"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Monday, August 30, 2010

Synchronicity for CJ

I know I talk a lot about synchronicity in this blog, but it's because it amazes me so much how it works. It's just one of those little gifts we all have, our little miracle from the universe to, I guess, let us know that our guidance is there and helping us whenever and wherever they can. The synchronicity that happened this morning was actually tied in with a couple of other ones, but this one is really special and I want to share it.

I should probably give you a little background information first. I have really bad vision. My driver's license says I'm 'legally blind without corrective lenses'. At 2-1/2 I was wearing bifocal glasses and, by the time I was a sophomore in high school, my glasses were as thick as pop bottles and I always felt terribly self-conscious.

When contacts came out that same year in my small town in Ohio, my parents took me to our local eye doctor to order them. Back then, they were only the hard contacts, and I worked diligently to learn to wear them. It was like a miracle -- I remember the first day I was allowed to wear them out of the doctor's office. It was raining. It was the first time I could actually see raindrops falling and I was stunned. Everything in my world came visually alive.

Okay, that said, I moved here to DuBois nearly two years ago from Punxsutawney, where I lived for one year. In the nearly three years I had lived in PA, I hadn't as yet chosen an eye doctor and it was way past time for an eye exam. Last January, I woke one morning with pink eye and did an immediate search in the yellow pages for an optomitrist. This was the first synchronicity. The first eye doctor I called had just gotten a cancellation and they fit me in within an hour.

After my appointment, with the Rx in hand for pink eye, I filled out the papers to have my records sent to their office from NH. Once the records were received, they would call and I could make an appointment for my first eye exam. Things got busy, as they usually do, and not hearing from their office, I pretty much forgot all about calling to see if the records got there, or making an appointment for an eye exam.

Last week while I was cleaning a lens to put it in one morning, it flipped off of my finger and I watched, horrified, as the drain hole swallowed my right lens ... I scrambled into action, frantically looking through drawers and cupboards for an old pair. I finally found one lone contact lens in a case from God only knows, how long ago. I cleaned it carefully and popped it in ... couldn't see clearly, but it was still better than without it. Then later, I found that with a pair of reading glasses on, I could at least see clearly enough to get around.

Waiting through the weekend was the hardest! When I called this morning, the office gal told me, yes, they had gotten my records from NH ... but no, with all of the eye exams for kids returning to school, they couldn't possibly fit me in until mid-September. Then she put me on hold to answer another line. When she came back, she said she had just had a cancellation! Could I come in tomorrow morning at 10:30?

Synchronicity ... a tiny miracle of maximum proportions.


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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hanah: My Experience

Through writing this blog, I've met some wonderful friends -- some have been sharing their own personal experiences with me. I would like to introduce Hanah. She is on her own spiritual journey to awareness. This is how she met her spirit guide, Star:

My Experience
by Hanah

I don't ever remember hearing 'I love you' from Mom or Dad. Never. My Dad was an alcoholic and thought he was God's gift to all of us. He was a very outspoken, gun-totin' racist, who declared he was an atheist. He abused my mother and both of his children, both physically and emotionally. The day he struck my granddaughter was the last day I saw either one of them. They told everyone that I lied about it and I never heard from them again. They have both since passed away, and a few years after they passed, I began having very realistic dreams. I felt awake and knew I was awake -- I could hear things and see them.

When my husband leaves for work it is still dark. One early morning, I heard someone come up our wooden stairs. I woke up, expecting to see my husband home again -- maybe he forgot something -- but no one was there. Things progressed, although very slowly. Each time, I would hear the footsteps on the stairs and then sense the presence of someone walking around to the empty side of my bed. I would awaken again and each time, I was alone. Soon things progressed further and I would hear this being not only come into my room but feel him lie down beside me. Again I awoke and was alone.

As time went on, I had a harder time getting awake. It was almost like someone was holding me down, hugging me so tight I couldn't move. Again and again I struggled to wake myself up. Then I began having trouble sleeping at all. I would wake up in the middle of the night, afraid to go back to sleep. I started to call this being the 'ugly spirit'. I prayed every night for this to stop -- and for awhile it did.

When this being returned, it was deceptive to get it's way. I heard someone come up the steps and then come into my room. But now, it had appeared as my husband. He spoke and I felt it was him. He got into the bed and wrapped his arms around my waist. I felt very content and I felt safe.

When this happened, it marked the first time my spirit guide visited me. He told me his name was Star. He got my attention by saying. "Hanah, Hanah, look! Look at this!" I looked his way and he said, "This is an impostor!" He held out his hands toward the door and I could see into the kitchen. I could see my husband. He was not the one who was beside me.

