"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

True Knowing

It is only when we ask the deep questions within ourselves in all sincerity that we receive the answers to them. Not until we have the realization that all outer questions are not as important as the inner ones. We cannot be seeking outside for answers that can only come from the awareness within us.
The mind seeks to know, but what it seeks and knows pertains to outer observations only. It does not actually know what it observes, it muses on it. Knowing is a function of awareness and of our being in wholeness within. It is becoming that which is observed within consciousness. It is realizing that no division exists, unless we observe only.
WE hold the truth in us and it is ready to be revealed, but we have to know where the true answers come from and where to ask them. Do not ask your mind the deep questions of your life and your existence, ask with your whole being within your awareness.
Knowing begets knowing, because the confidence in knowing opens the door to answers residing within our awareness.
It is through surrender within our feelings that we come to understand and realize our true identity in consciousness, our eternal one. It is the bridge of awareness that allows us to cross effortlessly from the uncertainty of the mind to the certainty of our knowing within.Bookmark and Share

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You cannot prove truth, you can only become it in awareness

There is nothing to say, but much to share. Nothing can be added to what is shared, because it is not mine. It simply pours out of me, if I allow it, and flows within the cracks and crevices of my consciousness. It baths me with awareness and I am one with it.
It is then that I realize it is not me, but my ego/identity that creates who I think I am. Full of ideas, opinions, and beliefs, I feel false to my native consciousness and false to the truth within. I can play a good game, but when it comes to reality, I fall short of it.
Our ego can act and imagine what it means to be real, but still it is false. Hiding within the mind the ego is only a ghost that haunts the consciousness of those who believe. The ego can say, “I own them till they see me clearly. I am so good at distracting them that they cannot remember who they are.”
The ego’s power is in our need to prove our worth, rather than to accept the simple worthiness of our being. It wants to stand outside the simplicity of our beingness so that what we feel is not as important as what the mind thinks. Who we are is deep within, but our ego cannot accept that. It has to prove we are worthy, rather than to accept that we already naturally are.Bookmark and Share

Monday, June 24, 2013

Be TOTAL or not at all

The goal of our awareness is to bring us into intimate contact with the universe within. It is to leave speculation, opinion and conjecture and become conscious of who and what we are in reality. There are no ideas and thoughts about this. We will not understand this from any other. We cannot rely on the opinion, experience or truth of another to comfort and guide us.
We are alone; it is our journey into truth, wisdom and the nature of existence. We experience, we know, and we become. There is no “DO”, only “BE”.
The responsibility for our awareness and awakening is “TOTALLY” ours. We decide when we stop looking other than within. We must discover, ourselves, the gift within our awareness and its whispers. We must embody and embrace them as us, because they are us.
Only we can stop wrestling with the mind and our emotions, trying to figure everything out, and be in charge of it all.
We have to stop, let go, and feel the life within. The deeper we go into the silence, the more we awaken and reveal our true identity — who we are, what we are, and why we are.
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Clarity within

As we become more aware we begin to lose some of our emotional attachment to things, people and places. We are no longer distracted by ideas and emotions, because we are anchored within our awareness and our true identity. This does not mean that we do not share or show feeling. Actually what we share is less polluted by human emotion and enriched by the energy of love and acceptance of self and others.
The true self see’s things as they are in reality and undisturbed by the whims of emotion. You are what you see and you see what you are with clarity of intention and purpose. This detachment serves the purpose of anchoring us in our awareness. It removes the clouds from our true identity in consciousness, we know who and what we are in consciousness.
It is necessary for this detachment and separation from emotion as we become more aware, so that we can merge with our body of awareness and become more certain of our true identity in consciousness. To know it is necessary to be far removed from the influences of mind and emotions. To know with certainty we must be clear of all distractions to the mind, body and emotions.
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The balanced view

When we are aware we realize that we are not just a mind and a body, our attention takes us into places where feelings are needed to navigate the domain of the silence within us. We realize that a silent language of feelings is at the foundation of our being. The little life that we thought we had is not so little after all.
When we are in the Now or aware, we can look out into world of mind and ideas, but we are also conscious of a knowing presence within us. This knowing is the real us at the core of existence. We begin to see that the “you”, which you have identified with is made-up of ideas, thoughts, images and opinions outside the core of the real you. They have been added onto us.
To identify with the totality of existence we must abide in the now and function with the mind and awareness. Our center of consciousness must look out from the moment of NOW into the mind and our awareness simultaneously. It is a shifting of the attention from thought to feeling within.
Presently most of us are half alive and half aware. We occasionally see with our knowing hearts and awareness. We are peeking within, but still holding on to that which is familiar to the ego. We will never in the body loose the need for the ego, but as our awareness grows it will move off the throne and assume it rightful place with the mind, as a servant to our knowing self.
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Witness your way home

Watch your life as if you were watching a movie, if you want to open the door to your awareness. The physical world requires that we give attention to it, so we can function within it and so does the inner life and our awareness. This is a simple task it seems, but not so simple for those whose minds run them all the time.
Detached observation of the experiences of our life and the feelings in it, is the key called witnessing. We have to look within and notice what is happening within us and to us. We have to give as much honor, if not more to our feelings than to our thoughts.
A person that is run by their mind all the time is not a happy or an at peace person. The person who feels is anchored within themselves and can feel the roots of their consciousness as it reaches into existence. It contributes to a full sense of being.
The reward of witnessing is awareness and an awakened consciousness. The knowing replaces the ideas that plague the mind. We no longer have to be anything, for we have become all that you ever were or could become. Home is a state of awareness within us.Bookmark and Share

