"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Knowing love

There is a big difference between loving yourself (narcissism and imagining) and love realized within the self. One is an affirmation that many think will happen if you have a change of a state of mind. The other is an awareness of the true nature of yourself and reality within consciousness.

It is not possible to know love within your mind. To the mind it is a word that brings up many images and emotions, but that is not the reality of love. It does not deeply confirm your deserve-ability as a being of light. Love is the fullness of awareness filling your being. It is recognition within your state of consciousness of the true nature of reality and yourself. It is knowing with absolute certainty that love is your true nature of beingness.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You can't fix what isn't broken

We can accept all things when we are aware, because we are not in the mind or the unconscious. The unconscious is a repository for damage done whether in the mind, the heart, or the ego. It is a wasteland of unconscious pain, misunderstanding, and false judgments that we cannot solve by our human understanding and thinking. The unconscious is also where the grudges of the mind, heart and ego are repressed.

Acceptance within the heart and our awareness allows us to release the pain, judgment, and grudges of the ego. There is no need to heal, identify with or solve them. We bypass and understand them in a new light of understanding ourselves. We realize it was not our fault, but an inability of the mind and false identity to understand why things happen and for what reason. It can also be ignorance or innocence of understanding.

The mind and ego want us to judge everything and if we don't understand it, pack it away where it will simmer and try to poison us. We don't need to solve anything -- we only have to surrender to it and let it go. Our awareness will explain whatever we are meant to know.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A heart solution

The solution is within our hearts, not within our heads.

The mind and ego are selfish by nature and only care for their interests. They see a need to survive and control at all costs. They feel nothing about humanity. Humanity is a word, an idea or an object. Even attempts by the mind and ego to seem like a humanitarian gesture are not without selfish ambitions.

You do not convince a person’s mind and ego that something is morally right. They may go along with you because they are influenced by guilt or public opinion, but inside they are still the same. Nothing has changed because the heart has not been opened. They are still doing what is best for them according to the actions of others.

Feelings make us very human and help us to connect through compassion and empathy with others. We see beyond our mind and ego and realize others may experience life just as we do at times. It is the common seed with our common consciousness. We feel close, vulnerable and human when we are in our hearts. It is much easier to do what is best for all and not just the one.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

The song of surrender

Embrace your being, embrace the silence within you and be still within your consciousness. This is the key and the door to awareness. Embrace the unseen you!

All descriptions, ideas, teachings and masters must disappear and you are alone within your own presence. At first the mind and ego may shiver as you turn away from them within your being. You already know them, but you are unsure of what is within.

Your attention will shift as you realize you are watching your thoughts and emotions. A gap appears that speaks “I” and you are alone within, with only the silent feel of your breath to accompany you. The mind is not your captor anymore; you realize it is not you.

Your familiar companions of thoughts and ideas no longer accompany you, just the movement of your breathe and a growing awareness of realizations that mind cannot describe, but somehow you know and are aware of them.

You have crossed the line of duality and entered the land of wholeness of being. No plans or goals exist here, it is destination unknown, but you are conscious much more is to be discovered and known, if you permit the surrender to continue.

Fear tugs at your awareness and the mind tries to grip you from going, but the compulsion to freedom whispers silently home, home, home.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

More than a feeling

Our feelings reach well beyond our minds and into the nature of existence. Frustration occurs at times when the mind cannot express completely the reality of what is being felt. It is through mental turmoil that the possibility of awareness may creep in and reveal what is true. The birth into awareness must proceed from the womb of a barren mind. Like the virgin birth that seems impossible a miracle occurs that transcends everything the mind believes, thinks and understands. It is a step away from one world or dimension and into another.
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Putting the puzzle together

Awareness sharpens awareness in hearts that are one within.

Whenever you share your awareness with anyone who is aware, a confirmation of truth touches both of you. It is the seed of eternity presenting itself as a potential blossom of realization of other truths as to both of your identities. A chain reaction occurs within consciousness that whispers the possibility of deeper realizations of the truth.

We are all one in the truth, but we are not all one in our opinions, ideas, thoughts, minds and beliefs. They divide us and feed off our fears.

Not until we open our hearts to each other and trust what we feel and share it does the seed of awareness blossom between us and strengthens our identity within our truth and the truth.

