"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Friday, August 31, 2012

Healing through feeling

The higher self is accessed through the feelings and over time for many their awareness of it increases. As long as you are mind hypnotized and occupied in thought you will fail to realize it is there with you, it is always there within you. It is over identification with thought as the source of your identity that causes the distraction. The identity crisis is created by you and your higher self to shake up the ego and mind and to cause you to explore your feeling if you choose to. The pain felt is the mind and ego being invited to surrender control and allow your feeling intelligence to take over. With the awareness directed inwardly and with or without the assistance of another, gradually you will become aware of the seed of the issue addressed. Up to now you have been half a person and now if you persist you will begin to discover the wholeness within you.
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The hurting ego

You can only say hurtful things when you are hurting. The ego is often overwhelmed in conflict and when it is fearful it lashes out at everyone and everything. Only the ego responds to hurt as the higher self awareness is beyond the duality that encourages hurt. Hurt comes when a disagreement is involved between two or more parties and the highest truth has not been seen or reached in the discussion. Often a defensive posture is taken to defend each ego against the hurtful possibility it might be wrong or misguided. No one wants another to tell them the truth, they want to hear it from within themselves, but many times it is not possible because they are not ready. Messengers are sent to deliver a message or wakeup call but the ego says "Who do they think they are?"  Truth cannot hurt who you really are, but the ego always hurts because it wants control and truth prevents it from happening.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

If the shoe fits

They have nothing truthful to say. This is the characteristic of all those who attack whispers or the truth in them. They rail and complain, attack and justify, but they NEVER offer any truth or validation in their assailing the messenger or the message. They are angry and upset because the whisper is speaking to them and like children that did not get any desert they cry and complain to their parents and throw fits in the hope that they will get attention and their parents will reconsider. The truth does not need reconsidered, their lack of awareness does or they would not be so offended. Truth only cuts against appearances of it and not against truth itself.

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School of the ego

The lessons of life are learned in the school of the ego. Having forgotten who we are and what is true within us we seek the truth through illusion, idea and concept. Never does the ego allow us to feel and remember. The mind rules in the material world and we seek those things which the mind and ego deem worthy of fulfillment, happiness and peace. Things which the mind cannot know or experience ever. The search through the world is a search in vain and filled with frustration, always hoping to find what you are looking for and in the end slipping through your fingers like water or sand. It is only when we return to our hearts that we begin to sense what is real and know the nature of existence and how our higher self works through and within both to manifest our lasting happiness, peace and a sense of fulfillment and completion.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Follow your own truth

 Don't play the world's game, rebel against it silently and open again your heart to truth. Leave behind the traps of wealth, power and fame and seek clarity, healing and wisdom within. Learn to live with your life and not against it. Seek the natural meaning of things and shun the superficial. Do not chase illusions, but rather embrace sincerely the meaning of truth, your truth. Let others follow their paths, but you seek the wisdom within. Do not get caught in the ideas, perceptions and thoughts of others, but begin with your own and follow them to understanding. You have to choose, you have to decide whether to walk blindly following others or to follow your own light.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The silent voice of existence

Telepathy is consciousness expressing itself through the energy of life. It is wordless communication between lifeforms without the need of language. In telepathy it is essence which is communicated and not form only.
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True healing

You will never be fully satisfied with healing work till you do it with your higher self. If you do it for free and your higher self is not involved you will feel an energy drain and resentment that you received nothing in return. If you are paid, payment will be the only thing which you receive in return. Your imagination may convince you otherwise, but it will lack the approval of higher guidance. You may be tempted to quit and feel upset with those that seek you out. You may put on a brave and sincere face, but inwardly you will feel confounded and distraught. The payment for healing that comes with the universe is the satisfaction in knowing that you have helped others and done it with the universe and your higher self while you observed. It is a state of surrendered bliss in which both the client and practitioner share in the connection of healing energies and both are unmistakably transformed from the experience inwardly. It should be an experience wherein both parties transcend mind, emotion and a normal state of consciousness. It should leave no doubts as to what occurred.
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Holding you back

