"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Saturday, July 30, 2011

True Power

"The Seven Principles of True Power"
From the soon to be published book, "Home: Where the Heart Is"
by Robert Cosmar

The heart of power is guided by seven principles of true power which define and monitor its expression. Each without the other is useless, but together, they form a chain that balances the expression of power with its source of inception.

 The First Principle:  Humility
Being aware that we need to turn to something greater within from time to time to solve the problems of life. Sometimes, we realize we're afraid and troubled and in need of help beyond our normal conscious awareness. We have the desire to serve the universe with our own unique gifts under the guidance of spiritual forces, knowing that each person in our life reflects the beliefs we hold subconsciously within. They are the mirrors of our soul and we owe them our love and forgiveness.

The Second Principle:  Commitment (To Yourself)

If you don't know and love yourself, you'll never create your own reality. To love yourself is to love the soul you are and to express your life through that soul. You must let go of the crutches in your life and surrender to the depths of your soul. We all have only one lover that is true, immortal and infinite; it's the soul. All other lovers are only reflections of levels of growth to be attained and transcended. I'm not saying you shouldn't have lovers, but put them into true perspective and love your soul. It will love you back.

The Third Principle:  Sacrifice

Sacrifice the rational and intellectual mind for the knowledge of the soul. The soul sees without time. It knows, without space. To sacrifice the mind to the soul is to be in step with the universe. We are all part of the universal mind, but the ego (mind) cannot sense that greatness -- only the heart, alone, can believe. When we place our mind, our rational life, into the hands of the heart, something wonderful happens. We stop struggling and, when we do, we see why we're where we are and can then hear how to get out of the dilemma. Knowledge is power, but not rational knowledge. True power comes from your heart.

The Fourth Principle:  Awareness

Awareness is the heart's ability to work WITH the universe, not against it. You may have a great idea and lots of money, but without awareness of what the universe wants, you will fail miserably. Awareness comes from surrendering to the ultimate guidance of the heart.

The Fifth Principle:  Honest Reflection.

If your life is working, then you are in sync with the universe. If your life isn't working, then you aren't in sync with the universe. Many live less than satisfying lives because they lie to themselves about their career, marital status, and lifestyle. Fear guides them and a general distrust of themselves causes suffering because they don't take total responsibility for their lives. When you fear to know yourself, you create illusions to live by which all pass with time.

True power is knowing who you are and being who you are without judgement. It's a connection to your heart and soul which allows the higher purpose of your life to manifest in your life, causing healing. Healing is the right use of power. When you can live and forgive, then you will heal and your power will be restored in totality. Until you love your life and open your heart to forgive all that has offended you, you won't know the peace, power and the marvelous miracle of love that you are.

The Sixth Principle:  Gratitude

Each thing that happens in your life is a reflection of the beliefs you carry within. Each crisis shows where you're using your power against yourself. Gratitude is the cure for self pity and a healing balm for depression. Gratitude opens the heart.

The Seventh and Final Principle:  Self Love

You are the creator of your life and your future. It's up to you to love yourself where you are and to love your dreams into existence. You cannot be forced to do that. The Universe merely waits on the fringes of your reality to welcome you home.


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Saturday, July 23, 2011


CJ:  Dying is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects about living.  Why is it that some very bad people live long and healthy lives, yet others who are good seem to die young?   Maybe it isn't chance ...

Let's look at it from a soul's perspective.  Our souls are given choices, even before being born.  What do you want to accomplish on your human experience?  A soul may have the one desire to be a hero during its lifetime and, once that one event has occurred, it can go home again -- maybe to decide to return here for yet another lifetime with further choices and experiences.

Another example might be, a soul that wants to accomplish something memorable for mankind -- an inventor, a composer, or maybe someone in the medical field who finds a cure for a terrible disease.  Everything that occurred throughout the soul's life, up until that one particular thing was satisfied, was significant and valued.  Everyone they touched, everyone they loved was also significant, but when that one pure event was accomplished, the soul was free to go home again.

