"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Its very personal

Religions, philosophies and beliefs must be defended, because they are based on ideas within the mind or the experiences of others. They are past tense experiences within the mind and memory and have no relevance in the now. They are supports for the ego only. They make believers feel good.
If your experiences within consciousness are based in the ideas or experiences of the past, they are irrelevant concerning the now. Awareness is in the now only and it may or may not look and feel like the experiences of others.
What is important is that you realize the truth for yourself within your awareness and do not allow it to be colored by beliefs and experiences trapped in the mind? Your awareness is personal and unique always. It is very important in your growth into awareness that you accept the truth that YOU do know who and what you are in consciousness without the approval of anyone.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Witness, do not seek awareness

You do not seek to become aware. You seek because your ego is always looking for an advantage to prop itself up, even a so called spiritual advantage. The ego longs for a right to be in control and if you’re GOD sanctions it all the better for it.
This is why it seems to take so long for awakening to occur. No one tries harder to be good, right, holy, righteous or pious other than those who follow or adopt a spiritual or religious path. They do not trust themselves or life.
The so called sinner says “What the hell?” and throws themselves at life with reckless abandon. Some will die in their efforts and many are foolish, but they trust in a freedom to be right or wrong and they will live in a form of truth as they see it. You are never closer to God or awakening then when you have the courage to tell them both to take a hike.
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Monday, May 27, 2013

You are your best teacher

You are the best teacher of truth to yourself, because in the knowingness of your awareness you understand that which you receive and no outside influence is able to distract your understanding.
Words and thoughts do not need to be grasped or mulled within the mind, you know that which you are aware of and it is amazing. It is like a sleeping part of you awakened from a long forgotten and dormant memory within your consciousness. The feeling of truth embraces you from within the heart of your being.
No longer do you wrestle with the doubting ideas that challenge the integrity within your being. The clarity in knowing has embraced you with truth. The realization that you are far more than any idea or belief impresses you with deep sensitivity and understanding. You are no longer the seeker, for now you have become the knower within.Bookmark and Share

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Nostalgia of Living

by Robert Cosmar

In June, I'll be sixty-something. Over the past few years, I've looked back and reminisced over times, events, and memories of the years I've lived.

I especially enjoy going to YouTube and seeing the 60's artists still singing their tunes from that era. It's both magical and sad all at once. I'm amazed at how those songs still resonate with me and arouse emotions and memories long buried. It's fun to watch the audience as they smile and recall their own memories, heartbreaks and feelings.

I'm also reminded that while it's good to relive the past, it isn't good to be stuck there. Many people stay stuck in the past and never live a full life in the NOW. They've lived a long life and made choices in most cases that were almost unconscious.

Time takes its toll on us mentally, emotionally and especially physically. Escaping into the past or having an addiction to the future seem like common ways to avoid the question, "What about NOW?" Death speaks louder with each friend or associate who leaves us, reminding us we're mortal and time isn't our ally.

The years fly by and we come to sense an end is coming. All that we held familiar is slowly slipping from our consciousness. How amazing life has been; how magical the moments we've shared and experienced. Do we have to leave this someday? Is this the whisper we hear within?

The answer comes, "All that you have known and experienced of your special time here is going. Do you want to stay behind when all that you've experienced and known passes you by and dissolves into eternity, never to be experienced again?"
This is when I realized -- life is unique. Our times are special and custom-made for us alone. Never again will there be a time like I experienced -- it was My Time and My Life -- custom-made and designed for me alone to share with a special group of others that I feel a connection to.

Generations come and go and it feels like they all have a separation of thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The stage is the same, but the play and players are different. Life is a much like a revolving door or a circular revolving stage where several plays are presented at the same time. Each is a play, but they all cover different topics, each dependent upon the lives touched by it.

More than ever, I feel that our lives are very personal and an intimacy exists with each generation for the time they live. The issues, topics and experiences are all very personal to each generation.

