"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spiritual Healing

So much of my journey to awareness has had to do with spiritual healing. Some of the issues have had to do with buried pain, I realized that early on -- I am a Vietnam War widow. Some of my deepest issues are slowly being resolved through my blog for Vietnam veterans with the sharing of mutual feelings and experiences; however, it seems I'm never done healing. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what spiritual healing really is, and if what I'm going through is, actually, spiritual healing.

I started with the question, what is meant when we use the word "spirit", as in spiritual healing? Are these resolutions of my issues spiritually healing me? I did a search on Google this morning to see what I could find. I uncovered many names for spirit: life-force, soul, awareness, beingness, but all of them seem so vague -- all of them are invisible, too. I think the best description I've found for spirit, and the one that makes the most sense to me is, "that which exists beyond any physical realm".

Okay, if this is what our spirit is, what then is spiritual healing? It seems to be a goal for all spiritual practices, traditions and religions. I also found that it's something all spiritual seekers, in one way or another, are "searching" for. It's a further observation that when we carry the wounds of being hurt from past experiences (Vietnam) and situations (bad marriages or relationships) with us, our spiritual awakening, our spiritual growth, can slow down, or even stop. This makes perfect sense, because my spirit guide, Dinahh, often disappears for awhile. When he finally makes contact again, he tells me there are things that only I can find the answers to ... and he must allow me to do that myself.

Okay, so now my question is, how do we know if we need spiritual healing? After all, our spiritual growth, our awakening, is an intimate, quiet, and uniquely personal journey. How do we, as human beings, recognize when we need spiritual healing? Do our symptoms manifest themselves in physical sickness? Emotional sickness?

I gathered my courage and asked for Dinahh's guidance, steeling myself, wary he would tell me again that I ask too many questions that I already have the answers for, if I would just search inside for them -- but I was pleasantly surprised. He graciously shared a few things with me.

Dinahh told me that symptoms blocking awareness and growth can be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. They can be profound and noticeable to everyone around us, or they can be so subtle as to only be felt by the person who needs to heal. But going from spiritual "sickness" to a state of spiritual "wellness" is the main goal of our spiritual awakening and growth in this lifetime.

Spiritual healing is, in truth, a deep, fundamental change in how we view ourselves, the world, and God. He told me spiritual healing lifts a person above themselves, so they are able to see everything from a new perspective.

Dinahh: "To begin spiritual healing, start with changing the filters that block true nature from coming through. Negative emotions are the most important filters -- fear, hate, jealousy, and anger. These must be replaced with positive emotions -- grattitude, love, patience, kindness. The negative emotions can be replaced with positive emotions by simply watching what is thought and what is said.

The more positive and uplifting our words are, the more positive and uplifting our thoughts and emotions will become. The positive will grow and the negative will be cleared away and this will better allow true nature to come through.

Catherine, you must write this: be sure spiritual healing does not come from outside practices. Yes, others can be paid to adjust energy fields and auras, people can surround themselves with crystals, and a house can be filled with all of the scents in the world, but none of it will heal the inner anger, fear and hate that torment a soul. You cannot “buy” spiritual healing. These unconscious wounds can only be healed by facing their origins and making peace with them. You already know this. You are already on your healing journey of discovery. Everything is as it should be. I will go now."

***Thank you, Dinahh. Namaste.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lost Chances: Chuck Lane

Once again, Chuck Lane shares his insightful wisdom with us. Chuck is a poet, writer, and Reiki Master Instructor who joins us from Trenton, Ontario, Canada.

Are we really creatures of habit or do we, in fact, possess the ability to think before we react? Were we not given “free will”? How many times have you left home, gone halfway to work, only to realise that this was not a working day? Or how many times have you driven your car for miles in a certain direction, only to find that you’re going the wrong way?

We tend to get so wrapped up in our daily living that we forget to stop and smell the roses. When will we realise that every moment we let slip away, is truly lost forever? Every time we utter a harsh word to someone and let it pass, without making it right, we risk the chance of losing that chance forever.

As adults, we tend to forget that children are people, too. I wish I had a dime for every time I told a child to get lost or said, "don't bother me now, can’t you see I’m busy?” Maybe that was the time I could have learned something. But the fool that I am, I let it slip past me.

