"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The truth in nature

All of our misery is because we identify with the mind and ego, our identity is outside the natural state of our being, we have shut down our feelings to think. This causes us to be out of sync with our true and natural nature.
Wisdom, Knowledge and Awareness are waiting for us, but we must feel again the life force within us. We should not make excuses for ourselves! We should not turn away and avoid the most important decision of our life! We choose daily whether we are building a future of peace, wisdom and balance or of loss of all that has real value and meaning in this world and the next.
We do not have to sacrifice one for the other, but we do have to decide which is the foundation upon which we wish to build our life. This cannot succeed if we build on a foundation that is not in alignment with the natural truth of existence. Nature itself understands that to succeed it must follow the truth within universal energies and never goes against itself. It surrenders willingly.
Only man refuses to follow the force of life and the truth in existence. We cannot go against the truth and nature of our being and not suffer, it is impossible.Bookmark and Share

Monday, April 29, 2013

The simple truth

The truth is very personal in the sense that it is for each person individually and also collectively. You are a very unique expression of life. No one has a truth exactly like yours, but many seek to find and follow the truth of others. This is why it is so rare that anyone finds their truth, because you are looking everywhere except within you.
Life is the natural expression of being, it does not require words, ideas, or the permission of others to be.
To find life you must feel, you don’t have to speak, search in books, listen to tapes, watch video or follow the experience of others. Using the mind and external senses is a sure way to not find your truth.
It is feeling and allowing the silence to reveal your true identity that brings your life and truth to you. It is letting go of expectations and watching or witnessing life as it moves through you in time and space. It is the detached observation with awareness that reveals who you are.Bookmark and Share

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Following the blind

The blind often follow the blind. They seek truth from those who can only sell words and ideas. They fill the mind with new ideas and leave the seeker as blind as before.
You cannot teach truth or reveal reality to another; it must be discovered in the temple of each person’s awareness. In the silence of their personal aloneness it will be revealed to just them when they are ready.
Whispers do not reveal truth in its entirety.
As long as the mind and ego are present, alongside awareness, truth will be an incomplete experience. We exist on the border between reality and illusion. Awareness straddles the fence that divides the mind from our inner reality.Bookmark and Share

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Beyond all definitions

 The ego cannot manufacture life, only ideas. It can use the mind, memory and imagination to create physical objects and summarize the nature of existence through theory, but it does not have the power to bring forth life. It stands alone outside the nature of reality and truth.

Life, Being and consciousness are words used to describe the “I AM” presence. In reality it exists beyond words and is unknowable as an idea, but it can and is felt through your awareness of the truth in you.

Life simply is and exists far beyond all definitions; definitions are for the mind and limited as to the extent that they can embrace reality. Words are a shell that life hides in and life only reveals itself when we become speechless and we are empty of thought.
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Friday, April 26, 2013

The poetry of truth and awareness

The truth can only be spoken of in poetic form, because poetry appeals to our feeling nature. It is a great truth that the deeper and closer that one gets to truth the less can be shared and spoken about. Words in poetic form can appeal to our feelings and touch the surface of our awareness and truth, but at some point silence is the only form that truth speaks in. It must be revealed in awareness to each individual and not conveyed by any secondary means.
Truth can only be rightly understood when we become that which our mind seeks and our awareness reveals to us. Wholeness is the proper understanding of our true identity and nature in reality.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

To use or be used?

You cannot work with the energies of your spiritual body, chakras or those of another, unless you are aware within. So much spiritual work is done in the name of imagination with little understanding and most importantly no permission of the higher aspects of self or another’s.
You do not become aware to dominate or control existence; you do not even become aware to change your future or your fate or that of another. You become aware to know your true self and to accept your life. Any attempt to use awareness to control circumstances, individuals or outcomes is to play into the hand of the mind and ego. It is to fall into the trap of thinking that you can use the universe, rather than the universe using you.Bookmark and Share