The saddest thing for me to hear is when someone says, "You only live once.  Death is the end."  When you become aware, you realize that death is not the end of life -- death is a new beginning.  Death merely brings the end to one lifetime and allows your soul to return home, where it will decide to stay, or return again for yet another lifetime and human experience.  Death is never the end.

Robert:  The problem of death is not a problem for the soul -- the soul is eternal. The problem of death is a problem only for the ego and the mind.  The ego and mind do not understand death, nor do they really understand life.  Ego and mind are artificial constructs that dwell on the outskirts of reality.  They are imposters, mimickers to what is true, an artificial existence mascarading for what is true, but never true. As long as a person identifies with the mind and ego and remains unaware through feelings of their deep source in life, death will be feared, misunderstood and dreaded.  Only those who know the truth within can stop asking questions about death and finally rest in peace.

CJ:  In my humble opinion, death should be a celebration, a celebration of a life well spent -- no matter how long that life lasted.  When we grieve, it's for our loss because it leaves a huge hole in our lives and our hearts.

Robert:  In order to come to grips with death, we have to realize that the mind and ego have no answer -- they never will.  It is only when we surrender through our heart to the vast universe deep within, that whispers begin to ripple like waves on our consciousness and reveal that we are far more than just a mind, ideas, thoughts and goals.  We are existence, itself, playing in the sandbox called our current reality.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hannah and Star

Nearly a year ago, August 29, 2010, a very good friend posted a blog on Whispers (Hanah: My Experience) telling us about her experience.  Today, I received an email from Hannah with an update:

CJ, here's a little story if you are interested.

My spritial guide is Star and he hasn't been around for a long time, until now.  I guess he thinks that my life is on track and I don't need him all the time.   I have tried to lie down and open my mind and heart so he can answer some of my questions. I think I have to be patient and he will come to me when he is ready.

Star calls me Hannah, which is not my given name.  One of my questions is, why DOES he call me Hannah? I am getting used to it, but I was wondering if there was a reason behind it. 

When he does decide to visit, his answers are usually in the form of a "mini movie".  That's the easiest way for me to decribe it to you.  And I still don't see the features of his face.  You know how sometimes on tv they blurr the face of someone?  That's how his face looks to me.  When I was seeing my Dad in these "mini movies", I could see his face very clearly -- and his anger was certainly plain to depict.  Star is very patient and very soft spoken, if he even speaks.  Most of the time, he just shows me these mini movies.

This time, he was ready to help me understand why Hannah is the name he feels comfortable calling me.  We walked up to a big white house, climbed up the stairs onto a large front porch.  The door was open to the kitchen.  The kitchen was large, plain, with wide wooden planks on the floor.  Nothing was on the walls at all. The lady of the house was standing at the kitchen sink with several little girls around her, all talking at once.  I could see by their clothes, they were an Amish family.

I looked at Star and asked him what this had to do with me.  He told me the woman, the mother of those little ones, was Hannah, (me in another life).  Well, here's an ironic chuckle ... when we pass through Amish country, I have said many times, I could never be Amish.  Maybe for one day, but then I would want to return to the modern conveniences that I am used to.

A while back, I told CJ about Star deciding to call me Hannah.  She was not surprised.  She even told me how it was probably spelled.  After watching this "mini movie", my woman's intuition just kicked in. I just had this overwhelming feeling, the kind that gives you cold chills and makes the hair on your arm stand up.  CJ already knew why Star decided to call me Hannah.  Neither one mentioned this before.  Now I have to wonder ... since CJ is more aware, open, and sensitive ... could she and her spirit quide already know some of the answers I am searching for?  I know Dinahh tells her to be patient and she will learn all her answers in time.  I will try this.


** Hannah, it's so nice to have you posting again!  Thank you for sharing.  I'm so happy Star has contacted you again.  Please keep us updated, my friend.


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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Your Life

The Magic is YOUR life lived fully:
by Robert Cosmar

Do you know what it means to have a life? Do you have YOUR life? Do you LIVE your life fully? Interesting questions, don't you think? I'm sure that you've heard this before and wondered what it means.