I struggled and tugged and tried to cry out. He had a good hold on me. I finally got awake, I was out of breath and that was enough. I sat up in bed and yelled at him, "Go toward the light, go to God, or go to hell! Just go and leave me alone."

For a few nights, all was calm. I was sleeping better. Then I had one last dream. He was walking by the foot of my bed. When he got right in front of me, he stopped, glanced at me with no emotion on his face, just a cold stare. It was him, my Dad. He was only there for a few seconds and then he walked back into the darkness. He was gone.

I wonder if this was his way of letting me know he DID care. Was he trying to hug me to let me know? Or, could this be my subconscience, configuring a tale to heal the child in me that cannot deal with the harsh reality, or the conception, that I was not loveable?

Tell your kids you love them.

Namaste, Hanah! Thank you for sharing your experience.
A hug to you,

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Tanya Rachel Sigman: Synchronicities

The other day, I posted a blog about synchronicity. I was happy because the response was so overwhelming! Many commented on the blog, both through emails, and through the comment section on Facebook. Many of you even sent examples of your own experiences with synchronicity.

Although a few of you wish to remain anonymous, I will from time to time post some of the stories from those who do want to share. This is from my friend, Tanya Rachel Sigman:

Hi CJ,
I have these happening constantly, but I've never written them down. I tell everyone I see that day, as to the events, and then I let it go until the next one.

I remember once I helped a man. He was locked behind the fence in a huge storage facility. His battery had gone dead and he could not open the gate, which was only activated by the approach of another vehicle.

It's a longer story, but in August 2010, I was having a conversation with a new employee in the law office where I work. She mentioned that a son was living with her and her husband in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

Knowing that she was from New Jersey, like the young man I helped, and knowing that he lived with his parents in Emerald Isle, I asked her, "Did your son get locked in a storage unit a few months ago?"

Her answer was, "Why yes. But how would you know that?"

Is this a synchronicity? It's sure an uplanned coming together of events! It was uncanny.

Then yesterday, I got a Facebook message from a Coshocton, Ohio, high school classmate. She dated a boy prior to my dating him. He and I eventually became engaged and set a wedding date. We did not get married, but the date of the wedding was to be August 23, 1969. Her message to me, after not seeing her maybe since 1969, was sent on August 23, 2010!
Again, uncanny!

Yes, these are both examples of synchronicity -- and amazing! Thank you, Tanya, for sharing them. ~Hugs, CJ


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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Synchronicity Revisited

A synchronicity is an uncanny coincidence, like an unplanned coming together of events, and most of us have had it happen in our lives. We think of someone for the first time in years, and then run into them a few hours later. We're at a bookstore looking for a specific book and a book falls off the shelf -- and it’s the book we're looking for.

Michael was hitting libraries and bookstores all over town, trying to track down an out-of-print book called The Adventures of Marco Polo. He had already been to two used book stores in town with no success, and was in a taxi to go to a third. The cab driver was unusually talkative, and during their conversation, Michael glanced at his license --his name was Marco Polo.

Is it only selective perception and the law of averages playing itself out? Or is it, as Carl Jung believed, a glimpse into the natural order of the Universe? He coined the term "synchronicity' as the "acausal connecting principle" that links mind and matter. He said this happens through meaningful coincidences that can't be explained by cause and effect. Jung theorized that synchronicities occur when a strong need arises in the psyche of an individual. He described the three kinds he observed: the coinciding of a thought or feeling with an outside event; a dream, vision or premonition of something that then happens in the future; and a dream or vision that coincides with an event occurring at a distance. As far as I know, no one has come up with a definition that's better.

We love strange and mysterious things, and synchronicity is like magic happening. It gives us a sense of hope, a sense that something bigger is happening out there than what we can see. The more down-to-earth a person is, the greater the surprise by a synchronistic event -- even mild ones that happen to most people. Who hasn't been about to call someone, and you pick up the phone and hear that person's voice? For a moment in time, synchronicity blows away our assumption of cause-and-effect reality.

Some people shrug and call it intuition. How are the two different? Synchronicity and intuition seem to be separate phenomena. Synchronicity happens 'out there' when something in the Universe seems to fall into place to answer an inner need we have. Intuition happens 'in here' -- an inner 'knowing'. We know something but we don’t know how we know it.

