"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Friday, March 29, 2013

The greatest ego of all

Surrender has nothing to do with repentance, you are not evil or a sinner. You were never born separate from God, except within the ideas, theologies and beliefs of those who created the idea of God out of their own fear and ego.

God was created out of the fear of the ego to admit its limitations. God is the greatest ego of all and he has been worshiped for centuries to sustain and give meaning to the individual ego through the false identity.

Man created God out of fear to justify his actions in controlling others and dominating the physical earth. Guilt and Sin were introduced as a smokescreen to prevent the discovery of the truth through individual inner examination or meditation.

You were told to believe, not because a God exists to reward you for deeds done in the flesh, but because by believing you would become a prisoner to ideas, theologies and beliefs that prevent the discovery of the truth within you.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The shortcut

If you follow a system, any system the journey is long. If you take the shortcut and follow your feelings you will find that your inner being is waiting to assist you.

Emotions are reactions within the mind to events that the ego cannot control. You can observe emotions as the witness and learn a great deal about yourself, but the learning and healing will have to come through awareness.

You cannot separate the mind and ego from emotion using a technique or the mind, it must be transcended through the light within awareness.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The inner eyes of oneness

Nothing is more powerful than to share what you feel, for many they can only share what they think.

When you share only what you think you only touch the surface or observations of the mind concerning an event, but when you reach deep inside you are touching your reality and the essence of your being and its truth.

Feelings convey the essence of things that are known and experienced within us. Everyone relates to them, because everyone knows we all share the same feelings about life and ourselves. We may be different on the outside, but the more we go within the more we realize we are all alike.

No differences exist in the depth of our being, because we all share the same feeling of oneness and that truth is love. We feel each other as the same essence and know each other as the same being.

Until we see each other with our inner eyes we will never overcome the illusion of our outer differences.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Its already there

What is real can be felt within you. No thought is needed, because it is already a part of you. No need to search, ponder or analyze. No action is needed other than to feel and trust what is felt within you.

The language of feelings is knowing and trust is the key that unlocks the door to your truth. Doubt is an attempt to make an idea, a belief or a thought true when you don’t feel that it is. It is trying to know with the mind and the mind cannot know the truth, only beliefs concerning it and ideas about it.

Your truth will begin to surface when you direct your attention inwardly and listen to your thoughts, feelings and emotions and allow your awareness to teach you about them. No one else can do this for you and no one else should do it for you, if you are serious in knowing your truth.

The day will come when what you feel and know is what you are and all the clouds of doubt and ideas about what you think is true will evaporate in the face of a great shinning inner clarity of being. All ideas collapse into the singular truth of “I AM”.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Whose in charge?

You are your own authority unless you give it to others. Deep within the oneness you are all that you seek, it is not a matter anymore of looking, but rather being and accepting the oneness.

The mind seeks, constantly looks for something or someone greater, better and more filling. You will never satisfy its search or complete its mission.

Do not seek, surrender to who you are and what you are. Open the doorway of your feelings and allow the awareness to rush in. Allow yourself to become that which you fear to admit and fail to understand in consciousness now.

The mind will always challenge you to prove it. Only in your awareness are you encouraged to surrender and accept your birthright and your reality.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Which will you be?

When you connect to life, you are exploring more than thoughts and ideas, you are discovering your identity in consciousness. You are feeling all that you are beyond the limits of the mind and ego. The mind and ego create their version of reality, your awareness is reality. It is the force of life within your consciousness and it is unlimited in being.

You are who you are either by quality of mind and ego that you identify with or by what you are aware of in consciousness. Your feelings are the keys that open the doorway into awareness. Turn them, turn within and feel the life within you. Go way beyond your limits of mind, memory and ego and simply BE.

A fresh start is what you need; you have been playing the old role too long and you are beat down from wearing it. Your life is full of circles going nowhere till you open the door into your awareness and become free.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

From time into eternity

In and out, with each breath your awareness moves from time into eternity. Your being is always present within the moment of silence, but your awareness moves in and out.

Attention for most is within the mind and the attraction of physical existence. For some they have learned the secret that it functions both ways and you can be aware of the unseen just as easily as the seen. The mystery is that your being is in the middle and always present throughout eternity.

The “I AM” is the essence of eternity and while your awareness can move in time and space or through the silence it all comes back to your eternal being. It is the core of existence within you and it never waivers or flickers its attention.

What you are is more than even awareness, you are the “I AM” of existence dreaming through your awareness and creating dimensions of life throughout eternity.

Do not worry about your destination, because it is you that you are going to meet along the way, when you stop searching and start knowing.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On the outside looking in

The ego is not good or bad in essence, it is a tool of consciousness to explore physical existence. It is our identification with it though that begins the separation within us. We are first lost when we identify with the ego as the sole identity within our being. We wander from the pure essence of our awareness and feelings and begin to identify almost solely with the mind and its ideas. Duality is created and experienced as a door closing within us. We no longer identity ourselves as our feelings, just our thoughts.

