"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The eyes have it

Watch the eyes of people, they tell you what they want, what they need and where they are within

If a person is aware and centered within, their eyes are calm, soft and pleasing. They radiate warmth and stillness and you feel safe in their presence. They want nothing from you and their energy is not playing games.

If not, they are full of desire and seeking pleasure in some manner, almost lusting in their imagination to find a fantasy that might fulfill or complete them. They hunger to attract your attention and seduce you with their energy. They want to take something from you and are not interested in aware or truthful interactions.

It is important to read eyes for they reveal a warm, sincere, and honest heart based in their reality or someone seeking mischief or one who plays and knows not where they are going or where they will end.Bookmark and Share

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our work

Our work is to point you in the direction of your awareness and reveal the simplicity of its presence within your being. The challenge to us all is to allow it to manifest without the obstacles of the mind and ego.

For many who read this with your mind it can mean nothing or as they say fall on deaf ears, but for those who hear with an open heart it can be a revelation and a passageway into more awareness. The whispers speak first to your heart and then your mind, you can feel the truth within them if you allow it.

Feeling is the essence of life and if we cannot or do not feel we become stranded in the mind and ego, shipwrecked on a desolate island of thinking, thinking, thinking. We also become victims to the unconscious as another possible choice of our identity.

Feeling is the revelation of your being and the doorway to conscious intelligence with the knower. It is beginning a partnership with yourself and existence that reveals what is known as your truth. The revelation of this truth means the end of all searching and allowing your true nature to rise naturally within your consciousness.

Effort is not necessary, any activity that can lead to a meditative state will permit your awareness to unfold as your growth in awareness continuous. Feelings are the language of consciousness and if we allow them and follow them they will lead us to the truth…..our truth!

One secret of meditation is that if you are making an effort to meditate, you are not meditating or in meditation. The mind and thought are still in the way. Meditation is conscious communion with existence and it only happens when we feel.Bookmark and Share

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

One true teacher

We do not learn awareness from anyone, we discover it from within our conscious knowing.

All true teachers, masters, gurus and channels simply reflect our awareness back to us. The “aha” moment is coming from within us and not them.

To rely on a true teacher, master, guru or channel as our sense of spiritual knowing is to stunt our growth in awareness and risk deception. The deception is not always intentional, but comes from not taking personal responsibility for our journey into awareness.

No one can do it for us, at some point we have to do it ourselves.Bookmark and Share

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Become the knower

It is your beingness that rises in consciousness through your awareness, the unthought knower or the divine
intelligence within. It rises if you allow it to!

The knower replaces the doubt that nags constantly at the mind and ego, because their identity is not rooted in truth. It is the knowing intelligence of the universe replacing the finite wisdom of mind and ego.

The knower is the body of divine intelligence and the wisdom of the ages within existence. It is the fullness of your being expressing itself as your truth. It is the one identity that never changes, but constantly reveals the glory of its nature within existence.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Fear and the ego

Fear is what destroys our relationship with others and within ourselves. It is a barrier that stands between our identification with the mind and ego and our inner knowing or awareness.

It protects the ego, but prevents the full awareness of our being to come shining through. It makes all our views one-sided.

Intimacy is destroyed by fear, as the mind and ego seek refuge in a defiant identity. It prevents our wholeness and leaves us with little comfort. It closes the door on mutual resolutions through understanding.

Fear is a card in the hand of life that prevents our growth into awareness and understanding of ourselves and others.Bookmark and Share

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The fear

Many use religion to place a band aide on their fears, some use psychology to understand and confront them,but few allow awareness to reveal them. It is the identification with mind and fear that can paralyze us. 

When we only know ourselves as mind and thought there is nowhere to run from the pain of fear. It is like a brush fire within the mind that can consume us. Sometimes you think that you can put out the fire, but it pops up again in another place. 

Fear is the product of an ego that cannot control its environment, an ego that cannot hold onto and establish a permanent identity. The ego must chase continually a goal, a plan, a person or a purpose to establish its identity or face the fear of its unworthiness. The revelation of its nothingness. 

Witnessing allows you to observe your fears while awareness reveals the nature of them. It sets aside the mind and ego for an inner observation of the feelings behind them. It is an escape from the fire and a beach upon which we can stand before entering the waters of serenity. Fear is a false idea, hiding in the unconscious, masquerading as a real one.Bookmark and Share

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Escaping the silence

Silence is the compassion that the universe has for those who chose not to live within their truth.

