"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The spiritual mercenary

A spiritual mercenary is anyone who will do spiritual work for a price or fee. They may claim to do genuine spiritual work and healing, but the reality is that they understand little of these things. They masquerade by saying all the right words, phrases and have the appearance of legitimacy but they are as false as a counterfeit coin. They pride themselves in what they think they know, but of true spiritual matters and awareness they know next to nothing. 

Their hearts are not fully opened and their higher self awareness cannot direct them. They are outlaws in the sense that they operate outside the true healing energies of the universe and rob those who think healing can be bought with money.
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You don't know, do you?

Publishers love to sell books and make money, nothing wrong with that. Have you ever wondered if all the material in a book of channeled messages or spiritual information was completely included in the book or is it possible the harsher realities were forgotten and not included. People are gullible and most of them take life at face value without questioning. Do you not see every day how your fellow man, the rich and the famous, the everyday man are hiding the truth from you or scheming to take your money and use it for their purposes.

What guarantee do you have that any book of spiritual advice completely reveals ALL the information that the universe intended and nothing was left out that would have been unpopular or prevented sales. Is it not possible that your beliefs in spiritual matters has been molded by the cunning skill of others who understand the market and what people want to hear. You don't know, do you?

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Healers or thieves

Money is not a proper exchange for spiritual or healing services, because money is an idea. It is an idea that is inadequate to compensate anyone doing genuine spiritual healing. The compensation for serving the universe and the client is the energy of love that is present and the heightened awareness that accompanies all true healing exchanges. When you offer or accept money for healing you are attempting to equate an idea with spiritual energy. Money is not spiritual energy. It is an idea of "value" and you can't put a value on true healing.

Those who charge you for healing are not true healers. They only see what they do in terms of dollars and cents. They do not know or understand true healing energy. They feel that the value of their work can only be measured in dollars and cents and not love, awareness, true compassion, gratitude and the earnest presence of universal energy.

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Chicken Little

To be aware, all must be called into question. The beliefs of the past and the plans for the future must be checked and seen in the light of awareness. Business as usual is ending and the universe will see to it that it gets your attention. Fear is the result of any identity crisis, but most people only see this on an individual basis. Humanity will begin to feel and already are sensing that a global identity crisis is among us.

All that you believe will come into questioning by revelations and events designed to free us and make us more aware and personally responsible for ourselves. Some will struggle to hold onto that which is familiar but the tide will gradually wash them back to sea. Those who are aware and becoming aware will be the true healers and helpers of humanity for they will have found the courage to listen to one voice speaking alone to them and ignoring the voices of the masses saying "the sky is falling, the sky is falling"

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

To tell the truth

If you want to make allot of money cater to the hopes, fears and fantasies of the masses. Never tell them the truth or help them to see the reality of things. Tell them just enough to wet their appetite for believing that you either have the answer for them or you can find it for them. Heck, for the right price you may do it yourself for them.  Con men or woman are those who set up people with too good to be true schemes and then they walk away with your money. They appeal to the vulnerable, the helpless or the innocent.

Is it any different with those who promise results in healing or spiritual awareness and cater to the same human vulnerabilities. This conning of the masses does not serve the legitimate or aware healer that does know and understand their gift and use it sparingly and wisely. For every true healer there are hundreds who make claims with good intentions but no awareness. They serve their ego, their imagination and their pockets.

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Master of silence

Those who are wise have mastered silence, they know how to use it to accentuate the truth. The unaware can't be silent, because their ego and mind is always searching for the answer which they have yet to find within themselves. An aware person feels the truth within them and recognizes its validity to them. An aware person rests within that knowing.

The unaware are defensive, combative and accusing, their mind never rests. They can't be silent, because inwardly they are frustrated and angry that they don't know. Silence is the best backdrop to truth, it validates to the heart of the listener if it is real and it frustrates the mind of the thinker that cannot stand silence.
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Silence is the best answer

Silence is the best answer when you disagree with anyone concerning truth . It is the wisest answer. When the ego responds, it never listens. It defends, debates, criticizes, complains, and generally finds fault. It takes the focus away from the truth and makes the exchange a personal thing. The truth is never personal like the ego is, it is infinite and applies to all mankind.

