something that can be done willfully by just anyone at any time. There is nothing wrong about working a job in the world that serves the body and mind, play the world's game and make money, but don't presume to be serving the universe if you don't have authority within your awareness to do so. This is how many dishonor the universe, themselves and the process of healing and awareness.
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Listen to your Heart

Do not listen to anyone, including me. If what I say speaks to your heart, listen to your heart. If it doesn’t ,then ignore me. You do not need to listen to any counselor, teacher, therapist, astrologer, or psychic, but you do need to listen to you. You have all the answers, you brought them with you. All you have to do is search your heart and listen to find them. You need to know and trust yourself.  You need to understand all the fear and pain is a natural part of the transformation process. The ego is desperate, subtly clinging to whatever it can hold onto in you. It is willing to intimidate you with threats of madness. If madness comes, go mad. You have ignored, stuffed and repressed the pain for too long. Now it is time to surrender; now it is time to claim your awareness and live. Your journey into the valley of death is over and you are free with new light to guide you.

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The Wisdom of the Heart

Be silent, listen before you speak or write. Is it the voice of the heart that speaks to you or the ego ready to defend it beliefs and opinions. What does the heart say, or does it say nothing and you know it means to not respond. In the multitude of many words there is much confusion, speak only when you have something to say and that comes from the heart.
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where do You come From

When we open our mouths or write we reveal the contents of our consciousness. We reveal if we are coming from our beliefs and ideas, defending them or if we are sharing from the heart . Sharing from the heart requires no defense or justification, but sharing from our ideas and beliefs requires excuses and justifications to support them. A Consciousness that is centered within the mind and ego has to constantly prove and defend itself. It has to justify its existence before others. A heart centered consciousness does not worry about what others think because it rests within the certainty of its own existence. You can speak the truth in love or you can ramble on about trite beliefs and traditions that have no real substance to them. You can continue to live in the past or you can live in the moment, it is all up to us to choose.

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Beware the Trickster

The mind can manipulate and be manipulated. It can influence and influenced. It can affect matter and our perception of truth and existence, but it cannot reveal what is real. It imagines, but it does not know. It creates by imagination, but not from knowing the reality of existence. Only the heart can do that.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Prostituting the Truth

I think everyone knows what a prostitute is and does. They offer love (sex) for money, but they know little of love and disrespect the body, heart and emotions. This is a crude analogy but it illustrates a point. When you are not in the service of love and in conjunction with the universe you are prostituting truth and love. You can be offering a service that you may be ill-equiped to offer. Your mind may say that you are because it is in alignment with your beliefs or someone else may say that you are because you belong to that group, but in your heart you are uncertain and acting. You dont know what to do, but you play along because your ego can't stand rejection. your intentions are right, but your timing with the universe may be wrong.
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spiritual Codependency or Selling Out

Awareness is the cure for spiritual codependency. It is the only way to guarantee that you will not turn over the keys to your car and let someone else drive for you. When you allow or expect someone else to discover the truth in your being it is like committing a form of suicide. Your life is no longer in your hands and you are allowing someone else to describe the scenery as you sit in the back seat with the hope of an easy ride. Believing in someone else or something outside you is a shortcut to hell. It always happens that you end up blaming others for not seeing what happens, but you should be disappointed at yourself for selling out so easily. The only way to be totally aware is to be totally responsible for our own growth and intimately conscious of all your issues.
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The Importance of the Heart

The physical heart pumps blood throughout the body to give it life. The heart within our consciousness is the blood of the universe circulating through and in us as life. It is the conscious essence of love and a nourishment within the unseen universe or reality. It is the center of feeling and awareness through which we can experience a communion of greater consciousness and life force. The heart is the key to all understanding and knowledge of life. The main importance of the heart is that it gives life to feelings. Without the aspect of life within feelings every experience would be cold and sterile, lacking emotion and not able to be shared with others. Without heart the joy of the birth of a child, falling in love and looking at a beautiful sunset would all be impossible.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Telling it like it is

The truth is what we are seeking if we choose to be aware. Sometimes awareness penetrates into our beliefs and shatters old ideas whose time to go has come. Your personal destination should be partnership with the universe and not partnership with any organization. Organizations primarily exist in new age movements and metaphysics to give a credibility to acceptance to the general public and a reason for the public to pay a practitioner for their work. In most cases this work is not sanctioned by the universe but by the governing body of the organization to which a practitioner belongs to. In all honesty it is a fraudulent way of saying we have permission of the universe to do such and such for a price. Some may feel I am being too harsh or judgmental, but am I, or am I just shining a brighter light on a topic no one wants to admit to.