It separates us from existence and our awareness only when we identify ourselves as being outside them. The ego will always seek a separate identity unless it is balanced by feeling awareness. It will become lost, hypnotized and absorbed by whatever it seeks to identify with. It needs the wisdom of your awareness to know its place within you and to follow the purpose for which you were born into physical expression. Its not wrong, just out of control and seeking a purpose it was not meant to fulfill.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

At any cost

Your fears are negative ideas about the nature of things within the imagination that the mind and ego refuse to let go of. To be a separate element of consciousness it is necessary for an ego to exist and fear is a byproduct of an ego without an identity or a shaken one. It is a mind and an ego in the midst of uncertainty with a shaky identity. One that is not grounded in the truth of awareness. One that fails to know reality as it is, because it has become lost in imagination. Your fears reinforce the mind and ego’s need to stay in control at any cost, even if you become a prisoner to them.
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Words and ideas are not enough

Everything you need to know about your truth is revealed through your awareness. It is not my awareness that will reveal it, but yours. Whispers are a spark to light the flame of your awareness and lead you in ways that help you to live from them.

It is not ideas that you need to learn, but knowing from the awareness within you. You need the experience of knowing within the landscape of reality. Words and ideas cannot do this.

Your awareness will expand to the degree that you lay aside all ideas, beliefs, philosophies, schools of wisdom and tricks of mind manipulation. You can play with the mind and subconscious all you want, but all you will get is the mind manipulating the mind and one identity exchanged for another. You do not enter the door of awareness through the house of the mind, but you have to use the mind to observe it. Thought and awareness are not compatible experiences, one is outside and the other is within.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The other rooms

Awareness is inner directed attention to consciousness through feelings. In the beginning your mind and emotions will fight this and your thoughts and imagination will pollute it. This is because a separation has not been established between mind and simple feeling.

The mind likes to work through elaborate routines, rituals, ideas, and complex techniques that boost the ego and give a sense of superiority and separation from others. Awareness is a natural process that develops as one feels and directs their attention inward within their consciousness. It is relaxing into yourself and quieting the mind chatter. Awareness rises from the silence within you as a greater knowing of who and what you are within. It is not a revelation of the mind, but a deeper expression of yourself within your cosmic being.

In the beginning, because many try to understand this with their mind it seems foreign and unusual, but with the first glimpse of awareness you realize that other rooms of life exist within you and not just the mind, emotions and imagination.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

The treasure

The universe is waiting to share its treasure with you, but the ego in you must get out of the way. All that stands between this treasure and your realization of it is the mind and ego. Your identification in time and space with the mind and ego prevent the realization of the treasure you carry within. You know it’s there, but you are afraid to take a peek. Maybe you will lose something if you do? Maybe you will have to face yourself and stop running?

Life is a treasure, awareness is a treasure and they exist in the undivided nature of truth and reality. They simply are and they do not require the permission of the mind and ego to be. You do not need a mind and ego to be somebody; you are somebody by nature of your conscious awareness in the truth of existence. The door to this treasure is your feelings and the natural identity within you.

Existence chose you to be and you came forth in consciousness. No one else had to give you permission to be. Your worth is that you are a part of the treasure of existence called life and you are worthy. Do not allow the mind and ego to limit the depth of whom and what you are. Do not allow the mind to bully you into accepting a false identity, you deserve better, because you are better within.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Justice of the Universe

If we come from the wisdom in our awareness, we will come in peace.

Awareness accepts all things, knows all things, and is all things. Nothing is against itself in awareness.

When we look at things from our limited perspective in duality, it seems the two sides are fighting for control.

The reason for this is because we are looking at it through the eyes of the ego. The fear of freedom and the unknown is what permit this.

Ego always contains an element of distrust of self and others within it.

Awareness reveals trust as the foundation of all being -- it is the love-glue of existence. Nothing happens that is not for the greater good of the evolution of all.

Justice is the way the ego exacts revenge to the satisfaction of its limited intelligence. The ego says, "If you take away from me, I will take away from you." It always says, "I have the last word."

Our awareness reveals that we are responsible for what is happening -- we always have been. No one can harm us, unless it serves a purpose in the process of our awakening and the revelation of our truth.

The justice of the universe is far beyond the limited perspective of the justice of the ego.

Robert and CJ

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nothing matters till you know

You will always be disappointed if you believe in man, if you believe in his ideas. With each defeat and discouragement you are thrust back upon your own darkness, fear and ignorance. You are alone to confront your demons and embrace your pain till the day that you break through the clouds of doubt within you and you know. Nothing matters till you know, not what someone else knows, but what you know. To be true to you is to know, anything else is living a lie.
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The real deal

You will never become aware because of what someone says. The words of a teacher or a master can sometimes be a great hindrance to your discovery of yourself in awareness. What an aware person says to you is often felt within the heart and then it goes directly into the imagination. Many spiritual people are aware within their imagination and not actually becoming aware within.

