"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Thursday, March 31, 2011


As everyone already knows, our body has a basic and unique ability to heal itself -- call it our inner healer. It comes programmed that way and when everything is in alignment, the body can do its thing properly. When things are out of alignment, we experience dis-ease, or an absence of ease and total health.

Hidden deep inside our body is the most powerful "mainframe computer" in the universe. It stores a lifetime's worth of experiences and is networked to trillions of smaller "computers," coordinating their operations -- telling them what to do and when to do it, so the whole system functions properly. All these "computers" are connected with many billions of special "wires".

As you've probably guessed, the "mainframe" is your brain, the smaller computers are your cells, tissues, organs, and systems, and the "wires" are your nerve fibers. The protective casing is your skull.

I'm not anti-doctors -- when we have a serious problem or disorder, prescriptions or even surgery may be necessary to correct it. But, truthfully, if you want the most natural way to keep your body operating at its best, you might want to consider a chiropractor. Chiropractic helps unleash your natural healing ability, your inner healer. The body is always trying to realign the spine and return to a state of ease, or relaxation.

A chiropractor doesn't actually put the vertebra back in place, they supply just the little bit of force needed to free the vertebra so the body can realign itself. It's like when your car gets stuck in the mud and the wheels spin and spin. Then a friend comes along and pushes the car and the wheels finally catch and the car is free. Your friend didn't really push your two-ton car out of the mud, he just supplied the right amount of force in the right direction so the car could dislodge itself.

I've been plagued by sciatica for years in my hips -- and I'm happy to say, I've been helped by chiropractic care. We occasionally get our teeth checked, our eyes checked, our hearing checked -- why not our spine? Plain and simply, when the spine is out of alignment, the nerves get pinched and the body feels dis-ease. Actually, it's fun, safe, gentle and your whole nervous system feels better.

It's the natural way to heal ...


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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Message of Awareness

The following is an exchange between Robert and our friend, John Bidwell. The message is so clear, the awareness so share-able. We all touch each others' lives in so many ways ...

Hi Robert,
Your posts all mean so much to me. The thing about awareness is, when presented in front of me, it seems so self-evident, so obvious. I am baffled at my previous ignorance and any continued ignorance, but the ignorant are simply filled with needs which I don't have. I let them go.  I have not even a desire now for "beliefs" or "answers." Such things are red flags.  I have not even motivation to think that "awareness" relates to "good." Things are as they must be. If they look good or bad to me, I need not define them. I can't. When much looks to be very bad, I am not moved. And when much looks very grand, I do not rejoice. It is all as I perceive, not as I know.

The loss of my father opened me more. I started out as an Evangical Christian, Mom a church organist, Dad stayed home. But ours was the church with Bishop John Shelby Spong present. Dad lived to see me grow spiritually and he and I would attend Spong lectures together. If I think, "Who loved me in this life?" It is Dad. It was his responsibility, yet he fulfilled it as a destiny, and with much pleasure. I marvel at such love. And what a pianist! Yet I watched his golden years, the incomprehensible loss of Mom, my divorce, illness and constant pain, 5 years in a nursing home, and his amazing pianist hands as they became useless knots of bone at the end of his arms. It was not a reward. Yet even when I could not visit him as I would have wished, he never shamed me, only assured me. See, always he knew me, better than I knew myself.

We can be thankful for what is good and let what is bad pass by as it will. We can collect what is good in our hearts, to cherish on a rainy day.

I'm grateful for your presence on this journey. As I have mentioned to CJ, my partner's relatives own the Country Villa, so I am plotting for a visit out that way, and hope to meet you both.
Best wishes,

Thank you, John, for sharing your insights and experiences. It is very touching and human. I shared this with Cathy and we would appreciate your permission to post this on our joint blog, Knowing Whispers as a blog in itself. If there is anything you would like to add, please do so. The energy in your words will touch others and be very healing, I am sure. Please feel free to share your thoughts and heart in the groups here at Facebook as well because you have awareness to share with others there.

Hi Robert.
I would be very honored for you to share what I wrote as a blog -- humbled as well. I'd like to leave it as is. So amazing that with awareness we are "reminded."

You and CJ certainly came in to my life at a perfect time, but there is no other time.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Subject Needs Object

Physical existence is not possible without both subject (creator), and object (creation). Duality is the name of the game and it's how they relate that determines the manifestation we call life.