Your life is a prison build of your beliefs.It is a mirror image of the closet of your unconscious. Every person, every event is speaking to you about what you belief and think.Until you are free of it by becoming aware you will drift from experience to experience and create lessons to teach you to reach beyond the ideas, beliefs and concepts you have been programmed with all your life.Those beliefs and ideas are all that stand in the way of freedom to know the real you behind all the confusion, pain and sorrow.The key is realizing that each person and event sends you a message of pleasure or pain. One you enjoy and the other hopefully you will learn from.To become aware of all that is beyond you, you must first become aware of all that is within you and holding you back.
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Service or slavery

Whatever you devote yourself to you become lost in. If you devote yourself to awareness and the revelation of your higher self then your whole life will be directed in love towards your fulfillment. If you devote yourself to people, causes, goals, money or institutions only then you will become a slave to them.  They are heartless masters seeking your devotion to their meaningless needs. They use you to fulfill their empty promises. Your body, heart and mind will suffer at your service to them.
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Prisoners of the mind

Like an artist the aware person must trust what they feel. Self judgement must be left behind as you surrender to the certainty within you. The whisper has become the reality and the life within you. No more paths exist, as if there ever was one. You are alone within your consciousness to experience that expression of your unique truth. Some will understand, many will not. Those who do are free to follow their own truth and those who don't will criticize, complain and judge your every move. They will try to pull you back into the slavery of their beliefs, ideas, and concepts. they want you to embrace the fear and doubt that still keeps them prisoners to their mind.
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Intimacy, the final step

Intimacy is the final stage of awareness. A bonding with existence and the revelation of your true identity. The level of intimacy is dependent upon the level of surrender and the focus and devotion within the heart. All creatures and all of existence need intimacy to function with the truth in the totality of the whole. Each part must yield at some point to once again find the strength of understanding within the whole. You cannot discover your true purpose or realize the meaning of your life without intimacy. It is the glue that holds everything and everyone together in the bond of love and awareness. Intimacy is the experience of knowing yourself and existence through the eyes of your higher self. It is knowing what you believe as true.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When awareness expands

As awareness within the heart expands the energy of your higher self connection deepens. Whispers turn to shouts and clarity within the heart and soul increase as the center of your existence turns from the mind to the heart center.

The power of your heart center is the very key to existence and the journey that you are on. It is the center from which eternity and the soul look out through your eyes upon this world with amazement and sorrow. It is how we live within this world , but at the same time realize we are not of it. Peace within the universal vibration is the energy of this vibration and it blesses all who are touched by it. It is not an act, but a new identity within your awareness that you are activating for greater service.

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Devotion is the next step on the ladder of your awareness. Not a devotion at anyone outside you, but devotion to the increasing understanding within your awareness. You have been engaged for while to the whispers within you, but now you feel the love as a warm understanding within you. Your mind is pushed aside to work with life and the world, but you heart burns with the awareness of an awakened consciousness. Your eyes do not see any longer through the lens of your mind, now they gaze upon an enlightened existence that radiates with a new vibration that comes from within your heart. You are becoming love and as it is love only sees things lovingly. Your devotion will evolve into a full blown marriage of intimacy within existence and the universe that will transform you and those you touch.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The gap

Pain dissolves into awareness as the mind and ego lose grip on the identity. Pain is a product of the mind and ego in conflict. It is a refusal of the mind and ego to surrender. Pain increases as the mind rejects surrender and pain lessens as we detach from the mind and focus our attention within the center of pain. This centering reveals a gap between our inner awareness of self and our attention on the pain. When you can witness the gap between self and pain you begin the process of building a new identity based on awareness of your true self and not on the old identity which is cloaked in pain. Only the mind experiences pain, there is no pain in your awareness.
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Monday, August 20, 2012