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The clouds

Like the clouds in the sky blocking out the Sun, your mind, emotions and imagination block out the natural awareness within you. It is there, at the core of your being, like a bright Sun shining in all its glory, but you cannot see it because you are influenced more by the clouds.
Attention determines what you are aware of. The Sun is there within you, it has not gone anywhere, but you have to watch and wait patiently as the clouds pass within you. They have a reason for being there, blocking out the Sun. You created the clouds when you created the ego and decided to leave home.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Whispers of Awareness Newsletter

Whispers of Awareness Newsletter

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Each defeat is surrender if you take it without judgment or rebellion. Each effort that you make to go somewhere and end up nowhere is taking you to where you need to be. Do not run from who you are and hide the truth or the lies from yourself and others. Accept each defeat as a validation that you are one step closer to looking within at the cause and the creation of your dilemma. Defeat breaks down the “I” in our efforts and causes us to soften our positions and our approach to others and our self. It allows the universe to show us a better way and reminds us that we don’t have to do it all alone.Bookmark and Share

Monday, April 22, 2013

Whispers of Awareness Newsletter

Whispers of Awareness Newsletter

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The nature of existence is knowing, but many are not a part of existence, they dwell in the illusion of mind, idea and emotion. Beingness can exist without and beyond thought, but thought must hold onto an idea to exist. The domain of the mind is ideas and eternity is founded upon knowingness.

Meditation releases your attention upon the mind and places it within your conscious knowing where the truth can be revealed. Your identity is no longer attached to thought, but the knowing consciousness of eternity, the real being within you. The line has been crossed from illusion into reality. It is no longer a necessity to search for an identity, because you have found your true identity.
To escape time and space in meditation is to embrace your only real identity. It is to know the unknowable as far as the mind concerns. It is embracing your infinite feeling nature that propels you into consciousness that fills forever. The search is no longer needed, because you have found all that you are and can ever be. Awareness is sharing in the knowingness of all reality and truth.Bookmark and Share

Saturday, April 20, 2013

It is not meditation

In meditation the mind should be used to calm the body, but beware if you are using visualizations as an excuse for meditation. Visualization is not meditation and it will not lead you out of the mind. Images in the mind are ideas and they belong solely to the mind. You can be deceived into thinking that you have had a spiritual experience, but in reality you have just stroked the imagination. This will have an effect on your mind, but it will not necessarily lead to awareness or reality. Reality is not experienced as an image in the mind, it is felt within as your true nature, it is not outside the identity of which you really are. Imagination is outside the reality of who you truly are.Bookmark and Share

Friday, April 19, 2013

Feel the words

Words do not often express exactly what is felt or being experienced when they stand alone, but feelings can guide words into metaphors and the artful expression of the intimacy within feelings. They can sculpt and mold an experience which the universe uses to touch the very core of those who are reading and hereby awaken the latent knowing within.
Whispers are the artful and creative way that the universe chooses to convey to the receptive mind and heart the reality that waits within feelings. They assist the mind in connecting to the feelings within the words, so that a person can recognize the truth within them. If you feel a whisper deeply it is speaking to the truth already within you.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The breath

Breath is the carrier of consciousness from the infinite to the finite. It is symbolic and also a practical reality within consciousness. It is a bridge and a doorway through which being comes and goes.

The deeper one goes into the breath, the deeper the separation from the mind and the clearer in consciousness becomes your awareness. Identification is dropped with the outside and the inner reality is revealed to you. Your true nature begins to emerge. That which is known is known by you as an element of being, your being. The seeker and the sought have become one in consciousness.

It is not the thinking of the breath that reveals these things, but the feeling of it and the awareness into it that reveals the essence behind it. Your mind can recognize that you are breathing, but it cannot identify with what is in the breath. It has to be felt and made aware of or revealed as the mind loses its control over your identity and attention. You fade from the mind into the breath through your attention to it and your awareness of it.Bookmark and Share

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The best teacher

Do not advertise peace, become peace. Do not sell awareness, become awareness. The world will not change because of slogans, marketing campaigns or crafty ideas and promotions. Influence only captures the mind and makes it a slave to another idea. We will not create change, just another crippled individual in consciousness.

Silence is the best teacher because the mind cannot influence it and neither can we. It waits for us to run in circles in your mind, until we find the courage to approach it, and then it loves us with awareness that cannot easily be placed in words. The romance within the soul begins.