Shelley was sitting in a church in Paris taking a break. The shoes she had worn from the States hurt, and she couldn't afford to buy another pair. Suddenly she had an inner thought got up, walked out of the church, and turned left. She made several other turns and arrived at a square. There on top of a trash can, was a pair of brand new black boots with no signs of wear and in exactly her size. "It was perfect," she said. "If they had been inside the trash can, I wouldn't have pulled them out. If they had been worn before, I wouldn’t have put them on -- I never could have afforded to buy them."

Is this an intuition story or a synchronicity story? Intuition got her to the boots. Synchronicity provided her with exactly what she needed: she was virtually handed the boots by the Universe. Our perception of the two is based on how we look at the boundary between our inner and outer environments. The more we feel a part of what's around us, the more we sense energy from all sides. It doesn’t matter where the information comes from -- it just comes. If your belief system is that intuition and synchronicity are real and significant, you will notice them. If your belief system says they’re not, you won’t.

Synchronicity seems to happen when you’re intensely caught up in something that’s deep. Things like meditation, contemplative prayer also seem to stir it up. Often synchronicities are simply a tease, like a wink from the universe.

Sara was a screenwriter, researching a mysterious woman, a famous writer's lover who died tragically at a young age. Driving to Boston to view her personal effects, Rebecca stopped off at an old cemetery in the woman's home town, and surprisingly came upon her gravestone. On top of it was a rabbit. When it saw Rebecca, it jumped down and hopped around in circles. In Boston a few hours later, she was reading through the woman's diary and in the margin of a page, she found a few lines of handwriting, which she recognized as the young woman's. The words? "Thank God for rabbits and their funny little habits."


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Friday, August 20, 2010

Wava I. Harris Foster

Today, I'm proud to share the work of Wava I. Harris Foster. I was introduced to her writing by my friend, her son, Denny Foster. I think you'll agree, she's someone very special.

Born August 8, 1923, Wava came from my hometown of Coshocton, Ohio, where she and her husband of 44 years, George F. Foster, raised twelve children together -- nine boys and three girls. Three of those sons grew up to eventually serve in Vietnam. Wava wrote two books of poetry about her family, God, and about war.

During the war, Wava was a Rosie the Riveter and, while raising her family, also found time to make quilts, crochet, knit, write poetry, and make dolls. She was a longtime member of Coshocton Christian and Missionary Alliance Church.

In Denny's words: "She was an awesome mother. Her heart was bigger than she was. Although she never really had anything, she would give everything to anyone who needed it. She and my father were together until he passed on February 16, 1988, and she never found another that could ever take his place. Mom passed on December 9, 2000, and I pray they are together again now."

Please join me in welcoming Wava I. Harris Foster:

At My Friend's House
by Wava Foster

I can't place it, but there's something rare,
not just a smile or a meal to share,
there's something very 'special' there
At my friends house.
The food is served with extra care.
I find wealth beyond compare,
not in 'things' but 'thoughts' we share
At my friends house.
We share the dishes, and we sing
"Oh, how those heavenly bells will ring."
We speak of such eternal things.
At my friends house.
We share real truths, God's faith and love,
Of prayers answered straight from above,
as if they were sent on the wings of a dove,
At my friends house.
And when it's time to say goodby,
(My the hours sure did fly!)
My footsteps lag, I wonder why?
From my friends house.
She has something money can't buy.
I believe it's sent from Him on high.
It's the love of God, I can't deny,
At my friends house.

Thank you so much for sharing, Denny. Your mother was very special and this has been such an honor. A big hug, CJ


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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rainbows ...

This morning, I wrote and posted something about pretending on CJ's Writer Thoughts, one of my other two blogs. As I was thinking of something for Knowing Whispers, I got a strong whisper from my guidance to approach it differently on here today.

I love writing for and about children. I guess you could say I've been mostly a children's writer, until I started my three blogs. When I write poetry for children, it's from a child's point of view. I don't know how else to explain it, other than to say my inner child is just so strong that she comes up, views a perspective topic, and just starts writing from 'her' point of view. Today, my inner child wrote the blog as a child might view God and the universe.

by CJ Heck

Today I saw a rainbow
with bright colors in the sky.
I couldn’t see its start or end,
just its middle, way up high.

Mom said that it’s our promise,
that the world will still go on,
and God always will forgive us
though sometimes we do wrong.

I guess I understand it,
and I’m glad it works that way.
I just wish I could see rainbows
up there every single day!