Creation needs a force from which to manifest, an intelligence or living consciousness that projects its will, purpose, plan or objective into existence. Creation cannot be by itself. It needs a source from which to manifest. A creator can exist alone, but then it wouldn't be expressing itself creatively. They both must work together, because they are interdependent upon each other. They are also of the same essence and must be a reflection, reversely, of each other.

Just as a camera inverts its image when taking a picture, creation must be empty of the essential qualities of the creator. In other words, a creator must create in a vacuum. The reason is, that it must provide a stage for creating that is empty of itself somehow, a place called anti-creater -- you cannot put something into a box that is already full. The space has to be empty of mass, but still include elements of the creator or its essence. Energy in some form must be available.

Humanity is both creator and created. At our core, we know who we are and why we are here. All of the answers are known to us, because we are that which exists. As the created, we exist in a vacuum that allows us to be separate from our creation. Our minds allow us to exist in a vacuum called space and time, where we can forget our true selves and begin an endless journey back to it.

Life is a journey outside the reality of who we are. This is why it is impossible to discover ourselves in space and time through our minds; however, it does allow us to explore our creative potential, much like a child in a sandbox. The sandbox is an imaginary playground of home, but when mom calls us for supper, we realize it is time to go inside our real home.

Existence and us depend on a mirror reflection of both conscious and unconscious energy to manifest creation. We would not exist, nor the world and the universe, without it. It provides the stage within us where we can forget ourselves and also remember ourselves, if we choose. It's infinite, spacious, never-ending and easy to forget within it. To be hypnotized by our creations and forget, again like a child, that it isn't reality we're playing with, but a creation of our own imaginations.

To know yourself, you must realize within yourself that you are both creation and creator and, even beyond that, you are an essence of existence. What seems so far away and complex becomes, in reality, very simple and obvious in your awareness. It's the mind, searching through millions of ideas, theories, and observations that becomes lost within itself and searching for something that doesn't exist as an object. Truth is never an object. Truth can be known and felt from within, but never discovered without its nature.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Truth, Love, Existence

by Robert Cosmar

Nothing is more feared than the truth. It peels away all mis-perceptions and lies. It unveils our deceptions, both intended and unintentional. It lays us open and bare-naked, often separating us from others as we contemplate our next choices. We've all had that moment of truth in a relationship where we thought we had something real and yet it manifested as an impostor. Nothing hurts as deeply or digs so painfully into us as when a moment of truth occurs. Discovering illusions can be like a death within us.

We think we know it all; we're sure we've found it all. We feel nothing new can come and surprise us when life feels good -- we're sure it will last forever. Life and love, however, have plans that go far beyond our meager perceptions. Death in its many forms makes it sure that the plan or love continues to flourish in time and space. This is why when we feel love and have love, we have to appreciate it, because we never know when it will be taken away (or go away) -- and it does. Time gives us the opportunity to experience love, but there are no guarantees that it will last, or even exist, beyond our current life.

It's the fear of truth that prevents love from growing, evolving and blossoming. It's the compulsion to hold on too tightly to what we have that strangles love and this can make love die too early. We have to risk to love, and realize that love has terms and conditions. The joy of getting can always turn into the pain of losing. It's only through a living awareness that we understand and accept the plan of life, and we get a faint belief or intuition that it is not over, it is never really over. I will see you again is a stubborn hope that everyone echoes, but in reality, there are no promises from existence that it will be so. Only love and the feeling of what seems right can offer any hope of a guarantee that we're eternally linked together in our dance of existence.

The more aware we become, the more of an individual we are becoming. This realization can be confusing at first as we feel our human need for love dissolving into a deepened love of self and others. We can help each other grow in love and experience love, but in the end, our own personal experience of that love is what matters. The evolution of duality into reality is the outcome of any enlightenment. This doesn't mean that we stop loving or caring -- far from it. It simply means that emotional forms of love are replaced by a deeper more secure knowing of self and others. It allows more freedom and trust to express our self through creating in our partnership with existence. We do move on through death and change, but the core of love in all of us binds us to an eternal brother/sisterhood which never dies or changes. When we are truly, finally, at home within us, only then can we feel, know and recognize we are a cosmic and connected family.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Grand Awakening

If humanity is to evolve and survive, then a grand event, or awakening, has to occur.  It has to be strong enough that excuses from fear and ego/pride have no place to run or capacity to hide through deceptions all too common to us in daily life. It has to be fearful enough to shake us from our sleep so we realize we are responsible for all that we have created.  It's the only hope and the only power that can save the path we've chosen till now. Not until the wealthy, the famous and the royalty realize that greed not only steals from people but from a living universe will it all stop. Not until the poor and the ignorant stop blaming the rich and famous for their conditions in life and take responsibility for themselves will things change and both sides grow closer in wisdom and awareness.