 People may not want to hear the truth, but with silence it speaks louder than any of their ideas and objections. People who are ready for the truth will see past these diversions and those who aren't will continue to create silly distractions from it. Defending truth is the worst thing you can do, because it takes away from the simplicity and clarity truth brings. Those who hate truth create distractions and diversions from it in the hope that they do not need to face it within themselves.

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Healing energy

Healing must feel right, you cannot approach it with your mind. It is not something that you can control and have power over. Healers serve the intent of the universe and not the wishes of their ego. Healing energy does not follow the logic or reasoning of the mind, but the intuitive knowing of awareness.

 The healers mind and personal energy are not capable of healing others or working with higher intelligence. It requires a higher knowing awareness and presence to successfully work with the universe and avoid any danger of energy pollution and drainage between the assisting healer and the client. Without awareness, higher self knowledge and presence, absence of any energy pollution within consciousness or conflicting energies healing cannot be successfully accomplished or completed. It is simply beyond any persons qualifications to attempt.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Not of this world

There are two ways in which all true healing proceeds. One is where the healer has entered into a higher presence within and they are gone. The other is that both healer and client are in a state of heightened awareness and therefore gone so that a proper connection can be made between the higher centers of both. Healing mind to mind is not healing, it is teaching, training or instruction only. Your words, your methods, your ideas mean nothing if true healing is accomplished. It is beyond your knowledge and ability to do and therefore out of this world.
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Dissolving into life

The mind cannot stand silence, but the feelings can. The space between thought and feeling within the silence is the point of knowing self and the gateway of awareness. It is at this point that all beliefs, ideas, and thoughts fade away and the mind rests in emptiness. You feel and the feeling is the life of existence or the universal gateway into the truth. You no longer search because mind is gone. All that is left is you and you have become infinite. You have dissolved into your own awareness and become one with existence.
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Look in the mirror

If you take a whisper personally it is speaking to you. It is addressing a belief that stands in the way of your awareness. If it makes you angry you are not fighting with the messenger or the whisper itself, you are fighting with you. You are resisting or defending an idea or belief that if you really knew the truth, no response would be needed. It is only the believer fighting to hold onto their identity and their doubts. Some make peace with their doubts, because otherwise it calls into question their beliefs. Beliefs called into question create a crisis in the identity that can lead to greater awareness and self discovery.
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Exposing the false

If you wish to expose that which is false say something that is true and watch and see who offers their opinions and beliefs.  They will justify their position at all cost rejecting any merit to the original truth. They know nothing, therefore they offer the noise in their minds as a sacrifice for the emptiness of their hearts. They rage on trying to hide the hypocrisy within their beliefs and cover up their ignorance of the truth.
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Who is the healer?

Whoever is not working with the universe, their higher self and an awareness from the teacher within is in danger of being a fraud. This is no light matter! It is not enough to believe you know you can serve, you must know that you know and can consciously create a healing bridge between the universe and the client. YOU must not be there, the universe must be in you working with you and through you. This is the meaning of true sacrifice and surrender and absolutely necessary for helping others to heal within. You cannot do it on your own and as previously stated if done correctly YOU will not be there.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not a teddy bear

Your higher self is not a wimp. It will fire back when it is justified and the truth is in need of expanded explanations. It will also not waste energy on those not ready to hear or too stubborn to listen. The idea that your higher self is a big loving teddy bear is incorrect and one sided. Many such ideas about existence and the universe are also one sided because humanity is still unable to receive them.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The double edged sword of truth

The truth is very influential, for some it whispers warmth to the heart of the humble and others is sparks ire and rage in the minds of those whose ego's are fixed. Either way the truth influences. One to open the heart deeper in awareness and the other a hardening of the mind and ego.

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Leaders of Awareness

What the universe wants is leaders who will act on their awareness and have the courage to leave old beliefs and ideas behind them. Do not destroy the old ideas and beliefs, but seek to improve them through new awareness and insights. The old must be transformed into the new without destroying the old. The seed of awareness lies buried in the beliefs and ideas of the old.
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Fearless Independence

It takes a fearless independence to be aware, the courage to face yourself and your inner life with no expectations and to trust the depth of your being as it reveals life to you. Only the giver of life, your awareness, can reveal to you the exact nature of reality. All stories, legends, and ideas concerning it may be true for those who believe them, but not for you. You will blaze your own trail into your awareness of life and the mystery of existence.
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Does your higher self charge a fee or your ego?