It is both a combination of naivety and a lack of surrendering your attention from the outer world as experienced within your mind to the inner world of your feelings and awareness. You have an idea about awareness but you lack the experience of it in the clarity of consciousness. This is a common experience for all in the beginning.

Over time what you think as being aware becomes an unbearable frustration as you may blame others for your experiences not being as real as you think they should. You may even experience deep doubt and anger at times at the universe for not bending to your will. It is all because you are trying to find the answers in your mind. The mind can only answer in words, ideas, opinions, thoughts and beliefs, but not in awareness.

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Monday, March 11, 2013


The purpose of your awareness when you share it is so that you can contribute to the clarity of the knowingness within each other. Each aware comment supports the clarity of others and energizes the knowingness within all.

They affirm and uplift the consciousness to give a clearer picture of what lies within. The scent of your true identity can be felt within true whispers when they are shared and felt within the hearts of all. In this way we initiate each other into the mystery of beingness and truth.

It is not necessary to always go it alone in your search for your internal being and your memory within true consciousness. As each surrenders into their awareness all are uplifted in consciousness by the truth in existence and within all.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013


Do not watch your mind for long, feel your being. Many will be distracted by the imagery of the mind and imagination, but this is not meditation. Trying to enter the meditative state with ideas and imagery creates a false impression that you are meditating.

Hypnosis is not meditation. It can be helpful in influencing the mind and body, but unless it releases you to feel and detaches you from any imagery and ideas you will never leave the mind or experience meditation. You may take a stroll into the unconscious or the imagination, but that is not meditation either. It is like a mother that holds the hand of a child to cross the street for the first time, but the child realizes that someday it must go alone. You must walk alone into your meditation, but you will not be alone. All of you will be waiting.

Meditation is in the breath, within the breath and beyond the breath. It is the tide of your beingness rolling onto the shore of form and receding back into the formless consciousness. It is the “I AM” giving expression to a life form and in the same instant being true to its existence or nature. It is the eternal presence of consciousness manifesting in the NOW as male/female, duality, polar opposites and ying/yang.

Meditation is the state of “I AM”. It is the truest form of being and expression. It is consciousness that does not need to express itself or seek itself within form to know itself. You are everything when you know yourself as “I AM”.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The gift of loss

With the loss of many things and great humility your loss of attachments can be gains in awareness.

Attachments hold us by idea and emotion to the identity created by the ego. They prevent a clear seeing into reality and the nature of ourselves. What we assume will last forever never does, but what we know in awareness never dies.

Understanding reveals that what we know within ourselves through awareness does not fade after time and space are gone. We endure beyond time and space because we know and we realize we are that which is known in awareness. Awareness reveals what remains after time, space and our bodies have left us.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

On the outside looking in

The mind does not exist in the now. It travels into the past through memories or it reaches into the future in the form of dreams, but it is never in the now.

Reality and truth are not the experiences of the mind, contemplation and observation are. For this reason the mind always stands outside looking in, but it never can be that which is.

Standing between the mind and reality is the ego. It is the duty of the ego to keep you in the mind. The mind and ego are necessary for your survival in the physical world, but they will forever separate you from the truth and reality of your being.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Healing Memory

The Healing Memory

by CJ Heck

The love I am came with me
like a shadow on my heart.

Love flows in and out
and through me,
of this love I am a part.

It whispers to my soul,
it awes and fuels my wonder,
and I seek the memory
of why I came thus under.

This is what my soul agreed:
to help souls be more aware.
Allow the healing energy
to flow from my soul into theirs.

Waiting, waiting, waiting,
I can feel and I can see
vibrations growing stronger
for that healing memory.

Something's coming.
Something wonderful
is coming.


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The counsel of the mind and ego

Only what happens in time can make you suffer. Only what happens in the mind. Suffering does not exist without time and the mind. Neither does judgment. They are tools of the mind and ego.

Your struggles, pain, self-judgment and sorrow all need time, memory, imagination and the mind to bring you to torture yourself. It is the idea of loss, alone-ness, self-judgment and no escape, that gives the ego and mind the power to punish you. This poison resides in the unconscious till a time comes when it must be dealt with and seen for what it is. All punishment and judgment are by the mind and ego trying to justify their actions, trying to punish the offender.

The ego is the offender and the judge and this merry-go-round of injustice creates a manic state of pain within the mind that needs relief but can’t find any.

Forgiveness exists beyond the mind, beyond the mechanism of thought and ego. You cannot forgive yourself as long as the ego is judging you, as long as you say “If I had not done that?”