To have a life is to be in touch with the force of existence itself. There is no go-between, no outer authority, and no one to ask what to do or where to go. There's no one but you and a connection to the deep center within yourself. Trust is found there and the confidence to believe that you have every right to create and manifest your vision. This vision is not actually yours but a shared vision that you receive from existence. You are a co-creator with life, a partner with existence. You share in the creation of the future. You feel worthy and at peace, because you realize that you are a part of something vast and beautiful. You are HOME!

Anything we create that does not come from this center inside us is artificial, hollow and eventually dies. It may satisfy the mind for awhile, but it never reaches our heart or touches the hearts of others. Energy can be manipulated from the outside -- science does it all the time -- but look at the results.

Energy that rises from the heart is more comprehensive, full and lively. It nourishes and feeds other hearts. Energy that rises from the heart lasts! Great art, creations and lives last beyond their time. They give something back to humanity that says you are so much more than you imagine. When will you begin the journey to claim back your life from the dust of false hopes and dreams?

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Plane of Souls

"The best thing about sleep is that fleeting moment when you are just between asleep and awake. There, you can talk with the universe. There, you can fly away to the stars. There, anything, everything, is possible." ~CJ Heck 

Just before falling asleep, I had a vision. It came into my view slowly, like billowy clouds pushing the darkness aside. There I could see millions of glowing orbs of light. I was floating, moving along high above them as they moved here and there, like large bumble bees in different directions -- fast, very fast.

Like other times I've traveled there, I am aware of floating, feeling so light that I am the air, itself, traveling into a whole other world. Up there, I feel love and joy and a euphoria that I can't begin to describe. The closest thing I ever felt to it was when my dentist used gas for filling a tooth. He put the mask over my face and told me to breathe deeply and it brought a similar euphoria.

The view of the glowing orbs in the darkness slowly drifted away and in it's place, I was looking down at the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. The colors were so vivid. It was lovely and I could see the lush green of a vast meadow with tall grass -- and then below, to my right, was a sheer drop off. As far as I could see was the stunning beauty to the left, and the knife-edge cliff and its sheer drop off stretching way into the distance on the right. 

I could see down into the drop off because it was bright, like daylight. At the bottom of the deep chasm was a river, not with sparkling clear water, but a thick liquid of semi-transparent green, and it was flowing very slowly.

Suddenly, I could see faceless people, hundreds of them, a few at a time, coming out of the sheer walls of the cliff. Silent and motionless, they fell down into the flowing green river and disappeared. This was happening all along the sheer wall of the cliff below me, for as far as I could see. They didn't seem to be afraid, because they weren't screaming as they fell -- they weren't making any sound at all. There was only silence as they came out of the wall and fell down to disappear into the slowly flowing green liquid.

I was stunned to feel a wave of sadness, and a feeling of regret, as I watched this all happen. I tried to see their faces, but there were none, only motionless people, quiet souls, alone and falling, and then swallowed up by the green river.
When the scene again faded to blackness, I felt Dinahh's presence. I asked him to please explain to me what I had seen! What had they done to bring them to such an ending? I told him about feeling sadness and regret and yet I heard nothing, felt no fear coming from them, and I could see no faces. Was this hell?

Dinahh told me, as he had on so many other occasions, "Zora, you ask too many questions. You have the answers there inside of you. Put your thoughts aside -- close your mind. Then, open your heart and listen. Be one with the love you feel, and the peace and joy. Let them all flow through you in the quiet, when you go to the silence. There you will find past memories. There you can remember. It is there, that you will find your answers."

I'm still learning. At times, frustration is the only emotion I'm able to reach when I try and go to the silence. I was unable to regain those feelings after the vision was gone and after a while, I fell back to sleep. It wasn't until the next day that I was finally able to reconnect with those feelings and find my center in the silence.

I came to understand that what I saw in the vision was symbolism. I traveled to the plane of souls. The faceless people falling out of the walls of the cliff and then disappearing into the green river were the souls of people who, at the end of their life (in their earth death), were still asleep in their awareness. This is why I saw no faces. This is why I felt such sadness. The regret I felt was for what might have been. The river was only recycling (for lack of a better word) their souls. The glowing orbs I had seen first in the vision were those people as individual souls again, before returning to earth in a next incarnation. In the silence, I remembered this and I was amazed at the clarity in which I could remember.