Healing work that is done with the cooperation of your higher self should never be charged a fee for. If you believe that you are doing this kind of work and you can't do it without charging a fee then it is your ego that is compelling you to charge and not your higher self. If you absolutely can't do healing work without any type of fee then you are serving the ego and not your higher self at all.

 Healing work of any kind should be for the sheer joy and love of helping others and the opportunity to work with your higher centers of wisdom, light and love. The value of true healing work is beyond money and if you have to charge a fee to make your ego happy then you are deceiving yourself and others as to the intent of your work.
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Interpreter of love

The mind cannot fulfill the need for awareness, it is not meant to. The mind is equipped to only observe things outside the true nature of reality. Eyes that see things and thoughts that exist as ideas are the domain of the mind, feelings can be described by the mind, but it is not the mind that interprets them. The heart is the sole interpreter of the whispers from within our awareness. It is the little part of us that we were given to remember ourselves and our way home. It knows: it knows us, it knows existence, it knows everything that enters, surrounds, and leaves our lives. It monitors the actions of thought and the mind and steps in when we stray from the truth. It warns us with love and not fear. It can show us the way if we listen. It is our teacher, our lover and our guide through this world and beyond. If only we would listen?
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Love is not welcomed by everyone, everywhere

Love is not welcomed everywhere and by everyone. There are energies in the universe that do not know love or welcome it. They have an extreme self interest in satisfying their personal desires in the name of freedom without considering the results or feelings of others. For those who say that everything is love, look again. The idea of hell exists for a reason, nightmares exist for a reason. The universe is a vast ocean of life that contains energies of love and giving and those of a predatory nature that seek to take away and consume the energies of love. Your own planet is surrounded by trapped energies that influence the mind and heart, but are not of a loving nature. These energies or beings did not escape the gravity pull of strong self interest and a quest for power over others. They become accessible to those whose hearts have gone cold and whose mind is obsessed with power, control and abolishing love.
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Beware of those who charge large amounts of money to sell you awareness and enlightenment or promise much but deliver little. There are those who prey on innocence and a false notion of the ego  that awareness can be bought. They appeal to your pride and take advantage of your vulnerability. They hide under the guise that they are the next great thing, but underneath they are pick pockets of body and soul. They cater to fantasies in the imagination and plot ways to make you dependant on them. You will know them because they prey on people's lofty expectations and unrealistic views of existence. They are thieves in the night that take advantage of your innocence to rob you. While I am sure there are worthwhile groups and seminars available to learn about awareness they should be available free to all.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Apples and Oranges

 It is not discrimination to see that apples and oranges are different and to separate them.  Some feel that the way to understanding is by debating, arguing and intellectualizing spiritual matters. Matters of awakening and awareness cannot be reached through this manner. When a mind tries to put something together by first cutting it to pieces, all that is left are the pieces. Pieces and parts of a debate that lead nowhere but in circles. It is probable that this merry go round of ideas will eventually frustrate the seeker, but at what price and expenditure of energy. The aware know which are apples and oranges, which go in one basket and the ones that go in another.  It is not discrimination but the understanding and awareness of the heart that some are apples and others are oranges and each have their place in respective baskets. In time they will both ripen and produce the juice of awareness, but for now they are apples and oranges.
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The presence in awareness

The more that your higher self presence and awareness increase the easier it is to surrender the cares of your life. The cares of life: worry, fear, doubt, anxiety and death are all based in the mind. It is because you are mind based now that they have the power to influence you through an identity you have created by believing in their influences. Awareness and surrender work together to reveal that perceptions of dark outcomes are mind based and lose their strength when we choose not to identify with them. Your higher self does not identify with dark outcomes and influences on any level of your being that exists beyond the mind and thought
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Challenge the idea or belief, not the person

You should never judge the person, but you can always challenge the idea or belief. Ideas are not people, but people identify with and embrace them. Sometimes they think the idea is the truth when the reality is that it is not. Those who embrace ideas sometimes feel persecuted when it is not them, but the idea that is in question. You are not your ideas, but the awareness behind them.
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Higher Self and Awareness