As awareness deepens

As your awareness deepens it seems that life is flowing through you instead of a series of events one after another. The remembering opens doors in you that you did not remember existed. Talents, gifts and abilities spring forth with a stunning surprise to both your mind and ego. You are no longer operating off the expectations of a lifetime, but the gifts of eternity that you brought with you. Back and forth you will shift from moments when the mind is needed to those moments when eternity is both speaking to you and living within you. Awareness pushes out the mind and its need to control your identity, it is pushed aside by the presence of your entire being in totality and does not permit the mind to take charge anymore.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

It is not follow the leader

It is important to understand that whispers are specific to each individual and will resonate with some but not everyone. To the one who receives the whisper it is for them to understand and assimilate and share with others, but it is not necessarily the truth for others. It is fine to agree with a whisper but unwise to allow it to become a mantra or a rule of thumb. Your journey into your higher self is yours alone and it must begin with your whispers and if you pay close attention a point will come where you will remember or become aware of how to be more intimate within that consciousness. You do not play follow the leader with anyone other than your higher self. Your truth and your journey will be unlike any other and you must allow it to be so. Do not rest till you are your higher self and you are comfortable in that suit of clothes to follow it where ever existence leads you.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

More than a whisper

There is a difference between listening to intuition or whispers and walking in your higher self consciousness. One is the introduction into your consciousness of that higher state of being and the other is conscious embodiment of it. To be aware is to be more than a rule follower and a appreciator of values. You recognize the voice in the whisper as your own higher voice and you surrender into it. To only listen to your whispers is to stand outside your true self and not enter into communion with existence.
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Pretending to be real

The ego loves to pretend it is spiritual. It loves to fool you through the mind and ideas that it is the truth and no other exists. It will hold onto anything that props up its appearance and gives it credibility. It is the great mimicker of what is real and there is no greater con artist. It gives the appearance of what is true, but it lacks the feel of truth and the certainty of knowing. It is the part, trying to appear as the whole and lacking the feel of the soul. It is the need to be right and not knowing that you are right. It must keep up all appearances and defend itself at all cost. It is the master of illusion and the creator of delusion. It desperately wants to be real, if only it could feel. As an identity you can only hide within it and pretend to be real, but it always lacks the feel that comes with knowing what is true and what is real.
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Beautiful is your awareness

Beautiful is the love within your awareness. Unlike the mind which is isolated, tormented and suffering. Your awareness is not bombarded by thousands of thoughts,outside feelings and emotions like your mind. Your awareness is enclosed in a singular frequency of love and truth. There is no need to seek yourself anymore, because you have become the only self you were in totality. There is no division, only completion. You do not seek for you have become.
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The whispers are love

I would like to give you the energy of knowing which is the clarity within consciousness. To free you from the torment of thought and to realize all that you are. To know the truth within you and be set free of the burden your mind created for you. To allow you to feel within your heart the song of existence and play once again like a child in the sandbox of eternity. To dance with the stars in the joy of your eternal beingness
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You cannot sell the truth

You cannot sell the truth, it is not for sale. What you can sell are ideas and beliefs concerning it, but they are not the real thing. You have to decide for yourself if an imitation of the real is worth paying for or if it is better to receive the real thing for free. Your ego will always try and convince you that the truth is available for a fee and many smiling faces will be waiting to agree. The ego says if it does not cost allot, it must be worthless, but the heart replies that what the ego says is worthless is actually priceless. The best things in life are free for a reason and if you have to pay for truth or love then they are worthless to you.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Silence is love

Silence is another word for love. It influences no one. It responds to no one. It simply lets them be and rests within its own knowledge. It has no need to attack or defend. It does not need to make anyone more or less then others. It receives those who understand her mystery and it scoffs at those who pretend to know her mysteries. It never has to defend itself because the unaware know not how to attack it and the aware simply feel its mystery and are satisfied by its answer to them.
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Step out of the pack