It is the pathless journey into the silence that awakens us and reminds us to feel the wonders of love and life within us. We cannot live on slogans, ideas and campaigns forever. The mind tires of them as the truth dawns on us that we still do not embody the meaning behind them.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The void in the moment of now

The void within the moment of now is the place in consciousness where attention is no longer placed within the mind and awareness can appear as feeling knowingness. It is the place where the familiar is replaced by a certainly of knowing. It is a shift in attention between what is thought and what is revealed as known. You no longer need to search for the truth in being, because it is revealed to you that you are that truth in revelation of the true self within. You are an element of the all in touch with the infinite all.

It is much like you shifted your computer from one local network to a universal network with far more ram and an infinite hard drive and it is all potentially accessible to you according to your awareness within. You have no control over this and you cannot seek more awareness. It reveals to you what you are prepared to accept and realize within consciousness. It does however leave you with the feeling that it is limitless and you are connected to unlimited revelations.

The mind cannot comprehend the incomprehensible, because it is not part of it. Ideas are not the infinite; they are temporal, according to your current identification within consciousness that you hold within you. When you are aware you are activating a gateway into the infinite knowingness of reality and yourself. You become a part of this knowing in consciousness, not just the idea of it.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

The infinite nothingness

The ego is the “I” in the void of nonexistence. It is a false identity trying to manifest a true identity in the infinite nothingness. The mind dwells in an infinite space of idea energies that are trapped eternally from their realization in the truth. They form the darkness which we are all subject to when our unconsciousness identifies with them.

Infinite space dwells in infinite nothingness and this nothingness contains all manner of ancient ideas, beliefs and images that represent darkness or evil within our consciousness. When the ego and mind do not surrender to our detached awareness we can become enticed and lost in their seductions, promises and deceptions.

This void is a self-created hell that stubborn minds manufactured over eons of refusal to accept the truth that we are already that which we are seeking. It is the ultimate polarity of the infinite truth, but devoid of love and selflessness.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

All that you want to be

The moment of silence is the moment of revelation. The ego stands clearly within your consciousness as the activity of the mind ceases. It struggles and searches for a thought or an idea to grasp onto. Breath is present as well and beckoning you to relax and feel the life within you. It is the pivotal point of transition and the revelation of two worlds.

The ego yearns for a thought and an idea to latch onto. It struggles to maintain separation from the breath and surrender. The “I” begs to exist and assert itself, it wants to stand alone and be in control. You are tempted to automatically give into it and forget you are on a mission to discover within the truth of your being in light. Your identity in the ego and mind is uncomfortable to say the least and they do not know what to expect.

Surrendering and focusing on the breath is the single most important point in meditation. You have nowhere else to go in consciousness. The ego compels you to walk away, but without the mind and ego you can only feel and become. It is at this point that your natural awareness and intelligence can take over if you are patient, if the mind and ego do not convince you that you have somewhere else to go.

The revelation of feeling consciousness is the point at which you KNOW. No longer do you feel compelled to seek within the mind and ego for an identity, It is obvious at this point that you are more than you ever imagined. You begin to peek into your being and discover that your identity is a vast landscape of consciousness not limited to the mind and ego. You are tasting the “AM” for the first time and you are satisfied as never before.

The mystery and your fullness of being are present within you. Words cannot describe what you are feeling adequately, so you simply enjoy them. No longer do you need to play the game and become somebody, because you realize here that you are all that you can ever be, need to be and want to be

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Friday, April 12, 2013

The importance of knowing your truth

The truth of existence and yourself must be experienced in your awareness and not in the ideas, opinions or experiences of others. Reality is an open ended experience without laws, commandments or defined limits.

The world of the mind is structured to mirror understanding within the mind. The experience of awareness is rooted in freedom and unlimited potential, perspective and creative energies. It does not conform to the simple understanding of the mind or its tools of organization and structure.