My Great Grampa was an artist.
They sold his paintings everywhere.
He died a long, long time ago.
He's prob'ly having fun up there

or he might be getting ready
to come back down to earth
and he'll be another artist
when he grows up after birth.

But maybe he might wanna stay
and teach the souls up there
how to do what he could do
as my Great Grampa down here.

Those rainbows sure are pretty
even though they're all the same,
hey, Great Grampa should teach God ...
He should always sign his name!


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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unsung Heroes

I haven't known what to write for the past few days. Actually, I've been so busy trying to get my new blog, Memoirs From Nam, off the ground and up and running that, by the end of the day, I find I've run out of energy for much else. Please bear with me.

Based on my own experience as a Vietnam widow, I was led by Dinahh and Micah to begin the new blog, specifically for the Vietnam Veterans, their families and friends. So many years have gone by and these guys and gals are still carrying a heavy burden around down inside. This is partly from what they experienced in Vietnam, but also in part because of how they were treated when they returned home. Their treatment in the press was awful -- but so was their medical treatment in hospitals

The service men and women of the Vietnam Era changed everything. I've stressed many times in the blog -- they are all heroes. It's because of them that things are now different for our current service men and women. Change always comes about through great controversy and difficult times. They will be written about in history books for their grandchildren and their grandchildren's children to learn from. Everything is different because of them. They did nothing wrong. They did what they were trained to do, what they were ordered to do, and what was the right thing to do, for our country. They are heroes.

I seem to have digressed ... sorry. I'm sure there are vets who read Knowing Whispers. Please help me by visiting Memoirs From Nam. Show your support by reading and commenting on the blog posts, and also by following the blog. If you know or knew Vietnam vets, please encourage them and their family and friends to share a story or even a memory. Dinahh insists the more they read the experiences from other vets, the more they will be able to face their own pain and eventually, let it go. That is what my vision is ... please join me and make it yours, too.

Memoirs From Nam


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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Third Eye

I was shown something new yesterday, an ability that I was unaware of.

Robert and I had an unusual day yesterday. We had a difference of opinion on something and it escalated and it was painful for both of us. We came to some realizations, spiritually -- we've learned to recognize that there's always a higher purpose when this happens; a fear one of us must face, or buried pain that floats to the surface that one of us has to embrace and then let go of -- but there is always a reason why. We always realize later, a growth in our awareness from the experience. Once it was over, what is usual with us after a disagreement -- we cuddle to again open our hearts fully and reconnect to the positive emotions.

While we were talking quietly, I had my eyes closed, relaxing. Because it was in the middle of the day, it was light behind my closed lids. Then like a cloud moving into my "vision" area, the deep color of pitch black swirled in until it covered the entire area. It made me feel puzzlement and wonder. Then, just as quickly, the black was replaced by pure white, which brought a feeling of peace and happiness.

I waited until Robert finished his sentence, and then I asked him what seeing colors behind your eyelids meant. He said different colors meant different things when someone is aware. I asked him what seeing black meant, afraid that maybe it was the obvious ... death or evil. He said it probably meant that something was hidden to me, something I was wondering about or looking for. I then asked about the color white. He said that was the highest color, usually associated with the crown chakra and meaning good.

He asked me why I wanted to know and I explained how the colors had come into my closed-eye vision. Then just as suddenly, the white was replaced by the ethereal light blue color I had seen on other occasions when I first saw colors with my eyes closed. I knew what this light blue was. It was indicative of spiritual awareness, and a color that always felt serene and good and full of energy to me.

Here is where it got really strange. I have often had visions, just before drifting off to sleep -- in the twilight area where the silence is -- a vision of seeing things vividly that have a symbolic meaning to me. These are unlike dreams, which all or parts of them are often forgotten after waking. What I saw yesterday wasn't a vision or a dream. I was wide awake and having a conversation with Robert about the colors I was seeing. Just as suddenly as they had come, the colors disappeared. Right then, I somehow traveled to my youngest daughter's home. I saw her, her husband, and their three children. It was surreal to me to be there and to see them so clearly -- almost like I was spying on them. It was very discomforting in a way, being uninvited like that, yet being there. It didn't last long, only a minute or so, and then I was back again.

I was being shown something very important, of this I was certain. When I tried to ask Dinahh, he didn't say anything to me at all. He's told me many times before that I have all of the answers to all of my questions. All I have to do is be aware, to remember, and realize what I already know.