If you ever hope to make a difference in the world, you will have to step outside the comfort zone of your beliefs and follow the whispers in your own awareness. Awareness is never old or outdated; it does not rely on old established ways and beliefs. It is ever current and within the now. It is fresh, exciting and uplifting to the heart and soul. You do not change the world or yourself by relying on what is already known in the mind and the past. Change comes as an opportunity within your awareness to act on the now and follow those inspirations that rise with awareness. Leadership is not just an ability cultivated over time; it is the willingness to act on whispers in the now. Having the courage to take a stand on that which you are aware of and know to be true. Too many spend too much time defending the beliefs and positions of the past and never set sail on the ocean of change and awareness. Let go of the outdated beliefs and ways that hinder you in your minds and follow whispers awakening within your heart.
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Its not enough to believe

The believer does not always realize it is they that the truth is speaking to. Since the mind and ego need to isolate a person against the truth, they create a state of pride within the believer that says “who me, no way”. They go about their business of life, questioning nothing, ignoring signs, avoiding whispers and hiding or holding onto a particular idea or belief. They strive to believe everything is rosy. They are the positive thinkers and the win/win idealists who feel that if they only follow the golden rule and certain scriptures life will be a piece of cake. Unexpectedly, things change and over time they realize that while the mind can convince you of many things and promise to deliver on goals it does not always have the power to produce results. Things change, people change and life it seems in not in their control entirely. They begin to doubt the beliefs that they have lived by and a search begins for a new identity that hopefully will be more in agreement with reality and the nature of things they have experienced. They have come to understand that it is not enough to believe, you have to know what is true about life and yourself as well.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beware your beliefs

The voices of your beliefs speak loud and make bold promises, but unfortunately they never deliver on them. They speak words that tickle the ears and bring a hopeful smile to eager faces. They use all the right words and the true believers become a salesperson for them. They reach out to shake your hand and with the other hand they caress your wallet. They crave your possessions, but they will never openly steal them. They will appeal to lofty ideals and offer to sell you salvation or a place near the throne on high or guarantee healing. All of them appease the mind and ego, quelling the fear inside, hiding you from the truth within and making you a slave to them. Beware your beliefs they will betray you.
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The Whole Identity

The secret to awakening is that you have to feel who you are inside and remember the identity you carry within. The mind creates an outer false identity that shades the real you from your awareness. When you begin to feel you approach the natural self that you are and allow those realizations to remind you of your whole identity. This whole identity is creative and complete and in union with existence.
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Moment to Moment

We live moment to moment, without time and space seducing our mind and reason. Knowing is a natural extension of our awareness. As awareness expands knowing increases and with both come understanding. Comprehension of the infinite can only occur through knowing. No words, ideas or thoughts can express the infinite state of existence or being. In an aware state you know because you are and you have become what you know. No division exists within your consciousness as you become more and more aware.

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Addressing doubt and suspicion

 As long as you perceive anything with the mind you will have doubt and suspicion. Channeled material and my whispers are not the complete truth, they are a reminder of the unseen reality within us. not until your awareness unites the duality within you and you see through experience and knowing how we create our reality will you be able to say "This awareness really works" It is the knowing and perceiving of a new reality that proves to you that your awakening is not airy-fairy, mumbo-jumbo or simply put BS. When the seeker and that which is sought are ONE in consciousness the doubt disappears because you are in a place within where you have proved it within what is true for you. You have become the proof that you were seeking.
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Still we are not listening, are we?