Shared awareness helps us to know together what is true and what lies beyond all the speculation of mind and thought. It confirms our identities beyond the grave through a mutual feeling that exists beyond time and space within us. It reveals the root of love within us and each other.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Truth takes no form

Truth is like the waves of the ocean, fluid and flowing. It does not take form so as to be the law, but it expresses the freedom in existence and within us. This is why the truth of another is never like yours. No definition of truth exists except from within the knowing of the knower. It is the purest element of our being in existence.

Awareness is like a surfboard that rides the waves of truth, it allows us to glide above form and to feel the almost formless wind in our faces. It refreshes us and replenishes the wonder that is stripped by rules, commandments and the limits of the mind.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013


The world changes one heart at a time, one moment at a time. It all depends on awareness.

Some want change now; some are cheer leading causes; others are preaching this or that, but real change does not occur by influence, emotion, or coercion.

Like awareness, change only occurs when we are ready. It takes time and a gradual surrender of our egos before we can see the need to change. Do not force change upon yourself unless you are ready within. You cannot make yourself change deeply, until you see that you have no other options, the ego has nowhere to go.

Then and only then is change timely and natural. It flows with the rhythm of existence and is understood in the silence. Lasting change can only come when you discover through awareness that you don’t have to be a prisoner anymore. The gate to the cell of your mind and unconscious are open and you are free.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Big Little Book of Whispers (Volume 1): Robert S Cosmar, CJ Heck: 9781480079519: Amazon.com: Books

Big Little Book of Whispers (Volume 1): Robert S Cosmar, CJ Heck: 9781480079519: Amazon.com: Books

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Worshiping illusions

When you worship anyone or anything you are embracing a dangerous illusion. It creates in the mind and ego a desire to be like someone else. It distracts you from dealing with the reality of whom and what you are. It prevents you from discovering your truth and the reality of your being.

 Athletes, Movie Stars, Politicians, Religious Figures and the wealthy are idolized because of the life they seem to live and not until we discover how very human they are does it shock our sensibilities into a form of reality. The only difference between you and they is what they have. Inside they are NO different than you.

Worshiping anyone or anything takes away your power. A power that can only be realized through total acceptance of who you are, where you are and what you are in that moment. Daydreaming to be someone else is intoxication within the imagination that may ease your pain, but it will keep you prisoner to false ambitions. You can only act like someone else, but you will never be someone else.

Your power is the unique gift that you bring from existence to light up the hearts of others. The spark from existence that puts smiles on the face of others and helps them to realize that all is not lost. It is the power of reminding others who they truly are.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Our dis-ease

You cannot bring change by changing ideas, thoughts and opinions. Nothing changes unless you address the source of the problem and that is the mind and ego. They are not evil or bad, they just lack the clarity of awareness.

Your mind, thoughts and opinions only address views held in the memory and imagination. They do not deal directly with the source of problem which is a divided nature. One part is rooted in existence and the other is constructed by mind and imagination. One is a natural expression of our true nature within existence and the other is a creation of thousands of years of thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Hypocrisy is saying one thing and being another. The hypocrisy within us is that we are ONE in our natural state of being, but we choose to live in a created identity that was forged in the mind long ago.

We will never bring lasting change to our planet unless we change how we see ourselves within our awareness. Till that time ideas, programs and support groups will continue to medicate the symptoms and avoid the source of our common “dis-ease.”

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Assuming is not knowing

Assuming is not knowing. There is no truth in assumption. The world is full of assumption about many things and some of them are accepted as truth, even though no one has had a direct experience with them.

Theory, hunch, speculation, imagination and “I think” are no substitute for the experience of your truth. It is the desire of the universe and the soul of humanity to end the doubt, fear and ignorance that consumes the minds of millions, but this will only happen when the line is drawn between what is known for truth and what is only assumption.

Spirituality for millions is as much imagination and fantasy as anything. People accept and believe anything with no direct experience of it or rely on second hand descriptions with no direct experience. They have a diluted awareness that almost tastes like the real thing, but in reality it is not.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Look within

Life on a physical plane is full of symbols of the truth, but not the truth in essence itself. Everything is a reminder of the subtle and silent presence of the truth, but something is missing.

The projection of awareness into mind, thought and ego create a separation from the simplicity of your truthful being. The whole world and universe are a projected mirror of our inner essence, power and being. They reflect the magnitude of our inner existence and its unlimited potential.

The less we identify with our projections the clearer becomes our identity within the truth of our being and the deeper our sense of self settles into the truth and reality of who we are.

You are that which you seek, but for most they look away from that which they are within.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

The "I AM"

Awareness leads to realizations within consciousness of both the nature of existence and your true self.