Imagination is the kingdom in which they live and the mind and ego find contentment in fables, stories and legends. They romance existence within their imagination and pretend to know the truth while nursing a deep uneasiness within them.

They are like children waiting for Christmas and Santa, only to realize both are gone after one single day. Nothing lasts for long in the imagination, for reality soon catches up with them and they must invent another escape from the reality of who they really are within.Bookmark and Share

Monday, December 16, 2013

Speaking your truth

Only speak that which you know from the truth within your being, everything else is a product of mind,
imagination and thought. They are inaccurate when it comes to discerning the reality or intentions of persons, events and things.

Truth comes from the reality of existence and its insight pierces us to the core of our being and reveals the deceptions within our illusions. Truth helps us to see clearly and to choose right action.

Now, we choose and decide from our confusion that exists within our minds, egos and imagination. We search to satisfy the mind and ego, until we realize that they can never be satisfied.

The end of the search is where it began, back to the source of our pain and our healing. Within is the last place to search for answers, meaning and our truth.Bookmark and Share

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

When we become nothing, we become everything

In deep awareness all identification with thought, mind, emotion and imagination is ceased. What weRainbowBubbleBGfeel is pure conscious awareness and a sense of endless possibilities.
Identification has stopped and we enter into endless beingness. Knowing replaces the need of the mind and ego to obsessively identify with thoughts, ideas and things to establish our existence.
No longer do we strive to control our environment for the same surrender that silenced the mind and ego continues to reveal the nature of our existence. It is an effortless revelation of the breadth and depth of our natural being.
Imagination does not interfere with the reality of existence and what we once thought as the truth is replaced by a solitary sense of beingness that expands and reveals more of our true divine nature and beingness.
Oneness removes all ideas or thoughts about the true nature of things and cleanses the imagination of imposters of what is true and real. We can become more because the mind, ego and imagination are unable to pervert the true nature of existence anymore.
We prepare to move beyond the limits of our humanness and embrace the purity and limitlessness that our new freedom brings.
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Poetry of Awareness

tumblr_mqd36m5unD1qb30dwo1_500Just as words are symbols for ideas, whispers are the poetry of awareness.
Whispers carry the energy of aware consciousness within them. They speak to the heart, and not the mind only. They can touch the part of us within that is very alive and living in us. They are a code of awareness and speak directly to the truth in hand.
Whispers reveal the nature of our consciousness to us and place us instantly in communion with our inner truth. They are the language of the knower within us.Bookmark and Share

Monday, December 9, 2013

Your truth

lotus blossom
The truth is your identity in consciousness as revealed in awareness. It is not an idea or a philosophy, it is the full recognition of your being within. It is knowing who you are, what you are and where you come from. It is the answer to all your questions in consciousness. It is the last answer you will ever need.
Truth places your identity into existence, far removed from the mind and ego. Instead of ideas and opinions you become filled with knowing and the understanding of the nature of things. No mind stands in the way of your understanding, because it is gone and replaced with a knowing awareness that penetrates and fills your being. You are what you know and you know what you are.
Truth is what you feel in the moments of silence when nothing exists, but you simply know.Bookmark and Share

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The pathway into truth

When hearts are melted into humility true communion begins. Naked hearts bleed awareness and truth follows behind it.

The mystery of the universe is revealed within us when we can no longer hide within the mind and ego. Mind and ego are always separate from others, the living universe and even our inner selves.

Crisis destroys the pride and arrogance of the mind and ego and then we must enter that naked state of vulnerability where we kneel at the throne of nothingness and awareness. The obsession with “I” has died and we can choose to surrender to the deepest part of “we” within.

The knower waits to reveal all that we are destined to know and receive in conscious awareness, but first we must surrender all that we thought we knew first. For the knower to become known we must move past all that the mind and ego have manufactured in us.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Copy Cats

xTo act like we are spiritual does not mean that we are aware!
Those who act try to look like, sound like and talk like their spiritual hero’s. They mimic them in appearance, word and deed, but they are not walking their truth. They live in the dream of another and have made it their own.
Bookmark and ShareTo be aware is to walk your path into your consciousness and to discover your truth in awareness, not another’s. It is a solitary experience that is not duplicated in the same way for every soul. Awareness is an individual experience, acting is a technique copied from others and a deception in comparison to individual awareness.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Way