I told Dinahh what I thought I had found out, when he contacted me. He told me I had done well. This was what I had been shown and what I was to remember. Then he told me why I had been shown the vision. 

Dinahh: "Zora, you have a purpose here -- both you and Robert, together. We have given you each other in love to take care of your human needs. You have much to do together. You will work with us to write what we tell you and what we show you in your spiritual consciousness.

Everything is changing -- we must reach more souls on this human plane, teach them to open their hearts, teach them to feel the love, be one with us and feel our energy flow through them. We must teach them that to BE in the nothingness is to be where they will find their answers.

They must learn to hear our whispers. We are here to help. We have always been here for them. We are here. We are here. Zora, you have done well. I will go now."


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Friday, July 8, 2011

Creative Vision

by Robert S. Cosmar

The world supports Creative Feeling, or Vision.  It is through creativity that we evolve and build our future. It is through individual vision that we manifest our desires. Without vision, mankind would continually run in circles.  It would stagnate from boredom and die for lack of being anything fresh and new. If there is one thing lacking in humanity, at this time, it is vision and the power to manifest our dreams into reality.

We are never lacking in talk, debate, discussion, or criticism, but when it comes to actually making something happen, we often lack vision. Vision is the voice of the future, or creativity un-manifested.  Some may call it God, but in reality, it is our ability to generate support, effort, materials, personnel and whatever else it takes to make a vision a reality.

It is the energy of existence, the magic, to say yes to our desire to serve and inspire humanity through some effort or cause. We work hand in hand with that force which moves the stars, makes rivers flow, and the sun to shine beyond the clouds of doubt and dismay. We share in the purpose and higher intent of a magic that shines brighter and deeper than any Sun in any galaxy of any part of this vast universe.


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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Accept Yourself

by Robert S. Cosmar

Most people do not like their self.  Many more do not know their self. We live in a mental world, full of ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Our identities are borrowed from society, our parents, and even our peers.

Only when our goals, dreams and desires collapse before us do we consider that life is not what we have been told or sold. We suffer when this happens, but the suffering is a birth, of sorts, and an opportunity to rediscover our true self and its power.

Fear and distrust of self prevent most people from coming to terms with who they are. The world, society, parents, peers and teachers all apply pressure to conform to the norm or suffer the fate of being dubbed a failure. What they are saying is, "Who we want you to be is more important than who you feel you are." What we have, therefore, are highly educated failures as human beings -- people who can talk and think, for sure, but who lack an awareness of self and the awareness of how they fit into the universal scheme of things. It is one thing to identify with a thing or a philosophy, yet entirely another to know your self as an individual. One encourages conformity, the other causes us to go on a personal journey within to find our true and unique self.

Until the mind and heart are again merged into a cosmic partnership with the knowing heart as the lead guide, mankind will continue to fail in its attempt to achieve purpose. Mankind will not be able to conquer outer space, until we have achieved a greater awareness of our inner space. Man can only achieve great things in proportion to his ability to understand himself. It is awareness that has brought the discovery of great achievements in our time and many of those are outside the realm of thought.

Before you begin to find yourself, you have to look within. Before you begin to contemplate about who you think you are, you have to look at the way you feel you are. Nothing is more damaging to a soul than a runaway mind seeking itself through its thoughts, and a person hiding or evading how they feel. You are not your thoughts. Your feelings are much deeper and truer to your natural being, or self.

Do not judge yourself or anyone else, based on what you see or think -- open your heart and accept them.  Some will be your teachers and help you to learn about yourself. Others will be a reminder of your own prejudices and vices -- no one is better than anyone else. Until we see deeply into our self, we will not have the power to achieve our dreams in a manner that reflects our true identity.


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Monday, July 4, 2011

Writing Inspiration: Richard Schwartz

This was a comment left by my friend, Richard Schwartz, on yesterday's blog, "Inspiration for Writing".  I thought it was so great that I asked him if I could use it as a blog.  Richard agreed.  Thanks, Richard!