How many times have you ended an argument with a loved one with a hug and an “I love you?” When was the last time you told your children or spouse that you appreciate them and that you were proud of them? How about that unfriendly discussion you had with a friend or neighbour, whose opinion just wasn’t as sensible as yours, and you ended by saying, “You know, maybe you are right, let me think about it.” When was the last time you opened life’s door and let common sense in -- and narrow-mindedness out?

Goaltenders in ice hockey wear thick pads and large gloves to protect themselves from one hundred mile-an-hour pucks. Maybe we, too, should all wear heavy rubber pads to repel our moments of ignorance -- and sticky pads of wisdom to catch those moments of “Enlightenment”.

Our capacity to grow is directly proportional to the openness of our minds!

***Truly words to live by, Chuck. Thank you, once again.
Namaste. CJ

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Chuck Lane: The Person I Am

It's my pleasure to introduce a poet, writer, and Reiki Master Instructor I met through Knowing Whispers.  He wrote to say he was impressed with my work and to ask permission to use the quote at the top of the blog in his Reiki teaching.  After exchanging a few emails, I also found him to be a really nice guy with a lot of wonderful insights and wisdom that I've asked him to share.   Please join me in welcoming Chuck Lane to Whispers:

How I Became the Person I am Today
by Chuck Lane

I believe I was born angry. At some point in my adult life, I was angry most of the time. I had a quick temper, and that manifests itself in very negative ways. Thank God, I never got into any major trouble. Not being a big person I never got physical. Most of my aggression was taken out on me, rather than others. A career in the Military helped fuel my aggressive behaviour. When things didn’t go my way I would rant and rave. I had a tendency to go on and on and on about nothing. Finally, my wife told me, “Dear when you get like this, I love you, but I don’t like you.” When I looked into the mirror, I didn’t like the person looking back at me. When I started having health issues, I knew I had to do something.

Christmas of 2003, my wife and I decide to spend a few days in a Health Resort in Southern Ontario. My wife chose to get a massage and I chose something called Crystal Therapy.

I must admit that I was skeptical. The therapist told me she could help rid me of the negative energy that had built up in me and, hopefully, most of my anger. She began working at my feet and gradually moved to my head. She explained that I would feel heat moving from my feet upwards to my head and escaping through my head chakra. Then a bright white healing light would enter through my crown chakra and travel down through my feet, cleaning my body of any negative energy.

I listened but I didn’t believe. Well, I saw the brightest white light that I had ever seen enter through my forehead and exit the bottom of my feet. When the treatment was over, not only did I believe, but also I felt rejuvenated and free of tension. I knew, from that moment, I had to continue researching this and other ways to better my life.

In 2003, my wife received a Reiki treatment from Janet, a Reiki Master. She was so impressed that she had little trouble convincing me to try Reiki. So I also booked a session with Janet. At the first session, she couldn’t give me the full treatment because of the negative energy that was part of my life for so long was blocking her from treating me. She told me that only I could get rid of this negative energy. I had to tell it to leave and I didn’t need it any more. I did what she suggested and my second session went much better. The heat generated from her hands was what impressed me the most.

I had so many questions. Janet referred me to Martina, a gifted young German lady. She could connect with Spirit Guides who would answer my questions. She told me my wife and I have been together at least fifteen times in previous lives and we were truly Soulmates. She also told me that we were healers -- that was our purpose here, this time.

Well, I was hooked. It was shortly after that my wife and I decided to take a Reiki level 1 course together and, shortly after, Level 2, as well. Within a year, we were level 3 practitioners. This is where I decided to do as much research as possible. I purchased many books and A Reiki Touch course from William Lee Rand. I accessed almost every web site that I could find.

In 2005, my wife and I became Reiki Masters/Teachers, or should I say, Reiki Master Students. Before I started doing Reiki, I kept thinking that there was something missing in my life and I needed to discover my purpose. I no longer feel that way. I now know my purpose.

I can’t say that I have rid myself of all anger, but I can safely say, I am much calmer and I now know how to control it. Anger doesn’t control me.