Just as a writer can sit at a desk and write the script for multiple stories your higher self can energetically create multiple platforms to express itself in many dimensions. The higher self, soul or heart is able to juggle simultaneously multiple lives within the context of awareness and flexibly alter them at will. You and I are many lives in many dimensions that live from one source creator or writer called the higher self awareness.  The mind or ego and your identification with it in any dimension is what creates your presence on that particular platform. It is not the total you, but it is the you that your higher self has written into that particular story.
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The need to be right

The ego has a need to be right. This is why so much conflict, criticism and bickering exists. Rather than rest in one's own awareness and truth people feel at times a need to comment and defend their views, beliefs and ideas. It is a waste of time and energy. Everyone has a right to their views but at times it is wiser to keep them to yourself. It does not matter what others think anyway, unless you hope to make money off them, run for political office or create your own cult. Our truth and our awareness are ours and no one else's, it can't be bought and sold like a commodity even if people try.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Debating awareness

You cannot debate awareness, it defies logic and reason. There is no language for it and it is not made up of beliefs or ideas. Beliefs and ideas can be debated because they exist as concepts in the mind. You can compare them against other ideas and beliefs and the outcome can be measured intellectually. With awareness you are talking about experiences in which no language but telepathy exists and you are not the observer, but both the observer and the observed at the same time.
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The destination of existence

The destination of existence, as consciousness is awareness and remembering. Every event in our lives is an opportunity to examine if we are responsible and become more aware or if we blame outside influences and stay asleep. Conflict brings us the opportunity to become aware by arousing the ego and forcing unconscious elements of it to surface so we can see it. As we see this content and become aware of it a marvelous thing happens, we start to understand and remember where it came from. Healing begins the moment we recognize the content comes from within us and not outside or from another. This is sometimes the place where you first encounter the inner teacher. The first responsibility of this teacher is to begin to help you understand, remember and become more aware of your existence and the reality within you.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Laughing gas to the brain

The world of metaphysics and spiritual truths has become a popularity contest and no longer is a search for meaning and the truth. Some people are looking for teachers, healers and practitioners that will tickle the ears of their ego rather than to question beliefs, techniques and tactics. No one wants to hear of the often painful realities of awakening or examine beliefs in the light of new awareness. You can dig a hole and place your head in it, but the world is still a blend of joy and pain, awareness and darkness. Plenty of smiles and handshakes to go around as both practitioner and client give each other a shot of laughing gas to the brain in the hope that the harshness of the world and life will just go away.
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More on Intimacy

Intimacy is the intuitive understanding of the needs of another. It is the glue of love and understanding. It creates a bond in which life energy can be shared and given. Without intimacy it is impossible to know and understand the universe and how it works. Awareness is intimacy within consciousness that permits the realization of the true knowledge concerning existence. It reminds us what we know, who we are and what we brought with us within. Then through intimacy it allows us to explore our infinite consciousness. 

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Monday, July 16, 2012


Patience is the acceptance of everything as it is and as it is happening without resistance or questioning. It is flowing with the course of life that is laid before you each moment. You surrender to life and if it follows your desire it is fine and if not that is ok also. You have no preferences one way or another.

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Bruised Ego's

It is not always the purpose of a whisper to give you a pat on the back. Sometimes they are meant to arouse indignation and cause you to face beliefs that need examined. It is childish to assume that the universe behaves only like a "loving father God", it is much more real than that. WE all have blocked energy, unrealistic expectations about awareness and awakening and untruths to overcome before we can be considered fully aware. This cannot and will not happen at times without bruising some ego's.
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The teacher within

Think of a time in your life when something happened and it seemed your life stood still. Maybe it was a death, a disappointment or a great disillusioning of some kind.  You were devastated inside unable to move mentally or physically and nothing seemed to make sense. It may have lasted for a day or a few weeks, but your identity was crushed and you may have thought at times you would not survive. Awareness is like this, it begins with the world being shattered within you by events you can't control outside you, you feel helpless. It places you on yourself alone and no one else can console or advise you. You are on your own and frightened, maybe you think "I will Lose my mind."