If you are to know what is true for you then you must become aware of your place or identity within existence. You must go beyond the ideas, philosophy and theory of the mind.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The ego is necessary

Escaping the ego is not necessary; it is a part of existence. Becoming aware and having the freedom to both go within and also coexist with the ego is preferred. Awareness centers one's consciousness and this centering allows one to feel the inner being and also witness the ego in form. In meditation as the breath shallows and becomes subdued attention shifts from the mind and ego to the inner conscious awareness. In the moment of now we exist within 2 planes of consciousness. One is the recognition of our eternal being or "I AM" consciousness and the other is the ego/mind state. Both are needed to give balance and a full expression of the nature of existence. The ego is a necessary tool of existence to give full expression to its being in consciousness and form.
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Validation through awareness

You are not aware by what you know in your mind, but by what you feel within your heart. Awareness is a feeling that awakens the dormant parts of you. It makes you conscious of what is within. You are more than your mind, but till now many have not felt what is within.

Knowing your being is the only true validation of understanding the true self through meditation and awareness. Currently for many, the mind, imagination and imagery are the measuring stick some would use for labeling reality. Reality is never outside your awareness. You are not seeking God or any image and idea contrived in the mind and imagination. You are seeking you, within you and nowhere else.

If you are to know the truth, be the truth, see your truth, and understand the truth you will have to come to understand what is within you.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tricks of the spiritual bullies

Strong emotionalism is not spirituality or awareness. Shouting, displays of emotion are techniques of the mind and ego to seduce and manipulate others into embracing a particular view or belief. This is particularly effective in times of vulnerability.

Reality is disturbed by mind, emotion and ego already in day to day life, but in strong emotion reality is run over by waves of emotion that take over center stage in an individual’s sense of self. It often creates a strong emotional bond by those seeking fulfillment through some idea or belief. While this bonds people together in purpose, it also distorts the identity of individuals and compels them to embrace a group identity or belief.

They are no longer living freely as individuals. They have surrendered their identity to a group that seeks to control and manipulate others through emotion. Your free will has been bullied by their will and emotions. You will become handicapped by this group, until you find or have the courage to stand alone again and face your SELF.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Witness the fullness within you

Witness that you are thinking, but you are not just the thoughts. Witness that you are speaking, but you are not just the words. Witness that you are walking, but you are not just the body.

All of these are an expression of your being, but they are not the fullness of who you are. The witness is within and you are the witness when your attention is within.

The witness is the bridge in the now between form and the formless. It is the eternal emanation of the “I AM” presence. It is joy, peace, wonder, fulfillment and bliss in the formless state, but in the state of form it manifests as mind, ego, matter and the body of physical existence.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The shift begins

In the silent state of meditation the shift begins. Attention placed on thoughts shifts to realizations of feelings in consciousness. No longer do ideas occupy your attention, but rather the knowing consciousness. Your identity shifts from identification with ideas to a reborn consciousness that begins to recognize itself. You realize there is more within to be discovered and you are just beginning to remember who you truly are.

The search is over and the realizations have begun. Time is not a concern, reality and the truth of your true identity in consciousness is calling you.

Your attention subtly shifts from the mental side of meditation to the feeling that you are what you feel. A transition has occurred in consciousness that lets go of observation of an idea to embodiment of your true nature in consciousness. You realize that your attention and awareness have both shifted from the outer world of form to the inner world of conscious truth. You have tasted new life and it is satisfying to know the reality within your being.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013


Some people and companies advertise to influence the mind, they seek to get your attention and convince you to obey their will. They want something from you. It might be money; it could be your vote or they simply are looking for others to agree with them.

It is not wrong to advertise, but the intention is what matters most. It is one thing to share something and allow others the freedom to choose, but totally another to manipulate the mind and emotions of the masses to gain an economic or political advantage over others. Serving others is doing what is best for them and not yourself. It is doing what feels right and leaving the results to the universe.

The world economy for the most part is based on the manipulation of the mind and emotions of the masses. Their vulnerability is exploited and the end justifies the means. Success is in terms of possessions and pride in attainment. The carrot stick of fulfillment is placed just beyond their noses and enough hope is given occasionally to keep their interest until they have been almost used up.