With advancing age, it's easy to become depressed and disillusioned as we see opportunities and experiences slipping away. Life, as we see and experience it, is for the young, those with the power to earn and those with enough energy to accomplish set goals. For the old, there's the past to remember and the mystery of death to make peace with.

I hope as the years go by and I see my body lose its appeal and my hair falls out, that I'll never lose the awe and wonder of my heart. I hope I can still write poetry and stories, share insights from my soul, and that I will always continue to marvel at and enjoy the love I share with CJ.

I've made a pact with the universe to meet it halfway and I'll share the thoughts, feelings and insights that come from them. To do that, I can't dwell in the past or live in hopes of some imaginary future. It is NOW, inside me, inside my heart, where I'm aware that love is forever. Love never dies.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The idea of God

Mankind cannot evolve spiritually until the “idea” of God is put to rest and the awareness of “God”, the Higher Power within all of us is truly realized. The “idea” of God is worshiped, adored, and taught globally, but the understanding of God is minimized by only embracing the idea and not the conscious awareness of God.
Duality will always exist as long as the idea of God is worshiped in the mind of believers and not experienced within consciousness. At present, there are billions of believers who worship an imaginary God in their imagination, thinking they are being spiritual and religious, but they know little to nothing of what they could learn by experiencing the Higher Power within self.
This does not make a believer bad or evil, but it limits the reality of what they believe for them. They do not understand or know the inner territory of their belief or spirituality. Unfortunately, they are only guessing at the truth, believing what they have been taught, and not experiencing the joy for themselves.Bookmark and Share

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


When you are full of life, you are full of love. You do not need to look for anything, because you are everything. You do not need to seek anymore for that which you have become. You do not need to tell anyone about it, because you realize it is a personal discovery and not available for those who are less discriminating in their choices of the true meaning and purpose of life.
You have become that which cannot be bought or thought and you are not sure how or why, but you know and that is all that matters. The mystery deepens and those things you thought as certain are looking less certain all the time. You know, but you realize it is just the beginning and the knowing is not of anything your mind and thoughts can conceive, but knowing is how you will move on and within from this point onward.
Joy and peace assist you in the knowing, because fullness and completion are elemental to the essence of knowing. You are not divided from that which you seek anymore and what remains as unknown is not hidden from you any longer, but revealed when it is necessary.Bookmark and Share

Monday, May 20, 2013

To beg or be aware

Prayer may be a comfort to the ego, but knowing is a gift through surrender. People pray to the idea of God in the hope that they can somehow control their destiny or the destiny of others, but the outcomes are never within our hands. The surrendered life is a life rich in knowing, while those who seek control even through prayer are afraid to face the fact they never had control.
Acceptance of life and acceptance of our circumstances is the only way to find peace. Peace is surrendering the control of everything to life and the universe and allowing it to work its plan through us. It is refusing to say “Why Me?” in the face of any obstacle we encounter. It is not judging the unexpected and realizing that anything can be expected in life. None of us are absolved from sorrow, pain or death.
We can pray to the unknown God all that we choose, but all that it achieves is to strengthen and reinforce our ego and belief that we are powerless within ourselves to know the truth that comes from surrendering to life.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The politics and promotion of awareness

Change will come when we can recognize a presence in the eyes of others and feel a sense of wholeness radiating from them in our hearts. There is no need to make awareness, spirituality, or religion into a product that appeals to minds. To sell it like a commodity that some have exclusive rights too and no one else.