 You probably sought spiritual or psychological advice and it may have helped a little to talk about your feelings, but it did not make the aching go away. Sleepless nights and days of wandering in a depressed fog. Am I going to make it, you ask? Slowly the cloud of pain and despair begin to lift and understanding from within starts to awaken. You are surprised that you know more then you thought you did and a smile appears on your face. Hope begins to return and a joy fullness walks with you. You have left the world of the mind for the first time and you survived. You know that you know for yourself and not anyone else. You are free to learn in your own school within about life and you have your own private tooter now, the teacher within.

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Empty Vessels

People are an empty vessel waiting to be filled. There is a hunger in them yearning to be filled. Their minds are open to anyone and anything that promises them to make them fulfilled and happy, even if the promises are untrue. Without the knowledge of your personal self, a person is prey to any idea and belief that exploits them. All ideas and beliefs exploit people for some reason, be it profit, power or fame. You cannot be free of exploitation unless you free yourself of ideas about yourself and begin to embrace the real you. It is in becoming aware that you take back the right to be you without any ideas or beliefs as to what that means.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The universe is not a theme park

As I have said in many places (name omitted) my whispers come from my guidance. I don't know their intent or who they go too. It seems they have gotten the attention the universe wanted. I believe you are an aware man, even though I see us coming from different views. As to teachings of love, compassion and acceptance I have many posts on this but obviously some have fallen on deaf ears. I have had many dealings with spiritual beings in my life and while they showed love, compassion and acceptance they also showed me the reality of awareness and our human condition.

The reality of awareness is not a theme park like Disney World where we go to eat popcorn and enjoy the rides but an infinite consciousness that contains many variables and possibilities. Maybe people want to focus on love, compassion and self acceptance here because they feel so unworthy within as a result of the beliefs and ideas of the mind. Love, compassion and acceptance are only words for describing reality but they are not the total reality of existence. We all have a purpose and mine is to send these messages along as they come to me.
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The reality of beliefs

It is because of beliefs that man has lost everything that matters. Beliefs create labels and labels create a separation between the idea of a thing and the reality of experiencing it. Rather than experiencing the essence of things we encounter them as ideas in the mind. This labeling creates a spiritual and psychological separation that prevents a much needed intimacy with the reality of things. In stead of living within our life we are living a life from our ideas about it and therefore our sense of self is false.

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I am a messenger of awareness, this is what I do. I am not a spiritual guide, guru, channel, medium, psychic, healer or anybody qualified to tell others what is true for them. I get messages from my guidance that they wish me to share and I do so. It is your opportunity to choose to read them and decide if they are true for you or not. I make no claims for being the answer for anyone, if you have your own awareness then you should use it to get your own answers from the teacher within you.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Fairy Tales and Fantasies

Fairy tales are for children. There are those it seems who prefer fairy tales and fantasy's about existence and reality then to know the factual truth concerning it. For centuries religions, science at times, education and medicine have relied on fantasy, theory and conjecture to explain the working of nature and existence. It was easier to use them to explain what could not be explained then to admit they didn't know.

Over time, no one sought to question these stories or their authenticity. It was assumed by the masses they were true. Within the near past men and women began to question them because something inside them told them a piece of the puzzle was missing.

Science, education, religion and other disciplines have become more honest over time as they have had to abandon the original stories for more honest and real explanations. The last place in existence to viciously hold onto and still defend these stories is the mind of man. People prefer fairy tales about spiritual awareness, awakening, reality and truth then to responsibly explore the reality of existence within themselves. It is easier to believe someone else has done it all for you then to admit you have to do it yourself alone.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Don't put new wine in old bottles

To my knowledge none of my posts from my guides attack anyone personally, yet it is interesting in other groups I have shared them with that certain individuals feel I am attacking them personally. I have even taken the time to state that my posts are coming from my guidance. I am not sure why the universe has chosen to speak about these things, but it does appear that they have plenty to say about certain ideas and beliefs that are old, outdated and obsolete. People all over the world want a new world and hunger for more spiritual knowledge and understanding, but they think they can keep the old and just add the new to it.  To quote from the bible, "You do not put new wine in old bottles".
 The change that the universe wants to bring is a change from outdated beliefs into a new awareness of man and woman, an enlightened understanding of how consciousness functions above and beyond the mind and ego. To do this the old ideas and beliefs must be exposed as to their limits and the ways they distort our perceptions of reality and truth. You cannot be aware and hold onto your old ideas of reality and truth because the scope of awareness transcends them. I am not against astrologers (I am one myself), tarot readers, channels, mediums, psychics, priests, hypnotists, therapists, shamans, metaphysicians, occultists and any other group not represented here. I am against those beliefs and ideas that are set in stone and in which people fear to investigate because it might cause an identity crisis. If all you have is the need to defend your beliefs and ideas then you have little to offer anyone else spiritually.

