"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On the outside looking in

The ego is not good or bad in essence, it is a tool of consciousness to explore physical existence. It is our identification with it though that begins the separation within us. We are first lost when we identify with the ego as the sole identity within our being. We wander from the pure essence of our awareness and feelings and begin to identify almost solely with the mind and its ideas. Duality is created and experienced as a door closing within us. We no longer identity ourselves as our feelings, just our thoughts.

It separates us from existence and our awareness only when we identify ourselves as being outside them. The ego will always seek a separate identity unless it is balanced by feeling awareness. It will become lost, hypnotized and absorbed by whatever it seeks to identify with. It needs the wisdom of your awareness to know its place within you and to follow the purpose for which you were born into physical expression. Its not wrong, just out of control and seeking a purpose it was not meant to fulfill.

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