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The Problem and the Solution

Have you ever noticed how groups want conformity of their members?  People who belong to certain groups , organizations or sects all seem to look, speak and act the same way. Like parrots being taught to copy an owners mannerisms they lack the natural individualism to be real.  They are afraid to trust their selves and learn from life's experiences. They often fall apart when the beliefs they defend do not fall in line with reality. They are incapable of trusting or recognizing that they came into this world without beliefs, organizations, sects or groups. They distrust the very life within them that brought them here and they spend a lifetime hiding and fighting with themselves.  A human being is taught from a young age to repress, deny and ignore their individuality and feelings and rely solely on beliefs passed down through the ages to navigate through all of life's experiences. Not only is this unnatural but it creates a separation between the person and life or the universe. The experience of life is only seen through beliefs and the mind while the feeling nature is ignored and repressed. Over time all manner of mental issues begin to appear as the ego compensates for the minds inability to understand the person's natural need to express and experience their feeling nature. The root of all mental illness is in the minds attempt to block, repress and control a person's natural state of being. The mind and ego conspire to escape the pain that this causes through delusion and self deception. Only by turning back towards the pain and the feelings underneath it can a person regain the natural sense of self trust need to confidently heal the damage done by society.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Truth is not believable

The truth can be known, but not believed. Beliefs can be believed because they are ideas about truth or thoughts about truth cultivated in the mind and imagination of the believer. They are never the direct experience of knowing and this is the difference. Truth is not static and it is individualized. No two individuals will perceive truth exactly the same way even in knowing it. Awareness is a shortcut into truth by bypassing beliefs. It eliminates the middleman so to speak of religious dogma and philosophical speculations. You know because you are and it is your birthright but many have sold that to believe and that is unfortunate.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Awareness is unbounded by thought

Awareness is the language of existence communicating telepathically through us as the infinite understanding of life. It is the knowing of self and existence through and in connection with the infinite telepathic silence. It has no boundaries and makes no claims that limit it's expression. It is infinite impulsive being creating without mind, thought or idea. It is pure life or existence without form. It is knowing that is alive as a being of pure knowing and intelligence. 

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The Question of Believing or Knowing

People will sometimes viciously defend their beliefs, but fail to see the fear hiding behind them. Certain that they are right and relying on them to establish an identity it never occurs to most people to challenge or investigate them.  This fear is because they are uncertain that anything exists beyond the belief itself. They have not found an idea bigger or better than the one that they currently believe in. Awareness is not a belief, though many will have ideas about what it is and how it works. It is this fear of trusting what we feel and the courage to leave outdated beliefs behind that makes us prisoners to fear when life itself challenges the beliefs. Life will always challenge beliefs because awareness is the final answer to the question of what is truth.
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The Cure

There is no need to banish evil, exorcize demons or fear the darkness. They are energetic concepts in the mind and imagination influenced by the aura of deception. Through awareness all duality and negativity vanish in the realization of the unity of love in existence. Pure and true light consciousness recognition of self banishes all duality and negative influences brought about by the mind and imagination.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Importance of Self Trust

 For trust of self to grow a relationship must exist between mind and heart. If you do not trust yourself then you do not have a deep enough communion between mind and heart, an imbalance exists. Your thoughts may be out of control and your feelings are being ignored. A total trusting person allows their heart to direct them and the mind follows by providing the details. To become aware you must trust what you feel and not allow the mind to distract from those feelings.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Myths about Death

All images and concepts of life after death are inaccurate and untrue. No idea exists, as reality after death. Images, ideas and concepts are attempts to explain the unexplainable. They do not hold the weight of awareness as a proof of reality in consciousness. Only through awareness can you experience the true nature of reality after you leave the mind and body form behind
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You can't outrun the ego