 Jesus did not personally hate anyone who disagreed with his message, but he did have a lot to say about their beliefs. He was not always loving and gentle with those who defended their beliefs. He realized the great harm some beliefs can do to humanity and it was his mission to give clarity to the truth of the universe and love. He saw how beliefs made slaves of people and how other people used their fellow man in the name of their religions. He witnessed and suffered at the hands of a government that continually repressed the lives and the spirits of his fellow man and all in the name of control and the power of possessing things and places and peoples. He was a witness against them both externally in his actions and internally within his heart. He knew the deepest truth of man and existence and he tried to share it all with us. Still, we are not listening are we?
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Either you know or you don't

An aware person does not speculate on the results of their efforts, either they know or they don't. An aware person would never seek to do anything of an aware nature unless they knew it was approved within. So many people blindly do things in the name of God or a technique or by prayer and the only authority they posses is a belief in what they are doing. An idea that is might work, should work, or damn it to hell it has to work because I belief it will. Their authority is with no understanding of the process involved, they just think it will work if they follow instructions and keep self hypnotizing themselves with positive affirmations. The universe does not work like this, it is not ours to command...just to serve.
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Higher Self Trust

You do not have to trust what you already know is true. For many because the mind does not give a complete and satisfactory answer to many things, it is difficult to know what to trust and who. Your higher self is not another level of the mind filled with more knowledge and ideas. It is you experiencing yourself within the knowing of a new level of awareness. It is a oneness between consciousness where no boundary exists and the knower and the known are one at the same time. You are all that is, and many aspects of that oneness at the same time in many places and dimensions.

Your life within your higher self has many chapters, adventures and subplots. Some you will be conscious of and others you will not. None of this can be revealed until you enter that state and experience the trust that fills all of existence. Once you were the question and now you have become the final answer and no more questions exist. It is now a matter of choice as to what and when you choose to be more aware and what you will experience.

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The journey within your higher self

The more that you become aware, the less you will be understood by those who still seek answers with the mind. The reason for this is that you have crossed the line of reason and logic and entered the realm of feelings and awareness. It is impossible to understand the higher self and awareness with the mind. No matter how eloquent you are in thought and speech they are not a substitute for reality. The basic assumptions, beliefs and concepts of a life based in reason and logic are gone and they are replaced with a full awareness of self and most importantly TRUST in oneself and the universe.

 Gone is the fear of an identity that needed labels to define and navigate itself through a physical world, now you know and that is enough, but what you know cannot be described to a mind that lacks understanding of ultimate reality.  You are on your way to other realizations about yourself and the nature of existence and what you experience is uniquely yours and not particularly like another’s. While initial encounters within the higher self may be similar, where it takes you may not be similar to another’s in experiences or intended purpose. Your freedom and your awareness go hand in hand and so does your experience of reality within your higher self.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reflections within consciousness

The ego is your higher self turned inside out. It is an unreal you, seeking reality through thought, while the higher self is the real you existing as being. One is an imposter and the other is real. One exists in the physical world and the other is eternal in the now. They are reflections within consciousness and a mirror of each other. One is the reflected image and the other is the divine substance of things. They are not opposites but rather complementary reflections within consciousness.

Duality exists because the ego needs the mind to establish a separation from the higher self, even though it is an illusion it is enough to hold your attention in the physical world. We are the higher self and the ego and the entire existence acting as two but being ONE in nature.

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The crowd wants paid

The purpose of these whispers is not to gain converts but to share with those who are open what is true concerning their spiritual journey. There is no dogma in them or commandments that you have to follow. They are designed for those of you whose hearts are open or opening to the greater truth of the higher self birth within you. Those who feel will understand and received them; those who thought most likely will either rebel or attack them, because they challenged their ego’s, beliefs or ideas about healing and money.