Monday, June 17, 2013

Stop guessing, start becoming

If you do not experience the truth in reality within your awareness, then you will fall prey to the mind and the imagination. The mind and imagination create all manner of deception and some of it is called spiritual and religious.
You are not seeking GOD, HEAVEN or an escape from yourself in awareness, you are seeking direct contact with YOU and the only knowledge of existence that exists. There is no revelation of truth other than that which is found within you. There is no greater mystery than the mystery of you and inside you.
The truth is simple once you stop trying to understand it with your mind and begin to know it within your being. It all comes back to you and it all exists within you. Stop seeking and start becoming that which you already are and that which already exists within.
The only way to know is to be, all else is conjecture and speculation. Words and ideas can convey what is true in a superficial way, but they cannot embrace the reality of knowing within.Bookmark and Share

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The power of ignorance

The power of all religion and belief is in the individual’s ignorance of self. It is because of the shallow observations of life that can only be observed and understood with the mind. It is the knowing of ideas and the lack of knowing of the feelings of self and others. It is the lazy person’s way of being and not becoming.
When you look only at the object of living and avoid the subjective side of the self, you are only half living and experiencing. It is identifying only with the object that you observe and see, but failing to feel the connection of the object with all of life and even yourself. This creates an isolation from the self and existence and supports the ego as the only source of your beingness. All perceptions become one-sided and lack the fullness that only feeling and thought can bring together in perceptions of truth.
Thought only is an immature observation of self, being, reality and existence. Awareness and thought are a mature observation of the totality of all that can be experienced and known as true.
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pain is wisdom turned inside out

Without the pain you would not consider that something needs to be learned. It is like a person who sticks their hand in a fire, because they have nerve damage. Pain is how we see into the ego and our emotions. It shows the control that the ego has over our identity and gives birth to new awareness as you mentioned. Behind the clouds is the sun, behind every dark cloud is a silver lining.
Sometimes people fight the pain. The ego uses that to prevent a rebirth (healing). All existence is turned inside out and the reflection leads to awareness, the reality of truth in us and the universe.
The ego, emotions, and pain are all distractions from the truth we carry inside. Instead of identifying with them we can identify with the truth that walks beside it. which allows us to face it, see why we feel it, and then learn from it. Pain is wisdom, turned inside out …
Remember it is the mind only that feels emotions and pain, your awareness does not feel the pain of a divided nature in it. Surrender leads to awakening in all situations, especially as our pain is concerned.

Monday, June 10, 2013

In awareness you become the truth

There is no other way to know the truth than to become the truth in awareness. No description, formula, technique or explanation can give the seeker a sense about it. It can never be explained adequately to the mind and in the mind.
The mind embraces ideas and thoughts, it reasons them and analyses them. Thought and the mind cannot analyze awareness. Awareness is the consciousness within that you are not aware of yet. It is the part of your being that is shielded by the mind and ego. It can be felt and explored in awareness, but not known within the mind.
You have to feel it as awareness and recognize that it is you who are both feeling it and aware of it, not the mind. The mind can observe it, but it will never know it in consciousness.
It is the limitations of the mind and your identification with it that perpetuate the pain and loneliness of existence. It is the separator of the real and the unreal, of your full existence and the limited perceptions of thought and mind.
There can be no wholeness when the mind by nature separates wholeness into parts and calls the part, the whole.Bookmark and Share

Friday, June 7, 2013

Have you lost your keys?

It would seem that you are the only real authority in your life. Who knows you better? Who is closer to the actual force of life within you?
The mind carries us away from the simplicity of self and our awareness of it. Thought manufactures theories, ideas and concepts to explain the meaning and purpose of your life, but thought is always outside the reality of what you feel and your life. It is always outside looking in, but it acts like it knows what is within.
You identity is a manufactured image sculpted from ideas over centuries by the mind of others who never knew you, but you act like they do. The images of life and society are followed blindly and unconsciously with religious zeal, because the ego wishes it so.
Remember, if you feel powerless and insecure, it is because your keys to the kingdom have been given to others and the door to the truth within you remains closed because of it. Take back the keys and the responsibility is yours again as well as the reward.Bookmark and Share

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


There is no effort needed to become aware, just the attention directed inward towards the feelings and the life force. You only have to pray, beg, obey and follow the commandments of those ideas and thoughts that are worshiped in the mind and imagination. There you can be a prisoner and play the game according to their rules.
It is far better to feel the life within you and observe your reactions to it, than to analyze and compare your life to others and their experiences. One requires the dignity and self-trust within of your own life experience and the other requires that you surrender your dignity and intelligence to others who say they are more qualified then you concerning your life experiences.
The mind makes everything difficult in its search for truth and meaning, while the heart reveals to us the simplicity of the truth within us. Pay attention to your feelings, they reveal how you think and how far out of touch you can be with yourself. They can also reveal a healing wholeness when you let go and allow the god within you to reveal the mystery within the silence of you.Bookmark and Share

Monday, June 3, 2013

Your mystery, the mystery

The mystery of existence is revealed to those who are aware, not as ideas but as experiences within consciousness as your truth being revealed.
It is personal and yet collective as well. No idea can lead you to this realization, for it is a revelation within your conscious awareness. Too many times we try and grasp with the mind the mystery of being, but it must be revealed to you personally within your truth and awareness.
All the more reason for knowing your inner teacher within consciousness for it is this teacher only who has the responsibility to reveal to you that which is true within you. You cannot find it outside in the world of ideas and thoughts.
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