"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Saturday, July 30, 2011

True Power

"The Seven Principles of True Power"
From the soon to be published book, "Home: Where the Heart Is"
by Robert Cosmar

The heart of power is guided by seven principles of true power which define and monitor its expression. Each without the other is useless, but together, they form a chain that balances the expression of power with its source of inception.

 The First Principle:  Humility
Being aware that we need to turn to something greater within from time to time to solve the problems of life. Sometimes, we realize we're afraid and troubled and in need of help beyond our normal conscious awareness. We have the desire to serve the universe with our own unique gifts under the guidance of spiritual forces, knowing that each person in our life reflects the beliefs we hold subconsciously within. They are the mirrors of our soul and we owe them our love and forgiveness.

The Second Principle:  Commitment (To Yourself)

If you don't know and love yourself, you'll never create your own reality. To love yourself is to love the soul you are and to express your life through that soul. You must let go of the crutches in your life and surrender to the depths of your soul. We all have only one lover that is true, immortal and infinite; it's the soul. All other lovers are only reflections of levels of growth to be attained and transcended. I'm not saying you shouldn't have lovers, but put them into true perspective and love your soul. It will love you back.

The Third Principle:  Sacrifice

Sacrifice the rational and intellectual mind for the knowledge of the soul. The soul sees without time. It knows, without space. To sacrifice the mind to the soul is to be in step with the universe. We are all part of the universal mind, but the ego (mind) cannot sense that greatness -- only the heart, alone, can believe. When we place our mind, our rational life, into the hands of the heart, something wonderful happens. We stop struggling and, when we do, we see why we're where we are and can then hear how to get out of the dilemma. Knowledge is power, but not rational knowledge. True power comes from your heart.

The Fourth Principle:  Awareness

Awareness is the heart's ability to work WITH the universe, not against it. You may have a great idea and lots of money, but without awareness of what the universe wants, you will fail miserably. Awareness comes from surrendering to the ultimate guidance of the heart.

The Fifth Principle:  Honest Reflection.

If your life is working, then you are in sync with the universe. If your life isn't working, then you aren't in sync with the universe. Many live less than satisfying lives because they lie to themselves about their career, marital status, and lifestyle. Fear guides them and a general distrust of themselves causes suffering because they don't take total responsibility for their lives. When you fear to know yourself, you create illusions to live by which all pass with time.

True power is knowing who you are and being who you are without judgement. It's a connection to your heart and soul which allows the higher purpose of your life to manifest in your life, causing healing. Healing is the right use of power. When you can live and forgive, then you will heal and your power will be restored in totality. Until you love your life and open your heart to forgive all that has offended you, you won't know the peace, power and the marvelous miracle of love that you are.

The Sixth Principle:  Gratitude

Each thing that happens in your life is a reflection of the beliefs you carry within. Each crisis shows where you're using your power against yourself. Gratitude is the cure for self pity and a healing balm for depression. Gratitude opens the heart.

The Seventh and Final Principle:  Self Love

You are the creator of your life and your future. It's up to you to love yourself where you are and to love your dreams into existence. You cannot be forced to do that. The Universe merely waits on the fringes of your reality to welcome you home.


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