 The whispers are not asking anyone to follow them, but to check inwardly within your truth and see if they clarify for you something that needs to be addressed or understood. It is always up to you to follow your own whispers or those of the crowd. Remember, whispers cost you nothing, but the crowd wants paid.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Witnessing, Attention and Awareness

Witnessing that you are not your thoughts is the second step of becoming aware, The first is directing your attention inward and investigating your feelings. I understand what you are implying (name omitted), but it is through your feelings that you encounter the intelligence known as your higher self. You make the break from the mind by leaving it on the side of the road and feeling who you are. When that is accomplished you do not have to direct so much energy outward to thoughts. Awareness is bypassing thought all together and BEING. The mind is useful for directing attention, but that is about it. If you direct it outwardly it will attach to the world of ideas, belief and opinions. If you direct it and your attention inwardly properly it can help to reveal what you feel and a whole new dimension of your being.
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Understanding truth

There is the truth of the universe and the truth of your awareness in it. Your progression is from the perspective of the awareness of your personal experience of the truth to a greater awareness of the ultimate truth. It is one truth experienced at different levels of awareness and from different perspectives within the truth. It is one truth. without mind, consciously existing as all that is.
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It is your truth

As you become comfortable with your higher self and your awareness, truth begins a journey for you as to the nature of reality and your place within it. No other guide exists for you other than your higher self and the awareness it brings within you. No longer do you seek for answers externally or follow others blindly. These whispers would mean next to nothing to you, because you realize the only thing that matters for you is your higher self knowing and understanding.

Truth for you is individual and often spontaneous. You are on a journey of self discovery of yourself and the nature of existence. This all begins when you KNOW yourself as the higher self that you are and you are no longer weighed down by the mind and ego. No longer are you distracted by beliefs and their inability to make real the truth of your spiritual being.
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Monday, August 6, 2012

The birth of the higher self

Awareness does not come all at once, sometimes the universe gives us a taste of it and then years may pass till we are ready to hear the whispers. As we gain more experience with the whispers and our self trust increases within our awareness a curious thing happens. Sooner or later we begin to realize a new level of understanding and recognition within ourselves. At first you will struggle to accept what is happening to you and the communications may not be consistent to your understanding because you are puzzled by the states of knowing and not knowing.

 Gradually over time you begin to realize that a broader intelligence has entered your life. It is not just remembering a memory; it is more like remembering more of who and what you are inside. It is the power of a whole being awakening inside you. It is this being in harmony with existence and consciously taking over for a mind that has failed you for so many years. It is the birth of your higher self, truth within and understanding the nature of reality. Only the higher self can reveal to you your truth and the nature of reality, nothing or nobody else can do it for you.

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Banking with the universe

If you could snap your fingers and heal yourself how much would you charge the universe to make you whole? What price would they charge you? There is no answer to this, is there? It is beyond the ability of money to transact, yet those who claim to be true healers and charge money for true healing claim otherwise. The currency of healing is love and not money. If it is done, there is no charge other than a grateful heart and soul and tears of joy. You do not make money a requirement for true healing and the universe does not ask for it to heal. You cannot enter a marriage contract with the world of finance and money and do business with the universe as a healer, it is impossible.
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The healing franchise

The universe does not franchise healers like McDonald's does. It is a sacred calling, not a career or a profession. True healers work for a higher standard within their awareness. I see more of a businessman (name omitted) in you using healing to make money than a healer who serves others in conjunction with universal guidance.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

When wild animals attack

Like wild animals ripping apart a fallen prey the unaware mentally rip away at the truth and call the messenger mad. They fear greatly the transforming power of the truth so much that their ego's must lash out wildly in a frenzy of self justification and lies. They twist the truth in their own words and ideas and endeavor to distort the words of the messenger and the truth itself. They are lost in a world of their own creation. One filled with lies, mind, emotion and false imagination. Their last resort is to stalk with false accusations and manufactured untruths to make themselves look better and appear just . They lust to appear righteous in their thinking and to draw others to their cause, even when it is full of lies, deceit and intended deception.
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

What is a whisper?

A whisper is much more then something to think about, it is an experience within consciousness that reveals a much broader sense of self and the nature of existence. It reveals in the moment things that the mind can never accept, explain or understand. It reveals the truth and nature of life within our being.
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Charging for love and healing

Do you charge your family for the love they give you? Does your wife ask for a dollar every time you kiss her? When you fell in love or had your children was their a fee for the joy and love you felt? Can you place a value on these gifts? Would you sell them, at what price? You do not charge for gifts that are priceless. No value can be put on them and if you did sell them a piece of your heart  and life would die.