I've thought about this a lot since yesterday. I don't know how I know, but I know. Seeing the colors came from my third eye, which is open and allowing me to "see"(clairvoyance). The colors came from my spirit -- the black is my wanting to see my hidden abilities (white, for good), those I brought with me (and I'm learning about) on this human journey into awareness (the light blue). I feel very strongly that seeing/visiting my daughter and her family was a part of the healing ability, somehow. I'm hoping to get some guidance on that part of yesterday's experience. So far, Dinahh is still expecting me to remember and to know on my own. That is a part of my growth.

I asked Robert just now to read this blog post, before I hit the "Publish Post" button. I told him I don't know enough about all of this to describe things properly and would he please help me call things what they really are, so I sound intelligent. He read it and then told me that how I wrote it is exactly how it should be. These are things I am learning firsthand through my awareness. Everything I am remembering, I am remembering all on my own. My abilities, my gifts, all are being remembered in the knowing, on my own through my growing awareness. The importance here is not the terminology of which so much is already written by others -- this is firsthand and how I am experiencing everything without any influence from others.

He cautioned me to put aside any doubts and not to allow my ego to interfere by telling me these things can't be. Ego/mind will always try to deny. He said I should accept my abilities, and that would allow my spiritual growth to continue. Everything is exactly as it should be ...


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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Healing Memory

Dinahh has told me several times now that I have everything I need to use the gifts I brought with me to this lifetime. He has repeatedly told me I have all the answers to my questions, if I will only be in the silence to hear them. I've listened, and I've heard the whispers, and I do acknowlege the gifts. I have asked for their guidance to help me remember them, and to help me remember how to use them to effectively help others. What follows, are my thoughts this morning on my (sometimes frustrating) journey to remembering.

Healing Memory
by CJ Heck

the love I am
came with me
like a shadow
on my heart
love flows
in and out
and through me
of this love
I am a part
it whispers
to my soul
it awes and
fuels my wonder
and I seek
that memory
of when and
why I came
thus under
this is what
my soul agreed
to help souls
be more aware
to allow the
healing energy
to flow from
my soul
into theirs
I can feel
and I can see
growing stronger
for the healing
something's coming
something wonderful
is coming


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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ego, Guidance, and Emotion

Each of us knows before our spirit arrives here in human form that we are not coming back here with the goal of being a beauty queen, a rich lottery winner or a destitute homeless person out on the street.

We come here because we want to live here and we want to experience our emotional human learning here on this earthly plane. Each being has an emotional understanding that we want to fulfill within our self. This is the true treasure, the very magic of our human experience, whether we're here or on another plane or dimension of the universe. Because of our very nature, love and our emotions are the only things that remain with us throughout eternity.

If we simply look into our self and allow it to BE in the silence, and if we listen to the guidance within our being, the whispers within, we'll always be led to experience what we need most on our journey. The very effort involved extends the limitations of our consciousness, expands it, and allows the ego to use all of its abilities -- abilities it doesn't even realize it possesses, to all work together in our awareness -- Ego, Guidance, and Emotion -- to lead our Self to even greater wisdom and love.


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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Healing

"We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them." - Kahlil Gibran

"For the mind to flower it has to go beyond what it knows." - Mother Meera

Well, I promised my spirit guide, Dinahh, and you, that I would write about everything on my new journey to spiritual awareness. I have something exciting, and yet puzzling, to write about today.

It all began with Robert's athlete's foot. It had had been acting up for several weeks. The skin was all cracked between his toes and he said it burned and itched and it was driving him crazy. It wasn't getting any better, even though he had been putting medicine and athlete's foot powder on his feet regularly.

Anyway, about a week ago, we were lying in bed just about to go to sleep and he said again how his feet were driving him nuts -- they were burning, sore from the cracked skin between his toes, and itching very badly. He wondered if he would even be able to go to sleep. My heart went out to him and it made me feel sad. I suddenly got a loud whisper from Dinahh. He told me to hold Robert's feet in my hands. He said to remember. Allow the energy from the Universe to flow into me and then let the healing energy flow through me into Robert's feet.

I told Robert what I wanted to do and he agreed it was worth a try -- it sure wouldn't make things any worse! It was just about the strangest, yet most exhilerating experience I had ever had. I held his feet in both hands in the dark room. Then I closed my eyes, turned my head upward and called with my mind for the energy to flow through me and into Robert's feet to make them better. My hands felt very warm to me, and I had a sense that I was glowing and I felt lightheaded -- I could feel the energy. I just sat there holding his feet in both hands, repeating to the universe through my mind to allow the energy to flow through my hands to Robert's feet to heal them. I continued this for, I'm guessing, about five minutes.