As long as we live in a body we have an ego. Pure awareness does not exist in any of us. Not even the greatest enlightened masters lived without an ego. To have a body, to have a brain guarantee’s an ego exists. You cannot function independently of existence and not have one. No matter how aware we become we still will be plagued by subtle influences of the ego. It is like a dirty filter that prevents the passage of pure water into a container. This allows for a wide range in perception and expression of truth, but it can also dilute and contaminate a message which is true but impure in expression. Always remember that your personal truth is a discovery that will take many wrong turns and at times you will find yourself in dark rooms of consciousness. This is the meaning of the bible verse, we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face. Our hearts know very well what is our personal truth and the ultimate truth, but the journey home is filled with a maze of perceptions we all have to pass through.

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The New Age Carnival

The New Age is dead, time to become aware. It died the moment people began to believe in it and stars of the movement collected legions of fans that followed their inspirations or delusions. It died a little more when people began to sell these insights or techniques with the hope that commercially it would be accepted by the general public. Rather than discover the depth of love within their self, devotee’s sought acceptance of the masses to soften the deep insecurity within them brought about a new understanding in consciousness. Money is now one of the main vehicles of healing and a certain commercial diluting to make hard truth acceptable to the masses. Sincere people become sales people for organizations and techniques that promise healing but offer little assistance. New Agers have become like the money changers in the temple that Jesus throughout because they were selling supposed spiritual favors with Jehovah. Awareness can’t be bought or sold. You do not take a course, pass a test and receive a diploma for awareness. Nobody can give it to you. You will discover it when you are ready and not till then. Every harsh experience in your life is calling out to you: Be More Aware. It is sad to see how commercially acceptable the New Age has become and how cheaply insight and wisdom is sold. P.T. Barnum said it very well, “There is a sucker born every minute!”
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Knowing in the moment is the key to it all

We live moment to moment, without time and space seducing our mind and reason. Knowing is a natural extension of our awareness. As awareness expands knowing increases and with both come understanding. Comprehension of the infinite can only occur through knowing. No words, ideas or thoughts can express the infinite state of existence or being. In an aware state you know because you are and you have become what you know. No division exists within your consciousness as you become more and more aware.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No Regrets

The mind of a child is filled with the wonder of existence. The mind of a young adult is filled with the promise of goals to achieve and a multitude of plans. The mind of the old is filled with pain and regrets.  Only the aware regain the wonder of a child, realize the dreams of a young adult and are free from the pain or regret of believing they have lived life in vain.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

There is no healing without awareness

There is no healing but awareness, everything else is sleight of hand and the peanut shell game. Mental techniques used to try and fool the subconscious mind and make you believe all is well within you. It is like putting a band aide on cancer and saying you are healed. The mind is our sickness and without awareness we are helpless against all its forms of trickery and deceit. It is a powerful aspect to our consciousness and can influence us greatly when we identify with its suggestions, but this is not healing. It is a dog and pony show in which you try to outwit the mind or fool it against its nature. The mind is never full; it is never complete or satisfied. It can’t be healed. You are only healed when you are ONE with your real self.

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Coming to Grips

In order to come to grips with death you have to realize the mind and ego have no answer, they never will. It is only when you surrender through your heart to the vast universe deep within you that whispers begin to ripple like waves on your consciousness and reveal that you are far more than just a mind, idea's, thoughts and goals. You are existence itself playing in the sandbox called your current reality.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Universe is not a Democracy

The universe is not a democracy. It does not rely on your vote or mine to decide what it will do and when. This may offend some, but it is the truth if you look honestly and deeply within. It is our responsibility to ourselves and the universe to surrender our ego's and rely more on the awareness within our hearts. That is our vote if we have one. Only in awareness do we become wise enough to share in the plan of existence, by becoming partners with the universe.
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Life should Awe you

The moment you realize that you know nothing about life, the universe and yourself it all becomes utterly amazing. The certainty of the mind and ego mask the magic and splendor of the reality of existence.

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The Sound of Silence

Silence is not without sound, but the sound can't be heard with the mind because it is telepathic. The voice of the universe and existence is telepathic knowing. Telepathy is whole knowing without the assistance of the mind. There is no idea being shared, existence is sharing itself with you.
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