Change does not come through the mind, adaptation does. The mind can adapt and mimic anything, but it is still unreal in the adaptation of it. It is only an attempt to mimic what it cannot become in reality.
Organizations, groups and societies that promote social and religious ideas or change are simply creating a power base to influence others and not bring about any real change. This does not mean that you cannot share insights and information, but movements about spiritual awareness are not needed. You cannot organize a movement where personal freedom is at its core. The universe makes no copies.
Change comes on its own terms without the influence of anyone, other than the circumstances that help to make us aware that we are deceived within and living a lie. Change comes when there is nowhere to look for truth or answers except that which comes from within us and for us.Bookmark and Share

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Your inner intelligence

Listen to your inner intelligence. If someone asks you to listen to their idea or thought it is no big deal to simply open your mind and consider what you are hearing. We are conditioned daily to think and listen to others, but when it comes to our personal thoughts or feelings we are lost in a world of conflicting values and concepts.
Listen to your feelings, listen to your body, ask them to speak to you in ways that you can understand and intuitively translate. This is half of the process of becoming aware. You do not have to meditate elaborately, or for hours on end to get the source of your truth. You have to understand that what you feel is much more important than any opinion of another, no matter who they are.
We are the most real and natural when we listen to our feelings and have the courage to share them honestly, when we face and share our vulnerability and truth. The deeper one goes into their feelings, the more apparent it becomes that great consciousness and personal authenticity begin to manifest, we are not as stupid as we thought.
The problem for many is that they are hung up on the words spiritual and religious, they think and believe that the solution to their issues are mental and can be solved by understanding techniques and ideas. Your feelings are the most spiritual and religious part of you, they put you into a direct and natural connection to the universe. You don’t need anyone or anything to intervene for you. You already have the personal computer of your life connected to the virtual internet of the universe.
Transfer of data is a natural byproduct of computers and networks, awareness is a natural result of a heart that feels, trust and allows the universe to download content it wants to share. When you feel you transcend the boundaries of time and space and enter the universe of truth and reality. You can temper the idea of death with the understanding that feelings transcend who we think we are.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You carry the seed within you

Life will teach you the truth if you allow it, but many are looking outside their life to be taught. It is in the school of feelings that you learn the truth of life and not in the ideas of mankind. You cannot learn about something so personal as your life by looking into ideas, you must examine your feelings and allow them to reveal what is true for you and about you.

Fear of abandonment and lack of acceptance by others often prevent the real and true discovery of self. The ego cries to be like others or better, but refuses to acknowledge that they are already good enough as they are. It constantly pushes the imagination to create a false persona so that discovery of what is real within is colored by vain hopes that seldom are realized.
You cannot run from who you really are and hope to find peace and fulfillment, it is only in knowing how and what you really feel that you uncover the self that wishes to blossom within you. It is only within the deep seed of your feelings and the fertilizer of a surrendered ego that the flower of your true self blooms.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Who has the power?

No one has the power to give you what you need, but you. Many can and will promise to give you love, peace, prosperity, wisdom and truth, but the reality is that they are offering promises they cannot fulfill.
You determine the quantity and quality of peace, power, wisdom, love and truth that you possess by the level of awareness that you receive from within. All outer promises are wishful thinking and smoke screens from those who want something from you. In the lack of their personal power others seek to trick you out of your own by making you dependent upon your unfulfilled hopes and their promises.
The reason that the world and others often seem more powerful than you is because you may have given your all to support their quest for external power and spent little effort in seeking the true power within. An insecure person will seek to support others before they will give support to themselves.
Fear seeks to get externally what it cannot give to itself internally. Freedom from internal torment is what fear seeks and the insecure desire above all.Bookmark and Share

Monday, May 6, 2013

Our inner hypocrite

To be aware is to focus our attention upon that which we were not previously conscious of. In the case of many it is our own feelings that we are not aware of. The ego and mind bully them into the background, until the pain of rejecting and ignoring them is too great to bear or we come crashing down in a flood of tears and sobs.
If we want to become upset with something, become upset with the unaware life we are living. Most of our life is hidden behind the curtain of the mind and ego. We live in a world full of empty words and promises, all because we have not found the truth within our being.
Words have become our fake currency, instead of love, compassion, peace and wisdom to guide the choices within our lives. We have become very good at talking about that which we do not understand or experience within.
We live, work and even play with very little authenticity to our actions and we wonder why we are bored with our lives and others. The magic and mystery of life are buried deep behind the gracious words of the hypocrite within us.Bookmark and Share
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