People need things to survive and it is not wrong to advertise or make them, but the intention should always be on how it serves them and not on how much you will make off them. Using people is not in the best interest of the customer or the business itself.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

To be or not to be

You know the truth, but you don’t know YOU. Every time that you hear the truth you can feel it inside you, but the false identity in the mind resists it and wrestles with it. That is because it can never know it. An honest ego can only know ideas, labels and descriptions, but never the living truth. This is because the mind is artificial intelligence and not living conscious intelligence.

To know yourself is to know the self through awareness. Not through ideas and opinions or observations. You are in touch with the life force of existence and your identity rises within it. All attachments to the images and memories within the mind are broken. You exist as an identity free of description or explanation, you simply are.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Big Little Book of Whispers (Volume 1): Robert S Cosmar, CJ Heck: 9781480079519: Amazon.com: Books

Big Little Book of Whispers (Volume 1): Robert S Cosmar, CJ Heck: 9781480079519: Amazon.com: Books

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Mysteries of the mind

The mind is a vast territory of images, ideas and energies that are ancient and complex. Just as your awareness is the tip of the iceberg in your understanding of the universe and consciousness, your mind is a portal into energies that can separate you from both your heart and its awareness.

Your mind is not just your mind, but the mind of existence or eternity outside the heart of reality within your awareness. It is the invisible shadow of existence that collects and records all experiences ever created or dreamt of. Your identity is dependent up whether you identify with energies of the mind or those of existence through awareness.

One is towards unity and love and the other cries to exist outside the realm of love and truth. Its ways are as deep and mysterious as the ways of love in existence, but the end result is far more disastrous to the individual.

You can lose yourself through identifying with the mind and going beyond the boundaries of logic, reason and analysis. The ancient energies can destroy the host, because their selfish demands are destructive to the individual and impossible to satisfy.

You should not fear the mind, but it is necessary to understand the scope of its potential and the depth of its domain within you. Do not underestimate its intentions; you can feel them in the shadows of your consciousness. The ultimate goal of the mind and ego is to create God in their image and not the image of reality within you.

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Whispers Of Awareness

Whispers Of Awareness

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The empty ego

The ego seeks to only satisfy the pleasures of the mind and flesh. It seeks to fulfill itself through the idea of what it is seeking and not the reality of it.

When the ego wants physical or spiritual love it must seek through ideas, images, opinions and beliefs to search for them. It does not know them, it is dead to them unless a symbol or label is presented to it that it understands in an idea. It knows no reality other than the idea it uses to seek for something to possess it. It is almost a lifeless presence with the insatiable desire to find fulfillment in ways that it never can. It is unlife seeking expression as life. It is the ultimate idea of self, yet separate from the reality of self. It is the mind believing it is all that exists.

If you live from your ego you will never find life, fulfillment, peace, love or understanding. You will aggressively search for them in all the faces and ideas that life presents you, but you will never find them by trying to possess or control them. The ego is all that is, in opposition to what is real. What is, is within you and you do not need an ego to find it. The ego cannot find what is real, because it is itself not real.

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Home (Whispers Of Awareness)

Home (Whispers Of Awareness)

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Monday, April 1, 2013

The real you

I AM, but I THINK I am not. This is the challenge of humanity. Identification with thought, idea, imagination and emotion all distract from the simplicity of I AM. You can feel I AM in the silence within your consciousness as the eternal presence of your being. It is the mind that chooses to exist in time and space, but you are eternal consciousness.

FEEL the being within you, do not think about it. Let your attention flow inwardly and allow the silence to reveal a presence rooted in peace and oneness. You do not have to think to find it, in fact if you do think you will not find it.

Just FEEL and notice how the mind still tries to locate it. Subtle is the minds influence on your attention. The mystery is symbolized in these words, but it exists in detachment from all thought and your identification with it.

Following the breath centers your attention and places you in alignment with your awareness. One simple thought can divert your attention enough to distract you from the presence of I AM. It is like H2O or HO2, you might think both could represent water, but only the correct equation does. A separation occurs or a shift in attention begins as your root your attention within the breath. It is natural and almost automatic. In one moment you were aware of thoughts and identifying with them and in the next you are simply aware of you. This is the unpolluted you and the real you.

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