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The proud and the arrogant

The proud and arrogant are full of deception and lies, rather than to face the truth they manufacture lies and call them truth. They know nothing of honor and respect and will do all they can to make themselves look good in the eyes of their peers at the expense of others. They are traitors to all that is good and true in the human heart and have thrown away the true knowledge for ignorant slavery to their ego.
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Don’t confuse arrogance for certainty. One is a righteous assertion that what you believe is the answer and that everyone should see things the same way that you see them. The other comes from a deep confident knowing that you share with others so that they can feel it start to rise slowly from within them. The righteous use beliefs to hide their humanness, faults and fear and then beat the head of others with a doctrine that cannot be embraced because it has no power to totally change anyone.

 Those who are certain do not hide their humanness, faults or fears behind anything. They understand that all suffering comes from the mind and ego. They embrace challenge within them and surrender with full responsibility to the truth that they are the creators of all discontent because they ignorantly protect an ego that prevents certainty from rising within them. The certain share from a silence that emerges softly after the storm of a runaway ego has passed. What good is it to believe anything that is based on hiding your fear of self and existence? You were born to know and remember who you are and to be certain of the truth of existence; it is your birthright and the gift of certainty.

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Tolerance and the truth

Tolerance does not mean that you have to politely agree with what anyone says without checking inwardly to feel if it is true or not. Opinions and beliefs are everywhere about spiritual matters and ego's are busy getting their point across. Awareness brings discernment of what is right within your truth, it reveals if something seems right but feels wrong. Because no one is in a state of constant awareness the mind is often assaulted by opinions and ideas that seem to be true to the mind , but in fact the light of awareness would reveal they are incorrect. 

Discernment is not a skill of the intellect, but a gift of your awareness. Your mind can rationalize two sides of a question and agree with both, but your discernment will prove within if it is true or not. The mind loves to create illusions and with grandiose explanations and attempt to convince you something is true when in fact it is not. The only way to know for sure is within your awareness. Sometimes people also need to learn to agree to disagree at times as well.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stealing from the universe

 When we offer services we are ill-equipped to provide, when we claim to have authority that was not given we are stealing from the universe. We are stealing from its credibility and integrity and those we hope to serve. Instead of coming from a sacred integrity within us and a knowing consciousness many set up spiritual franchises  in the healing arts that claim to give authority they do not possess. We do have the power within us to assist the universe in teaching, self-healing, counseling others, but it is given by no one outside you.

This permission is not to be claimed in the mind or the imagination, but from an awareness that rises from a surrendered ego. It is a big deal, the intentions you have in service to the universe and others. When we fail to serve the universe properly we are in danger of making it appear a fraud and ourselves as well.

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Intimacy and awareness

Intimacy and awareness are both essential to the life and longevity of a relationship. The ego makes the other into a thing to possess and use, while love compels you to serve the other joyfully and for them to serve you. You are working as partners within the guidance of continual surrender and love towards an awareness of a purpose that both includes you and is above you in awareness. Love is a gift of the universe and rare when two people can share it together, it is a priceless gem within our world and few find it in a lifetime. Be grateful if you have....I am.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Are you ready for love?

Everyone wants to love and be loved, but not everyone is ready. It is a cultural myth that everyone will find true love in a lifetime, it simply does not work that way. Love arrives when you have reached a point of surrendering the ego and a willingness to trust life and yourself. Gone are the attempts to control and direct your life according to the ego. You have come to the end of the meaningless search of the ego to fulfill itself and you are deeply humbled beyond despair.

You have no where else to go but within. It is at this point that you realize your mind had you going in circles about everything, including yourself. What you thought was real wasn't, including yourself. You are not ready for love until you are real with yourself and others. This is when love says you are ready for it.