We are not spirit, we are conscious knowing and awareness. The eternal beingness of light is all thatsdkfjgsdf we are ever and to label ourselves as spirits is to enter the domain of the imagination and not truth.
We become more aware of our beingness through awareness and the revelation of the knower within, there is no separation from it. For oneness to be the end result of our awakening their cannot be any diversions in consciousness from the truth, no imaginary tales of inner realities.
The idea of spirit does not conform to the inner reality of awareness and awakening, it separates us from our experiential inner reality and creates a form contrary to it and inner reality. It is a tale that fascinates the imagination of some of the masses and allows the mind to spiritualize a deception.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Point of the Whisper

A whisper is spoken at a soft low level, so that you have to pay attention to it. Sometimes you can feel a whisper as you drink it in through your senses. Words spoken to the mind are often jammed in like a traffic jam and you are expected to remember, navigate and understand them all crowded together in your mind, but a whisper catches your attention. It perks your interest and forces you to concentrate on the energy behind it. It is something that you can drink in slowly and savor the feelings within it if you want. Whispers pull you off the road of day to day life and ask you to consider things that are really important to you and others.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It Comes from Within

Whitier 2[1]A whisper should take us deep into our self.
It should introduce us to our inner knower: the Inner Teacher.
Never project what you feel onto another, because this wisdom or enlightenment is coming from within us, not them. 

Do not make the mistake that they are the source. They simple carry the message to us to awaken our inner sleeping wisdom and love.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Who's Driving?

No one is more special than you are. No one is wiser than you are. No one knows your truth but YOU.ray_of_light-1680x1050
Most of the world is still seeking and, as such, has not found. They are looking to others to provide an answer, or truths, to follow. 

What began as a feeling in their heart was kidnapped by thoughts, opinions, and even the teachings of others. The simplicity of truth was buried within the mind and truth's power to transform was lost in confusion.
You are the key and the answer to your transformation.  No one else has the key or the answers. 

What you discover within your inner journey paves the road before you. You must drive your personal car along it and build the road as you go.  Never look back for another to say, “Let me drive.”

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Follow Yourself

The only confirmation we need is our awareness. Do not look to others to confirm it.
Awareness is not a popularity contest where the most who agree will win. Awareness is our own personal and individual connection with existence -- no duplicates exist. Awareness is right for us, because it feels right to us and this feeling is our body of existence.
The experience of us within us is all that matters, not what others have felt or experienced.  Each must decide what is right and true for them in awareness. We must agree within ourselves that this is our truth and not another’s truth.
In awareness we must follow ourselves.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Deeper Truth

Silence is the greater wisdom and in it is revealed the deeper truths.

Words and ideas dilute the truth and further distance the seeker from the essence of reality.

It is not possible to describe what is contained in the silence, but when we truly feel it, it naturally reveals its content to those who are open to receiving.

We should never defend what we believe, because eventually our ignorance will be revealed and our lack of knowing uncovered. 

Truth always manifests in silence as knowing and, as such, it needs no defense for the one receiving it. 

Proof is not necessary for those who seek in the silence and receive the reward of their sincerity.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Feeling the Now

The moment of Now is all that you need in awareness -- to know, not simply believe.sunheart
Truth reveals itself clearly to all those who are aware.  They do not need to be taught how to find it.  In fact, the teaching will only be in the way of truly finding it. Anything approached through the mind is doomed to fail. 

Feel your feelings; feel your thoughts; feel the silence within and your beingness.  Witness it all and become aware.
Detach from the mind and place your attention on what you feel.
The greater the silence, the deeper the feeling, the clearer the revelation of the true nature of our being in and through awareness within.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Ideal or the Real

The world is always aspiring to the ideal, not the real. Everyone wants power, love, and wealth, but the mind only understands control, lust, and money.
The mind interprets these things in a way that only the mind can understand: as objects to be acquired through desire and effort, and as things to be possessed or acquired in time, not as expressions of our inner goodness and truth. We allow our minds to tell us what is true and real, but our hearts know different.
The reason the ideal and the real never meet is because we do not trust ourselves, or life, to create that which is real within us. We are uncertain if our goodness or truth can bring us happiness or harmony with existence and we wonder whether we can survive here with it.
We fear the darkness in ourselves and do not investigate its origin or the reality of our inner natures. The ideal within us knows that something beautiful and good exists within us, but the reality is, our minds have created a distraction to prevent us from discovering the truth within.
We aspire for the ideals within our imaginations and ignore the reality of our inner pain and the proper way to heal it within.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Enlightenment is Now

Enlightenment is the recognition of the true self in the moment of Now. It is not an idea, but ans7dfiousgodifjgsldfgsdf experience in consciousness. It is your truth being experienced as reality.
The mistake of the mind is that it tells us this experience can only be experienced after certain conditions are met.  This is not true.
Enlightenment is alive within you now.  It always has been.  But the truth has been hidden in words and ideas and the result is an error in understanding. In the multitude of many words, there is much misunderstanding.
Truth is immediate, if we leave the mind and enter the world of feeling consciousness. We must pay attention to the subtle suggestions within consciousness or the still small voice as it is called. 