CJ - You're not as nutty as your thoughts on creativity seem to imply. When I start writing a character, they start telling me their story.  I'm just the one who happens to be writing down what they tell me. After I've written a few paragraphs about them they develop a unique voice that I can hear in my mind. 

As I was finishing my first book, I had a dream one night that I was arriving at a surprise party. Everyone there was a character in my first book and they were thanking me for bringing them to life for my readers. This certainly sounds strange. but I remember waking up the next day and my first thought was that it was nice of them to throw me a party. 

I'd love to say that I love writing ... but its more than that.  When I get an idea for a character, I feel compelled to start writing.  For example, I was on vacation touring the National Parks here in the northwest.  While at Yellowstone, one of my favorite characters from my first book told me a story that will be the beginning of my third book.  I am only half way through my second book, but I had to get back to our hotel room to write down the story that will certainly be the beginning of the third book. 

I'd love to tell you where my ideas come from ... but I really can't.  Taking photos of the geothermal features shouldn't have provoked thoughts leading to the beginning of my third book, but that's where it happened!

Richard Schwartz

** This is incredible, and I'm thrilled to hear about it, Richard.   It's obvious you're another writer who listens to the whispers.  You've made me feel so much better -- I'm really not a nutcase (smiling), after all.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience  and for allowing me to put your comment here as a blog.
My warmest regards and respect, as always,

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Inspiration for Writing

The strangest thing:  I was sitting here this morning thinking about a question that was posed in a writing forum that I belong to.  "Where do you get your ideas for writing, whether for poems, short stories, or any other forms of writing?"

 H m m m ... it sounded like such an easy question, at first. The most obvious answer, and the one most people had already written was, "I rely on either my imagination, or I write about what I know." The more I thought about it, though, I had to ask myself, where DO my ideas really come from?

Truthfully, the best inspirations, or ideas, I've ever gotten came from (now don't laugh) God and/or the universe. For me, there are times when I'm able to completely relax and find my center, stop my mind from trying to control my thoughts, listen to my breath enter and leave my lungs and allow the energy to flow through me. 

When the inspiration comes, and it always does, the words rush like water from an open tap -- it's an indescribable feeling, almost as though the words aren't mine at all. They seem to come from somewhere else and flow through me, from the heart to the mind, to the fingers all by themselves. It's a humbling experience and I'm always amazed and extremely grateful to the universe for showing me its magic. It's something that is there for everyone, if you only ask.

Now, how do I write that as an answer in the forum without people thinking I'm a nutcase ...


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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Looking Within

by Robert Cosmar

Most people are perplexed when you tell them they must look within. The mind asks, "Now, how do you do that?" It seems ridiculous to even try. But, when you realize that inner looking is actually inner feeling, it's a different matter all together.

The mind explores through thought, memory and observation. It analyzes what it hears, sees and what it thinks.   It takes concepts and arranges them, according to its understanding of them. Feelings, on the other hand, are centered in the heart and have deep connections leading to the very source of life itself: the soul of existence.

Feeling is an internally directed process, and not external, like thought. Feelings require no observation, other than to be aware of them, or maybe to turn your attention toward them. No work or analysis is needed, you just feel. The hard part is in trusting those feelings and learning how they reveal so much of the mystery of life and ourselves.

Feelings help us to understand by revealing to us our unity with life. Unlike the mind, feelings reveal what is already there and how we already feel a part of it. Understanding is not required. You don't have to come to any conclusions, you simply know.

Silence is a byproduct of deep feeling.   As the mind stops its chatter, you become aware of a vacuum, or void, in which only a solitary you exists. At first, this void has elements of the unconscious you in it, but as you go deeper and encounter the blocks to full realization, you come to understand the meaning and importance of silence. Silence reveals what words cannot express. It's a place where concepts are replaced by reality and an end to seeking, because you have found the essence of life and your place within it.

Silence requires no time or space to define it, because in the inner world of reality, it is the companion to reality. It dissolves the illusions created in time and space and brings us to a point of realization, where we see through feeling, the very nature of ourselves and our true reality. We are home again and we know it, we remember it and recognize it ... and the search is over for now.

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