It is though acceptance that understanding comes and not judgment, as well as forgiveness. It is knowing that heals the pain within and not the counsel of the mind and ego.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The mind cannot fix you

Never try to understand yourself, seek to know yourself.

Reflection on yourself in your mind creates pain, regret and brings up images wrapped in guilt, judgment and condemnation. The mind and ego cannot fix what you have done or correct past transgressions, they are linear and are based on false conclusions about the nature of self and reality.

Your ego and mind cannot forgive you, because they require judgments or laws to define you and your actions. Forgiveness is acceptance of all things you have done and experienced with the awareness that no one is judging you, but your own ego and mind. The opinion of others may support your mind and ego, but that is not the truth either.

The truth is never what you have done, it is what you are. The moment of truth in awareness will reveal that all choices, actions and experiences were necessary for you to achieve a point of surrender, so how could they have been wrong for you?

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A new world

When you stop thinking and embrace the silence within, you will eventually sink into awareness.

Many wonder what is to be experienced, if you simply are silent and not thinking -- A New World!

It is not a world built on the imagery of the mind and imagination, but one based in conscious awareness and the realization that you know that which you already are. It is the purpose of oneness to help you to know -- then all seeking stops, because you are.

The mind pulls you away from the center of your conscious being.  It has to, so it can assist you in the physical world. Awareness pulls you in, so you can experience the true universe within you. It is this realization that makes you whole. This true universe is not to be confused with either the physical one or the ones created by the imaginations of others.

The truth of existence within you cannot be shared in the words or images of others. You must discover it within. Others may powerfully influence you with their experiences in truth, but that is not your truth, even though at times you may recognize your own truths through their words or experiences.

Your truth is your own personal and intimate experience brought about by your awareness alone. Do not allow anyone to define truth for you. It is a journey that is taken by going through the private door of silence within you.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Big Little Book of Whispers (Volume 1): Robert S Cosmar, CJ Heck: 9781480079519: Amazon.com: Books

Big Little Book of Whispers (Volume 1): Robert S Cosmar, CJ Heck: 9781480079519: Amazon.com: Books

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What lies within

Whispers assist in helping you to know who you are. They bypass the intellect and touch the heart and soul of you. They remind you what is possible within.

Words guide the mind through the land of thoughts and ideas that help to form the physical world. Whispers breathe life within your consciousness and remind you who you already are. They are a gentle reminder of what lies within. They are a graceful guide into self-discovery.

They reveal to you that feeling and knowing are just as important as believing and thinking, if you desire to be a whole being in your consciousness.

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The mystery of surrender

Like a morning fog when touched by sunlight that is free of the burden of form. It has surrendered its contents to formless existence. It has become one with the greater whole in nature and being. It does not draw attention to itself and it cares little how it appears to others. It rests within the great knowing of all, it is silent and the silence makes it complete. This is the mystery of surrender and the majesty of wholeness of self within.
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

You are already spiritual

You do not need to become spiritual, you are already spiritual. You are a conscious life form housed in a physical presence. You are aware in this physical form, but the awareness is identified with the form and the creations of the mind in the form.

This distraction of consciousness prevents many from realizing the unlimited ability of the consciousness to express and realize abilities outside the focus of the mind through the feelings. It is your ability to become consciously aware within your feelings that frees you from the limitations of the mind and ego. It is not necessary to learn this, you simply become this when you place your attention within your consciousness.

It is simply a matter of shutting down the outer distractions and allowing an awareness to reveal the wealth of understanding you possess within. True knowledge is a part of you and everyone, but the outer distractions block the subtle wisdom found within feelings and the life consciousness within you.

The slightest success in inner awareness will prove to you that in you is contained all the wisdom and knowledge of existence. Your awakening will reveal to you that there is more to be found than the eyes can see and the mind claims to know. You are this wisdom and knowledge and the choice to go within is all you need to begin your journey into your awareness of self.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Love rises within awareness

Love is the true nature of the recognition of self. No more seeking through the mind, ideas, philosophies or religions for the true nature of the self in existence.

The search for oneness is still a search through ideas, techniques, philosophies, religions and techniques for many. They are seeking through the mind that which they are not ready to feel within the heart and through authentic awareness. It is the same old frustration of believing, but not knowing.

Searching to become that which they already are, but unable to see or be it, because the idea of what they are searching for it standing in the way of realizing its truth.

You do not need to seek or find that which you already are, you simply have to allow it to express itself naturally by not polluting your mind with ideas that distract you from the simplicity of self-discovery through your feelings.

Turn within and accept what you are. Allow yourself to feel the pain and emptiness if you must and learn to see within and beyond the fear and ego that block the awareness within you that waits to be discovered in truth and love.

Your true identity is not found within the mind. It rises with awareness from the deep consciousness of your being and the truth of existence.

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