In the physical world, words images and ideas are linked together to paint a picture of what we are experiencing.

Within consciousness we experience through awareness realizations that uncover the nature of existence and reality within us. We discover what we are in truth. There is no limit as there is in the physical world.

The foundation of all existence and the pivoting point within our awareness is the constant of “I AM”

“I AM” is the center of all experience and realization. It is the rock of our eternal identity and a key to all truth experienced.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guides into awareness

Whispers are like guides, they lead you within your feelings to a place that you may not be familiar with. They awaken you to elements within your being that you had forgotten existed. They reveal to you that you can find your way through the darkness of the unconscious mind and ego. They begin to show you who you are and light your path before you into your truth. They assist in the recognition of all the elements within your consciousness and that of others as well.

Your mind will always lead you down the path that is accepted by others, one that all can agree on and find security in numbers.

Whispers assist in helping you to trust yourself and existence; whereas the mind will make you a slave to the experience of others and a victim to their folly.

The deeper that you listen to your whispers, the more truth you will recognize within you. Whispers of your awareness carry the truth within them always, your truth.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The truth about fear

Truth does not reveal itself until fear has been addressed. Fear is at the foundation of all division and conflict. Fear of loss and abandonment are there to protect the individual egos from surrendering to a greater truth within. Fear allows the illusions of the mind to exist in perpetuating a false identity and a false reality. The ego and mind are born of the fear of loss of identity or the abandonment of the mind and ego. Fear is the boundary in consciousness between mind, ego and awareness in consciousness.

Death to the ego is not possible if you live in a physical form. Surrendering it so that the influence of awareness works in cooperation with it is possible and desirable. The idea of eradicating the ego completely to be aware is not necessary or true. It is a shift of attention within consciousness from mind and ego to heart and awareness. They shift positions and change who is in charge, but both exist together.

In some cases the universe will prepare vessels, such as deep trance channels to act as a point of contact with universal intelligence. This is accomplished through sensitivity within awareness that can override an ego and mind and replace them with higher intelligent awareness. For this to occur a deep sense of surrender is needed and trust within the individual that the integrity of their consciousness and personality will not be harmed or destroyed

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Join the club

You cannot become aware of your Partnership with the Universe or the Love and Intimacy with awareness in your relationships, until you become aware within yourself.

Awareness opens the door of your universal club membership with all the rights of ownership within consciousness. Love realized within yourself is the key to membership and it must be realized through your awareness. No idea or trick of the mind can create this experience; you must experience this through surrender of the mind and ego.

The key of awareness in love makes you a member of the brotherhood and sisterhood of eternity. The mysteries, knowledge and understanding are all available through love as the key to awareness. Each person’s experience will differ according to their truth and the soul’s purpose and plan for them.

As you allow yourself to BE it will occur to you that a presence within you, much stronger than the mind is seeking expression within you. This presence is the knowing consciousness of the true self. It is the living identity of your higher self-consciousness. This comes as a natural progression of your awakening awareness of self. It comes when you allow it to and the only barrier to it is identification with the mind and ego as your sense of self.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

The simple state of awareness

To enter a state of silence you must shut off all sensory input as much as possible. All outer distractions must be minimized to the point where you realize that you are watching your thinking from a place of detached awareness. This separation is critical to reaching a point of detachment from your outer identity and becoming aware of awareness within you.

Visualization is not meditation, it is the mind and imagination using imagery to influence thought. It is helpful in quieting the mind, but it is still placing attention on the mind. Hypnosis can help to quiet the mind and explore the unconscious, but it does not create a state of awareness, because it is still working with thought and the mind. Awareness is only achieved when you go beyond the mind entirely. It is not an idea within you, but a realization beyond all thought of the higher or more aware you.

Your mind will make this all seem very difficult, but in reality it is very simple. Strip off all attention to outer stimuli, do not identify with thoughts and simply BE. Focus attention on the breath and feel it. If you achieve detachment from all outer stimuli and thought, awareness will begin the moment you stop thinking about it and allow yourself to just BE.

When you encounter strong emotions or chaotic states of mind do not fight them, let them be and observe them. Your mind will always want your awareness to be more difficult than it is, so be aware of that. The key is to ALLOW yourself to BE without any identification at all to anything other than your awareness that you are alive. This is the simple state of awareness and the door to your eternal beingness.