Power isn't real power unless it is wrapped in awareness. Power that grows through manipulation, control and greed isn't lasting. It has a seed of erosion and destruction within it and creates jealousy and anger from those who feel powerless. It takes from others and leaves nothing behind of value for others to appreciate.  Power becomes an enemy to existence and others.  We are no longer seen as a flesh and blood, but a vile worm of existence, eating at the insides of humanity. This isn't the true purpose and intent of power.

Real power reveals the true nature of things and shows a unity of all existence. It teaches us that one power exists beyond the greed of humanity.  Only when we surrender to it and the guidance of our hearts do we have a chance to avoid destruction to ourselves and others. We are given the freedom to choose whether or not we surrender to a greater wisdom, one that created everything, or go our own way and see what happens. It is the hope of the heart of existence that we'll choose the way back home, but the heart of existence will always permit us to leave and return forever.


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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Synchronicity 1969

Last weekend, we were watching an older HBO series, "The Pacific", and I was reminded of a huge synchronicity that happened to me many years ago. When it was over and we turned the TV off, I talked about it with Robert. He felt it was significant and something I should share.

Some things are difficult to write about -- they're too close to our hearts to even talk about, sometimes -- so please bear with me, as I try and morph emotion into words ...

I've talked before about my first husband, Doug. We were married in January of 1969 and he left shortly after for Vietnam, in May. Doug was a combat medic with the 199th Infantry Division and, during a horrific firefight, KIA in Vietnam in September of 1969.

In August of 1969, my paternal grandmother suddenly died from a brain aneurysm. We were all saddened, of course, especially since she was only 59 -- young, even by 1969 standards. How tenuous life is. None of us ever knows how long we have.

I debated about how best to tell Doug. He was very close to Gramma Parrish. He had to know, and I was going to have to tell him. He loved cooking, like she did, and they often talked recipes and ingredients as he savored her latest offering -- Gramma was a wonderful cook and he was probably her greatest fan.

As I was tearfully writing about Gramma, it occurred to me again just how precious every minute is with loved ones. I missed him so much. I would have given anything to be holding him and telling him in person about Gramma -- suddenly I wondered, what if something happened to me? Who would be the one to tell Doug? Who would console him? Then I knew. I would. As I sat there, a poem came out of nowhere -- it was an easy write, so unlike others I had written, and I went racing with it's simple emotion and insight.

If Only a Minute
(Written August 1969)

Sweet heart, if I only have a minute
to say goodbye to you,
let me whisper what I’m thinking
when my time on earth is through.

I'll tell you how I’ve loved you
and how happy I have been,
please, don't think of me as leaving,
for I know we’ll meet again.

We'll hold each other close once more
and I'll kiss away your tears.
We'll talk of precious things we’ve shared
through all our loving years.

When my time with you has ended
and He calls for me to come,
Just know, I’ve always loved you.
Please take care of everyone.

When I finished, I folded the poem with the letter, addressed the envelope, licked the stamp and like so many other letters, I kissed it and dropped it into the mailbox to find its way to Doug. Even now, as I look back, I'm amazed that I was so blind to the fact that Doug could be the one who died.  I was so sure he would return, I refused to even think about any other outcome.

Months later, after his funeral, I received a large envelope from the Army. Inside was a small package of unopened letters that had never reached Doug and they'd never been read. Among the letters was the one I had written about Gramma's passing. Oh my God, I thought, he never knew ... and then the poem slipped down to the floor.

As I bent down and picked up the page, I began to read and I sobbed.   The words took on a whole new meaning -- as though Doug had written the words to me, and I felt somehow comforted. I didn't know then that it was called a synchronicity, but I do remember feeling that it came from a higher power, something wonderful, yet mysterious.  This was a gift, a magical message, to me from Doug.

... and I'm glad Gramma was there to Welcome Doug Home.


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