Truth is not the end of the journey, but the revelation of the journey.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013


Truth can never be experienced from the experiences or techniques of others.  Truth is the life we are living at any time.

The aware understand the broad meaning of truth and realize in consciousness that the definition of truth is both personal and endless.

We do not discover our truth from the investigation of others' experiences. Integrity says we must discover it on our own from the investigation within our own consciousness.

Truth cannot be copied and should not be. Truth is designed to reveal our own unique position within creation.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Fanatic

(Whisper) An emotionalized or fanatical mind will seek to overpower a simple mind. Those who fuel the ego and
mind with ideas or beliefs concerning power over others or themselves will use emotion to lord it over them.

People want to believe, but they do not know how to become what the ideals in their beliefs represent. They yearn for an answer to the broken promises within their minds. 

The fanatic sees this vulnerability and exploits them for it. They promise what they themselves have not achieved and urge others to follow them into a fruitless quest.

The fanatic lives on thoughts of personal superiority and the emotional manipulation of the minds of others. They play on the false hopes of others and lead them to a place of painful realizations.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Awareness is not Faith

The ego and the mind look for saviors, teachers, and personalities to escape the individual responsibility of becoming aware. 

We may hear the distant truth whispering to us in our awareness, but we choose to avoid it, or address it, without some form of mediation in consciousness. We look to someone else to do it for us.
Awareness does not come, until we lose faith in everyone and everything but self … our personal inner self.
Awareness does not come until we realize that our experience and understanding of truth is through our imagination only, not directly known from within and the truth of our nature and being.
It is a day of deep personal integrity, humility, and honesty towards self when we understand that we only know what we have heard and have not directly experienced the truth within our being.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Living the Illusion

Death and birth are the only true and real experiences we have in life. Everything else is tainted bySpaceSeaShellNotes the mind, ego, emotion, and imagination.
We are pure again at birth and death and we see with the real eyes of consciousness. We know who we are and what we are, because at that point we are all that is

The illusion does not exist anymore for the person who has made peace with their inner nature prior to death.
Clarity of being is what is felt prior to birth and it can be felt prior to death, if we return within to our source of beingness. 

The illusions of mind, ego, and imagination seduce us most of our lives, but the closer we come to the end, their influence loses its grip. We marvel at how fast life appears to be going and nostalgia invades our waking moments. 

We realize that all our dreams, desires, and expectations seem small when we consider the big question of “Why?"

Monday, November 4, 2013

Are you Persuaded or Aware?

Only the aware escape the power of persuasion. Those who do not know themselves (Self) are at the mercy of those with the will to persuade.
Persuasion is hypnotic, magnetic, and it can mesmerize the mind of the ignorant and the gullible into believing almost anything. 

Those who are fanatic about anything often possess and use this skill to trap the unaware into their web of deceit. Their intent is to gain power over others' minds, beliefs, and money.
The aware person does not seek to persuade or influence anyone.  They simply offer insight when it feels right in their heart. They never preach the gospel of awareness, nor do they sell it as something that they own. 

An aware person keeps their peace and lets the silence speak for them. They can feel when sharing is appropriate.
The knower, or aware person, does not need to be persuaded, because they have become the known and the truth of their existence is revealed within them. Doubt does not haunt them and the crutches of beliefs are no longer needed.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Imagination or Awareness

If spiritual information cannot be felt as truth within the heart of a person, it is useless for them. 

There sdfjgslkdjfgsdfis much information that appeals to the mind, the emotions, and the imagination in the world, but it is only appealing to the mind and ego. It is used to form a cult of beliefs for those seeking to be believers, not knowers

It is unnecessary to put on a Hollywood production to share the truth.
Knowing is a personal process within an individual's self and their awareness. It is the only way that truth can be experienced. 

Many worship the teachings and tales of others without any direct knowledge of what they believe.  This is a waste of time on their spiritual path.
Truth is a personal experience that happens without the assistance of anyone, no matter what title they profess to have achieved. This is why it is reckless and foolish to follow the beliefs of anyone. 

Some carry the vibration of awareness and they can assist others in the realization of truth, but no shortcut or secrets exist. You can use the experience of others as a template, but the template is no guarantee of success for anyone.

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