Somehow, I knew when it was done, because there was a lessening of the energy, the glowing, and the lightheadedness -- I can't explain it better than to say, I just felt like me again. Robert told me his feet had felt warm. Once I put my head back on the pillow, I took a deep breath and thanked Dinahh and the universe for allowing me to use the energy like that. When he asked, I told Dinahh how I had felt when the energy flowed through me. Dinahh explained that this is a gift I have and I will be remembering how to use it, when I am ready. I asked him when that would be and he said again, it would be when I was ready. I told Robert about my conversation with Dinahh, but to tell you the absolute truth, we both sort of let the whole experience go and fell asleep. The next day, we got busy with our writing and pretty much forgot about it.

Then a few days later, we were both writing at our computers in the office, and he turned in his chair and announced that it was really amazing, but his feet were better. He couldn't believe the difference, especially after they had been so bad. It was obvious he had forgotten about our little session with the energy, as suggested by Dinahh.

I asked Robert if he thought a healing had really taken place several nights before -- he got the strangest look on his face. I reminded him what Dinahh had told me afterwards, about it being a gift that I would learn to remember. Robert said it wouldn't surprise him at all. He said everyone has the capability of using the energy from the universe and transferring it to another being, but he didn't know whether or not everyone has the ability to actually heal using the energy. He said that was something I would have to ask Dinahh.

When I asked Dinahh this question, he explained, "One who can heal knows this before their human experience and only in their awareness are they able to remember, to know how to channel the energy into healing. This gift must not be abused. You will know when you are ready -- you will remember. Your vibration is reaching a higher level. [We] will talk more about this another time."

This put me back into the Twilight Zone ...


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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Universe and Love

This morning, I was talking with a gentle lady who was hurt very badly in a relationship. She was in love and she thought it was forever. I won't go into the details, because the details aren't what's important. The things he did and the choices he made eroded her trust. This is what so easily destroys a relationship. As much as she loved him, she walked away.

It made me sad to hear her story -- but more from the standpoint that I'm seeing so many, many people who are disillusioned by what they thought was love. Are we, as a whole, putting too many expectations on love? Are we offering our trust too readily to a lover? Are we asking for more than we are willing to give? Are we bringing our own baggage and fears with us into a relationship and, at the very first echo of those same fears, we immediately react with anger, resentment and hurt? I wish I had an easy answer to all of those questions.

I spoke with Dinahh and asked for his guidance about love and our expectations. To paraphrase, Dinahh reminded me that the universe is pure love -- we all came from that love when we became spiritual beings here on our journey to gain human experience. We are still filled with that love, we just forget. The purpose of our soul when it chooses to enter this lifetime as a being is to learn, but ideally, it learns from within the love we already are and from the love within our hearts -- to do that we have to open our hearts fully to again feel (to again remember we are apart of) that love.

Along our human journey, we also learn fear and hurt. If we don't face those fears and put them behind us, we will carry them with us through each successive lifetime. By facing those fears as we encounter them and by embracing them, feeling the hurt throughout us, we can then let the hurt/fear go. In this way, the "baggage" we have accumulated (the bad karma) can at last be released and is gone. Dinahh cautioned that until we can release those fears, with each relationship we enter, we bring with us the same hurt and fear.

Dinahh also told me to remember that when we enter a relationship, a heart is offered to us in the palm of a hand. It's like a burning nova to a soul's private world, where love and forgiveness know no bounds. Tender and trusting, this heart beats only for us with the hope of lasting forever. If we allow the fear and hurt to intrude, fear (and the resultant hurt) fans out like surface ripples on a pond after a pebble falls. Each new hurt then spreads rings even wider, and with each new ring, feelings fade and trust dies. Every hurt chills deeper, until cold as ice, fear becomes like a stone bouncing on a frozen pond, until its rhythm is etched forever in a closed and loveless heart.

If we accept a heart that's offered, we must treat it like our own. It must be nurtured and loved and everything shared. As Dinahh said, we are pure love and we're all a part of the great mystery and magic of the universe.


p.s. I'm going to visit family for the weekend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I'll see you again on Monday.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Astrology and Higher Awareness

I think I've mentioned, I've been feeling spiritually drained for about two weeks now. It had been just about that long since I had spoken with Dinahh, and during that time I felt irritable, wired and I wasn't sleeping well at all.