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Do you know or do you think you know?

There is a big difference between thinking and knowing. In the world of religion, philosophy, spirituality, medicine, politics, government, and science much which is sold as knowing is really thinking. People believe they know when they don't. Almost every person who believes in God believes that they know who or what God is. Some believe they know God's will when they don't even know their own. It is the arrogance of the ego and mind that needs to firmly state I know and what I believe is the truth, even when it isn't. It is a trick our mind and ego plays on us constantly when we are seeking the purpose and meaning of our life and that is that whatever we believe is a known truth, when in fact it is a mere belief.

If you knew the will of God and the universe then you would humbly respect the fine skill, tact and timing that is needed to heal or help someone. You would realize that any interference whether physical or mental is not a light matter to consider and you would respect the divinity within the other and the principle of non interference. What is seen worldwide are people promoting skills and techniques that even their guides would not use and don't. It is simply arrogance of mind and ego along with human insecurity that says if I can't heal or correct my problems maybe I can help another, even if I don't really know what I am doing.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Fear and judgement

People do not like to look at their intent and motives. The ego loves to use words like fear and judgment to complain and criticize whispers that speak directly to those beliefs and ideas that stand in the way of being more aware. The ego convinces a person that if they follow the rules, obey the techniques, hide their feelings and do what others have done that they will eventually achieve their goals. Pride, self justification, denial, are all techniques of the ego that it uses to avoid dealing with the truth and blind a person from seeing the real issues within them. Anything that points directly into their unconscious tactics and unearths discomfort or fear is seen as an attack or a judgment rather than unearthing the poison that stands in the way of their awareness. If a whisper makes you feel fear or like you are being judged then you need to look within yourself and ask  what is the cause because it does not come from the whisper, it comes from inside you.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Outdated and Obsolete

Medicine Men,  Astrologers (Of which I am one), Tarot readers, psychics, mediums, shamans, numerologists, priests, spiritual teachers, wiccans, channels, healers, and hypnotists are all outdated. They are obsolete! You however are never outdated and obsolete. You are life, You are consciousness. You are eternal wisdom and truth. You have what you know within you, but you rely on them to guide and heal you. (  "But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in." from the King James Bible).

 True teaching from the heart seeks no fanfare. It does not need to flatter the ego or make peace with it. It speaks to the essence of things and reveals those things which prevent the deepening of love of self and awareness. Put away the curious toys of compromise and face yourself and your life squarely. Do they make you happy and fulfilled? Do you know you serve a higher good within or are you playing? Stop lying to yourself and allowing the mind and ego to trick you into thinking that they or you know what you are doing. An aware heart seldom knows what it is doing beforehand, this is because the universe is spontaneous and only reveals its secrets to those who listen, learn and are able and willing to take risks.

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Silence and Whispers

Whispers come for those who can listen to the silence within. Many can't hear them and in their minds they try to understand but they can't, because of all the noise of thoughts, ideas, opinions and beliefs. Silence to them is only a lack of noise and the comfort of safe and secure beliefs. They prefer beliefs over understanding gained from a soulful search within. Their beliefs hold back the fear of emptiness and the hollowness of their identities and minds. They are numb from holding onto ideas for too long that promise much but deliver nothing. It is easy to hear the barrage of thoughts, ideas, opinions and beliefs that bombard us each day, but very few can hear a whisper from the heart because they don't know how to listen to the silence within.
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

I write what I am given

I write what I am given. I edit it as I listen to my guides and follow their instructions as best I can. It is not my intent to attack any particular person, but it seems at this time the universe has things to say about long held beliefs, opinions, ideas and practices. It is interesting how many people hide behind their beliefs, use long descriptive sentences to justify their positions and will at times attack me instead of the truth in my messages. I know that my messages are for somebody, but not everybody will like them or me. It really does not concern me as long as the whispers get to those hearts that are seeking more or want to be aware. The status quo is very strong on many spiritual LinkedIn groups and that is ok, but remember this awareness and spiritual growth are not the result of techniques, rituals, PHD's, hypnosis and all the other things you fill your mind with and call it spiritual. Many feel that they are on a spiritual path and they are simply going in circles in their minds.  Instead of arguing the issues what they should be doing is going within to find their own truth.
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