As a side bar, I have always been creative. I wrote the occasional poem, short stories, and articles for local newspapers. Since I’ve replaced the negative energies in my life, I now have more creative energies. I write more, learn more, and I‘m much more spiritual. Oh yes, I smile more and people smile more at me. Finally, people like me and, better yet, I like me too. Thank you, Susan, my first therapist, and Janet and Kathy, my Reiki Masters. And most of all, thank you to my wife of 41 years.


**Thank you, Chuck.  You have a standing invitation whenever you have the time or a whisper you'd like to share with us.

Your friend, CJ

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Questions ...

I poured my coffee this morning and again pulled up the January 13th article we've all been talking about on the so-called "new" 13th Astrological Sign, Ophiuchus. [Has Your Horoscope Changed?

I wasn't really worried, but if it was somehow proved to be true, because of where my birthday falls, I would end up on a cusp between Cancer and Leo.   Hmmm ... I've always been a VERY strong  Leo -- would I be forever cursed to straddle two signs and whatever that brings?  I do feel better after talking with Robert about it ... and of course my spirit guide, Dinahh, who always tells me I worry too much, am too impatient, and to go find my answers in the silence. 
Robert wasn't excited about it, that's for sure. From what he says, "Astronomers have known about this since 130 BC., Hun.  Believe me, it's nothing to worry about. It is all a matter of your point of view.  Remember, mankind is always evolving and, through awareness, discovering new elements in consciousness and gifts. Horoscopes will evolve because WE are. Each level of awareness reveals that we are more complex than we first thought and our relationship to reality and form mirrors this. Astrology is going to evolve, too, and incorporate more awareness of the nature of who we are in reality."

 When I go to the silence, I continually get a very strong sense that something big, something wonderful, is coming ... and it has nothing to do with horoscopes.

Healing Memory
by CJ Heck

the love I am
came with me
like a shadow
on my heart
it flows in
and out
and through me
of this love
I am a part
it whispers
to my soul
it awes and
fuels my wonder
and I seek
a memory
of when and why
I came
thus under
this is what
my soul agreed
helping souls be
more aware
to allow the
healing energy
flow from
my soul
into theirs
I can feel
and I can see
growing stronger
for the healing
something's coming
I can feel it
something big
and something
is coming


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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another One on Love

Being in love is one of the most misunderstood, yet most satisfying, of all states to be in. I've noticed in Facebook, of all the subjects written and talked about, love has to be right up there at the top. What is it about this thing called "love"?

We go through life thinking we have to "find" love, and the search becomes an outright mission. We spin our wheels looking in all the wrong places, picking the wrong people, and time and again we get hurt because it's the wrong person for us. But is it? Do we really, honestly give love a chance?

Because we've been hurt so many times, it seems even when we do "find" someone special we can connect with, most of us build a protective wall around our "self", almost daring the other person to break through. When the object of our affection cannot break through, we think once again we've failed at love.

I'm sure no expert, I'm still learning myself, but in speaking with Dinahh about it, he says love just isn't that difficult, once it finds you. Like a flower, you only have to give it an open heart and a chance to grow. Throw away the protective walls. A flower can't grow up through the dirt with a layer of concrete poured over the ground above it. It's the same with love. You have to give it a loving environment in which to blossom.

It becomes easier to understand if we look at a new relationship like a bank account. When we meet someone, the bank account should be full of trust. As we recognize love, we can add to that, affection, passion, sharing, closeness, and all the other attributes we need to have in a healthy love relationship. If we start out with hope, a full bank account, and an open heart -- we give love a fighting chance. Remember, this person had nothing to do with the people who hurt you in the past.

According to Dinahh, as a relationship grows in love, it grows in trust, as well. Trusting in the love, we have to allow our vulnerabilities to come out. We must share ourselves with each other and be vulnerable, even sharing those parts of ourselves we dislike -- it's so important. There can be no secrets in real love -- I don't mean you have to do it all at once. Dinahh says it may take years! Find a quiet time, cuddle on the couch, or spoon yourselves in bed. Open your hearts, feel the love flow between you, and talk and share.