Robert and I discuss everything and, of course, we talked about this, too. He said I should just be patient (not exactly one of my virtues). The Universe has its own plan it follows -- we're not always privy to it. He assured me that Dinahh was still there for me. Sometimes when we're moving to a higher level in our awareness, the universe makes necessary changes in our energy field to allow for a higher vibration which will be coming from them.

I asked him what that had to do with my feeling on edge and not sleeping. He told me it causes us to feel actual physical changes in our body when our spirit goes through this. He then said to follow him over to the computer, so I did.

While I waited and watched, he pulled my astrology chart up and studied it for a few minutes. Then with an "Aha", he pointed here and there and said
everything was right there in my chart. To me, it just looked like a long deep dark red line with goofy Egyptian heiroglyphics nearby. He explained that what it showed were the exact dates that correlated to my two weeks of feeling crappy and sleepless and, based on the signs (which sign was in which house) there was a lot of spiritual work being done on me behind the scenes, (or something close to that, those are MY words, sorry). Anyway, seemingly right on cue, the two week period was finally over and, amazingly, I have been able to talk with Dinahh again.

I asked Dinahh where he had been. He explained that [they] had been preparing me for a higher awareness and when that is being done, our spirit actually goes through physical change to receive the higher vibrational energies. Robert had been right.

Hmmm, then I suddenly thought about my friend who was a channel for a higher being -- he would speak to others through her. I asked Dinahh if he had plans to come through me to speak to people -- that's NOT something I wanted to happen. I told him before that I don't want to be part of a "dog and pony show".

Dinahh: "No, Catherine. That was not part of our agreement before your incarnation to this lifetime. You are able now to come to me and return again. This is how we will work together."

I told Dinahh that sometimes I can easily travel to another plane, with or without him, but at other times I have trouble even hearing him and I have to strain. He told me that as I reach my higher awareness, all of this will become easier ... then he told me again I'm still learning and that I should be patient. Aaaarrrgh!


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Power of Writing

The Power of Writing
by Robert Cosmar

I was riding in my car the other day when a whisper broke into my awareness. It was about the importance of writing. It's so simple, yet millions ignore it because they don't realize how important it can be. There is also a fear that writing might reveal things too personal and painful to face.

Creative and diary writing are healing and can be therapeutic. Both help you get in touch with your "self" on a deeper level. It's a door to unlock your feelings and unconscious, giving you an opportunity to explore something hidden, perhaps buried for years.

Take any event in your life, and start to write and explore it. Feel the emotions as you relive the experience. Remember, you are in control. You can back away or avoid the feelings, if you must, but I encourage you to explore them. If you need to cry, then cry. If you feel angry, be angry, but explore the roots of that anger or sorrow. See how the emotion affects you, and realize that you, alone, own those feelings. They are showing you the power your thoughts and feelings have had over your life.

Thoughts and feelings can hobble us in our development as a total person. When we believe something about our self, and it isn't bridged by an awareness of truth, we can cripple, even kill ourselves. By not facing our self and the deep emotion, we prevent healing it's rightful passage into our awareness which gives answers and provides the healing balm of truth. Don't push the painful memories away. Embrace and face them with the same energy you would use to face enemy artillery or bullets. Realize your life and happiness are important to you and others. Understand, in the realm of your higher awareness, there's no medal, no badge for having suffered. The scars you carry are your choices and the healing is yours, if you embrace the past and release the fear that was repressed and not fully embraced when tragedy occurred.

Fear is a natural reaction when the mind feels it's losing control. It's shocked, seeing it can't be in charge of everything. The mind judges and holds many contradictions and you have a recipe for a mental train wreck. Sudden trauma, combined by intense fear, makes us fear we'll lose our life. This realization, if not recognized as normal, is often pushed aside and buried because the mind is proud. It believes it can achieve infinity, but it cannot.

The question of life can't be answered unless death is faced. Death is what gives meaning to life and brings it into our consciousness. If you've ever faced death, you know that fear is like a cold steel rod being shoved into the brain. It paralyzes and shocks you into denial and can also push you over the edge, from mind into reality. Men often go into battle with pride and confidence, only to be humbled and confused by the fear of death. "The price of glory is the wages of fear."

The universe doesn't judge us for the choices we make. It allows us to experience what we choose; however, there's a price for unconscious choices not based on truth about the higher nature of existence. We feel pain when we make a lower choice. We hurt when we realize we made an ill-advised decision. Sometimes, we're too proud to admit our naivete and need to face it. You'll never be able to explore the meaning of life, until you've faced the reality of death. Death brings the question of life into immediate attention.