Meditation is allowing yourself to become aware.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Knowing your truth

A person that is true to their self knows what is true for them and within them. You cannot be true to yourself and believe something is true. What is true cannot convince the mind of anything, it is for believing and accepting or rejecting ideas, not knowing truth by experience. The mind stands on the outside looking in observing, analyzing and contemplating, but only awareness knows what is true within you. You can talk all day about what you feel, but that is not the experience of it. You are only true when you are aware inwardly of the nature of the self and existence.
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

What is truth

Truth that must be believed on is not truth. It may be an idea of truth that someone is trying to peddle to others in the hopes that they will agree with them. Truth is both individual and universal. One is your personal experience of it and the other is the cosmic revelation of it. One is your individual experience of it and the other is yet to be experienced. Truth manifests differently for everyone according to the purposes of the soul and the plan of existence. No two people will experience truth exactly the same, but in essence truth is always the same. Awareness reveals both what is true for you and what is true about existence.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


There is no conflict within presence. There is no duality either. You are not split into mind and being, you are present within the moment and conscious of your consciousness.

The attention of the person within the mind is on ideas, thoughts and impressions. Their brain spins a web of loosely connected impressions that they hope will spin into some form of reality, but in the end it all slips through their fingers like sand in their hands.

Thoughts and ideas are like birds that fly about and land on whatever tree or bush that is nearest them. They are never settled and content, flying here and there seeking but seldom resting in the moment.

A mind oriented person is subject to emotional states because the ego chases the mind wherever it goes and tries to assert control within its intentions. The ego wants power over the mind and its ideas. It wants to manifest and control them and be in charge. It never rests until it thinks it has control over the identity of a person and then it wants to control others. Ego’s seldom get along with other egos.

Presence is a place within your awareness where the attention has been surrendered into your being and the mind has been released. It is a place you will come to if you surrender your attention upon the mind and its ideas, thoughts and intentions and simply begin to feel your breathe. It is a matter of letting go of the world created in your mind and embracing the feelings within your breath.

Your breath is the full carrier of the consciousness into the body and the physical world. It is an energy flow from within your being that penetrates the physical world at birth. It is always anchored within your being, but attention to the mind and ideas direct it outwardly into time and space. In a sense it gives birth to your mind when your sense of awareness is directed outside your feelings.

Attention to your breath brings you back to the source of your conscious being and sits you at the door of the gateway into your eternal being. As awareness grows a separation begins within your consciousness as your identity slips its attention from your thoughts back into your feelings through focusing it on the breath. Your presence has then left the world of duality and conflict and embraced the peaceful silence within you where your life began.

You exist in two worlds, but you are only alive when you are completely present within one. You can focus on the outer world and maybe find peace and contentment for the ego briefly, but if you bring your presence and attention to the other you will discover your home within.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The voyage

With the outer breath you are one with the mind and the physical world. Your attention moves outward. With the inner breath you touch existence, reality and your inner being. Your attention is inward.  It is duality experienced from within the oneness of your being, a perception of both experienced from within. Your awareness overrides the mind and allows you to experience this. It is a state of silence and meditation.

The inner breath moves you deeply into the silence and the inner knowing of the true self, the outer breath moves you into the body and mind and the world of man and day to day living. From the balanced view within you are able to sense both the illusion and the reality together. It allows you to navigate in the outer world, while you are remembering the inner world of silence and transforming your identity in consciousness.

Awareness is a shifting of your identity and your perspective from without to within. The watcher observes both in its constant state of beingness. Your deep inner knowing realizes that you are both all and nothing. The mystery of life holds both.

The inner body has no form, but it is all knowing and that knowing is a form itself. It is a presence that is everything and nothing. It is a recognition that the mind identifies with objects and your awareness reveals essence. It is both the point of transition and the point of embarking on your eternal voyage within eternity. You must undock from the mind and allow the winds of awareness to direct the journey from within your being.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

The watcher within

You are your whispers. Duality, the mind and the ego conspire against this, but the one thing which is constant in awareness is the sense of a core unchanging essence of your identity. It never changes through all the veils of consciousness that you go through in your journey of awareness. It is beyond mind, emotion, and even awareness.

The nature of this core identity is unknown and only through awareness is it revealed as the anchor of your being in consciousness and reality. It is the watcher and the witness through all your experiences in awareness. It even transcends the breath in meditation. It is life itself without a reason for being. It is consciousness beyond even itself.

No matter where you go or what you know it is the eternal anchor within your being that never fades or lessens its impact and presence. You are it and it is you through eternity and forever.

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