Shame on you who claim to heal or offer the services of love for a profit. You make it cheap and worthless for yourself and the client. No amount of money can be charged or given for the price of love and healing. It is priceless and beyond the value of money in any form.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

To answer or not to answer

Not every question deserves an answer, not every reply deserves a response. Questions that are serious and aware always deserve a response. Questions that are silly, ridiculous, and contain ignorance never get a reply. You can rail against the truth all you want , but you will get no answer unless you open your heart, because the truth is the final answer and the only question to be asked.
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The truth is always attacked

Those who speak the truth are always attacked by those who think they know it. It is those who have searched, studied and longed for redemption the most that often are the worse persecutors of the truth. Their minds are so filled with ideas, information and concepts that they do not recognize the simplicity of it when it arrives.

Truth is very simple and it does not require an education, going to a seminar, listening to tapes or video's or searching for a guru in some far away country. Truth waits inwardly within each of us when we have the courage to surrender all that we think and believe truth is.

It is because truth is so simple that many miss it. Their ego and pride need all the protection they can muster to keep a buffer between the mind and surrender. It is too painful for them to just let truth in, they feel that they have to earn it.

Truth cannot be compared to legends that currently exist about it or stories that others tell about it. It is a personal experience of the infinite and filled with unique experiences for each individual. You cannot base your experience within the truth on any idea of another, it is yours and yours alone to discover within.

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Whispers only point the way

Never give away your power to anyone. Never give away your power to these whispers. It is not the intention of these whispers to become another dogma that you blindly follow because they speak to your heart. Whispers simply point you in the right direction. They influence you to look deeply within to your heart and ask questions concerning your beliefs, nothing more. It is not necessary to agree with anyone in spiritual matters other then yourself. It is your truth that you are seeking, not another's. You will not find your truth in these whispers, but you will get a sense of where to look to find it and that is their only purpose.
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Awareness needs no label

If  you want to be aware, take away your silly titles of spiritual prominence, along with your identification  with the tools and toys of your spiritual trade and be. Be without thought, belief or ideas  and stand naked in your mind and allow your real self to take charge again. Identify with nothing other than what you feel and allow your unique awareness to be born. The aware identify with nothing other than what they feel and that feeling is the presence of your higher self.
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One Voice

The way that you know the truth is that when you are aware only one voice, the voice of the universe speaks to and through you. It is the voice of silent clarity and wisdom. It is undivided knowing, you know because you have become that which is.

The unaware person hears many voices in their head. They speak according to the main idea that is prominent within them at any time. One moment they speak hope, the next love, the next confusion and so forth. Each voice is an idea of their opinions or beliefs.

The aware hear only one voice and that voice resonates to the tune of the universal reality. It is the knowing self (Higher Self) of wisdom and light, the essence of pure incorruptible being and universal consciousness.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Balance within Awareness

Some will say that these whispers are based in fear and not reality, that they speak of the dark side of things and that spirit, the universe and God are only loving, good and that the awakening is far away from these topics. I say that you are naive and avoiding the reality that the universe is both dark and light and that awareness is brought forth when they are in conflict. The truth is a choice to be aware of both and not ignore one for the other. To realize that pleasant and unpleasant events will happen in a life to bring in balance the misgivings and misunderstandings of the nature of things.

 You do not grow in awareness by embracing ideas of goodness only, but by seeing the effects of darkness in yourself and others. Truth is both dark and light, evil and good, both exist in the universe as God. You cannot grow in awareness or sense the reality of things by hoping the bad will go away because you are aware, enlightened or awakening. You will not see the landscape of reality or truth if you stick your head in the hole of your imagination of what you think is real and true.

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