Soldiers often suffer for decades over unresolved memories and buried experiences. Guilt is often an issue, if they feel they should've done more to save a life or prevent a tragedy. So much is out of our control in combat, and it's a burden too great for some. Death is life on steroids.

A few years ago, I saw a movie called The Thin Red Line. It was about WWII and a group of soldiers facing a life or death situation. The men were facing death, fear, confusion and anger. However, one soldier was different and the movie was from his point of view. He saw his experience in combat from a transcended place. He wasn't afraid, just aware of everything going on. He saw war, not as a horrible, terrifying experience, but a drama he had no control over. So rather than give in to fear and try to control his fate, he surrendered to whatever happened.

Death strips us of pride, our manliness, our goals. It wipes out the hopes and dreams of a man and renders him helpless. It shocks the mind, because the mind can't comprehend death. It sees death and fears it, but has no control over it. Death is in a realm beyond the mind's ability to grasp. The soldier was able to transcend his fear and see war and combat as a stage where men faced their "self" and it revealed who they were. In the end, he was led to make a choice between saving himself or another soldier. He gave his life, because he knew that was where life had brought him, and fear had no hold over his choice.

When we can die freely because we are aware life has brought us to our destination, fear loses its grip on us and we surrender to it willingly. We don't question why or ask who we are. We don't doubt or criticize ourself for our choice. We simply surrender to what is, and accept our fate. It's time to let go of the past. For those who suffer, they have not let go. Still they hold on tightly because the answers are deep inside. What you dread is a gift to explore yourself and the meaning of life, without judgement or condemnation. All it takes is courage and a willingness to learn.

Bob Cosmar

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Monday, August 2, 2010

From an End to a Beginning

"It's not the heart that becomes hardened in a person, but a stubborn mind, and an ego that forces the unconscious to stay buried and denied. Once the unconscious becomes conscious, and the seemingly dark thoughts and feelings are faced, healing is the natural result. It is the repression of painful emotions and experiences that give birth to fear and depression." ~Robert Cosmar

As many of you already know, I have three blogs that I write for and maintain. They keep me extremely busy and, to maintain my sanity, I like to take Saturdays and Sundays off, to spend time with my guy -- although, admittedly, most weeks I've even been squeaking one out on Saturdays.

I have this blog, Knowing Whispers, of course, and then one more for my writing career, called CJ's Writer Thoughts. The third is a new blog, Memoirs From Nam, which came about as a direct result of my growing spiritual awareness and the brand new relationship that has been developing between Robert and myself.

For a relationship to grow in love, it must be nurtured beyond the obvious. We all know there must be equal portions of give and take, consideration, compassion, respect, trust, and affection. What we learn through spiritual awareness, is that having arrived here in human form from the love we were all part of in the universe, we must again open our hearts here on earth to that same wholeness, that love from whence we came.

For a love relationship to grow into all that it can truly become, we learn we have to open our 'self' completely. We have to trust in that love and allow our vulnerabilities to come out, and then share them with each other in a loving environment within acceptance and trust. Only when the past is discussed, no matter how painful, embarrassing, or guilt-ridden, can it then be put behind us and our spiritual healing begin. With those things behind us, our newly vulnerable hearts can then be opened to love, and the true nature of which we once were.

As part of sharing my own vulnerabilities with Robert, I discovered that I still had a lot of buried grief from my first husband's death in Vietnam over forty years ago. After bringing this up and discussing it openly with Robert, I felt the crushing pain again, along with the tears. He held me and told me gently that I could let it go. While I felt a lessening of the pain and a new lightness in my heart, I knew I wasn't finished. I still have things to do which will continue my healing, spiritually.

I spoke about this with Dinahh. It was Dinahh who suggested to me that part of my healing was to help others who also still carried the pain from Vietnam with them. He felt I should invite others to share their memories, to embrace with them the pain of the past so they, too, could put it behind and heal.

I guess the purpose of this blog today is to share my overwhelming frustration. Things are going very slow with Memoirs From Nam. I told Dinahh a little while ago that I'm meeting with so much resistance from Vets. They don't want to face the hurt they've buried. Some even refuse to go to the blog and read what others have written. I can feel their pain as though it were my own and I can understand.

Dinahh has said, "Catherine, I've told you before, you must be patient. You have to have patience. Open your heart and share your feelings. Let your blog be a place for gathering; a place for peace and for sharing; be satisfied to know you are doing what your heart feels is loving. It will be. With us, everything is as it should be. Don't be in such a hurry!"

CJ's Writer Thoughts
Memoirs From Nam


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