If the love is real, with the sharing you will find acceptance and at the same time, grant yourself and your partner forgiveness. A whole new closeness and even deeper love and trust is the result. You may even find a renewed feeling of protectiveness for your partner. Remember, they've carried these things with them, buried, for a long time and, now that they've shared them with you, they are trusting you to love them even more because of the sharing.

When conflicts arise, and they will, keep your heart open, hear each other out and really listen. If you're too angry to do that, Dinahh says that's only your fear and ego taking over. You need some space, so take it. Find a quiet place and go to the silence, put aside both mind and ego -- they'll only try and control the issue. Find your center, feel the energy flow in and out through you (just like the eternity symbol, a sideways "8"). Open your heart and feel the love. Only when you reconnect with self, and feel the love can you work through the problem for a healthy solution.

Dinahh: "Remember, love is what brought you together. You must give it a chance to grow."


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Sunday, January 2, 2011


I don't know about you, but I've always had a fascination about angels.  What a lovely thought that there are these ethereal beings up there watching down on us at all times, guarding us and keeping order up there in heaven.

Are there really angels?  Do they really look like what we see depicted in movies, paintings, and pictures in the Bible?  Do they really have wings?

After Dinahh first contacted me, the existence of angels was a favorite topic, one I asked a million questions about -- it was also a topic which brought on one of Dinahh's favorite phrases almost every time, too.  "Catherine, don't be so impatient.  You ask too many questions.  I've told you many times, you have all of the answers to all of your questions.  You have only to go to the silence and BE.  Open your heart, feel the love, feel the energy flowing in and out, all through you from the universe.  Remember, Catherine, remember.  You have brought everything you ever knew here with you.  Remember."

I'm trying, I really am.  I have remembered many things from when I go to the silence and let go of mind and ego to listen and see with my heart.  I have known these beings.  They are souls, beings who bring us messages from God.  Dinahh has called them guardian angels, benevolent spirit beings, avatars and of course, spirit guides, of which he is one.  One or more is with us always, from the time we are born into our human form through an agreement we made before our birth.  They guide and advise us, comfort and protect us, and they even warn us -- they don't always bring good news.  All we have to do to hear these whispers is listen and hear them with our hearts.

I also know they can appear in many forms. Although they don't now belong in our world, Dinahh has told me that some have been here in their own lifetime and have chosen to remain to protect and guide others.  They can appear in human form, like Dinahh, who first appeared to me as a tiny old man in a long white gown, sitting on my back porch stoop (see the very first blogs). They can also appear as an orb of light, and as a mist, both of which I've also seen as Dinahh.

Angels really do exist.  Open your heart and let it reach out.  Ask your third eye to open, awaken, and see the love, feel their presence and hear them with your heart.


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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nothing Ever Wasted

By Robert Cosmar
Writer, Blogger, Astrologer

Years ago when I was in Denver, I had the privilege of experiencing what, at the time, amazed me. I had met a woman from back east and we became quick friends. She was in Denver escaping a bad marriage and I was seeking my own path of self-expression and discovery. She, as it turned out, was a deep trance channel and after a slow start we began to converse with her spirit guide. She could both trance channel him and also hear him. We spent several months having groups come to her house where her guide would enter her body and talk to us about our lives, the world and why we were here. It was all very magical and fascinating.

Months after the sessions stopped and we had all gone our separate ways, my friend was instructed by her spirit guide to write down the content of those sessions. It was interesting to see the documentation which was nearly two inches thick. She had copied it verbatim from the tapes to paper, making two copies, one for me and one for her. I didn't realize we had talked so much!

What followed next was amazing because I did not expect it. I couldn't understand how the universe could embed what it did into those random meetings. She and I sat one afternoon with our copies while her guide had us highlight areas of the manuscript that were supposed to become seminars for others. It almost made me laugh because elegantly and spontaneously, order had been created out of what seemed random chaos.

The seminar topics were designed to be shared with those interested in reviving their inner child. companies and people could re-create wonder and excitement to provide alternate possibilities for lives that had become rigid and dry. It's unfortunate that those seminars never manifested -- the power in them was elegant and rejuvenating -- besides, it would have been fun and I'm sure successful for those brave enough to allow their inner child to be reborn.

**Thank you, Love

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