"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Friday, January 31, 2014


The thoughts and desires of the mind and ego are what prevent us from experiencing our true self in awareness. They direct our attention outward into the world of flesh, materialism, greed and misguided values.
The mind and ego only understand love and peace as words defined in a dictionary. They do not know love and peace. Love and peace are felt behind the meaning of the words that the mind understands. They are an awareness of the oneness within the universe and ourselves.

The aware soul knows love and the believer wishes they did, but they only understand it in their minds.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Nature of the Knower Within

The inner knower hears and sees as oneness, there is no duality in the knower.

Hearing and seeing in the physical body are two separate functions, but that is not the case with the knower. What the knower sees and hears in from within its body of consciousness and the knowledge of existence.

Truth is the recognition of the knower through awareness of its body of existence and the nature of reality within. There is no doubt within the knower, because no division exists against its knowing.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Link Exchange

Whispers of Awareness would like to exchange links with other blogs or websites that specialize in awakening and awareness. If you know of any or if you own one and want to exchange please email me at robertcosmar@whispersofawareness.org .

Thank you,
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You cannot prove the Known

There is no need to prove anything to anyone, for in our knowing we discover our truth.

Beliefs must be challenged and debated, our egos need a right to exist and we look for a belief or beliefs to prop it up.

The believer must defend all outer attacks to their beliefs and resist any idea that does not support their beliefs.

Fear is a coat of many colors that hides us from the truth of reality and cloths us in garments that wear out in time.

The aware believe nothing, but simply allow existence to reveal itself in the quiet warmth of the silence in their consciousness.

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Border of Awareness

Fear and enlightenment are very close to the moment of NOW. The ego is a veil that shrouds us in fear and
also stands guard at the doorway of awakening.

It is a border between the real and the unreal, between our knowing and our believing. It separates us from revelation by overwhelming our consciousness with the unconscious at times.

Fear fights to maintain the position of our ego identity and is capable of pulling us into a dungeon of dark influences. It is the gatekeeper for the living dead who have sold their truth for the promises of the lie.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Breath

The “in “ breath anchors us in the physical world and our bodies. It supports the mind and ego and allows us conscious energy to move in space and time. It is a companion to our attention in everyday life.

The “out” breath is a surrender of all that is outside us and a reminder that we must all turn within. It is a release of our outer attention and the first step towards relinquishing control.

The breath accompanies our attention and assists in revealing the mechanics behind how our consciousness functions within existence. The breath is the life force manifesting in both time and space and also the silence. It is the presence of us dwelling in existence.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Unreal

The imagination holds us prisoners to the past and hostages of the future.

Through it we imagine how things were or how they could be. All the while we are certain that the events are believable and true. We perceive our lives through imagination of what could be or what might have happened.

The mind and imagination are not concerned with the truth as revealed within consciousness, but perceptions of the truth that supports the ego’s desires.

To imagine is great if you are creating fiction, but it is a deception if you are trying to be real and uncover the truth within your life.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Ego's Desire

The ego is subtle and seductive, seducing your attention outward towards desire and a possession of those things to be desired. It is a selfish possession of those things deemed worthy of the unconscious.

The ego does not care about feelings, it is all about desires and the cravings to fulfill them constantly. It is never satisfied with what it has and is always looking for more of what it has not.

The ego creates an identity that is never fulfilled and never can be. It exists on the false promise that it can fulfill itself. It is steam on a mirror that hides the true reflection of what we are and who we are within.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Walking with Fear

There is no greater search than the search within ourselves for the truth in consciousness. 

The mind has cataloged over the centuries billions of pages of thought, observation, theory and ideas, but little to none has been written about reality or the truth in consciousness. It is beyond words and reserved for those brave enough to challenge the mind and ego’s grip on what is real and true.

Mapping of the physical universe has come a long way and science substitute’s theories for anything that it cannot fully understand and rightfully so, but life cannot be measured, contained or explained. It can only be experienced within consciousness and discovered individually by each of us in our own time and way through awareness.

We know little to nothing about life, other than that we are alive. Each person’s life experience is a little different from another’s and yet at the heart of life we all feel and want the same things. There is a universal need and want within us, no matter the color, race or creed. Wholeness screams up from the well of our consciousness begging that we come to a full conscious knowing of ourselves and life, but life is shrouded in a mystery.

We know that the answer is close, because the desire is so strong, but fear is the guardian to mystery and stands at the gate of life daring the courageous to walk with it. It says to us that we will get to know it intimately on this journey and finally in the end we will know that which we are seeking.

It says, “Take my hand and walk with me, know my name and realize I am your friend and not your enemy. I will show you mysteries, truths and explain the nature of things. Leave behind the baggage of your mind and ego and follow me. The hurt you feel is not me harming you, but the remnants of those things which stood in the way of knowing your truth and our truth.”

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Real religion

That which appeals to the imagination is not awareness, it is a diversion by the mind and ego to deceive the consciousness into believing it has experienced the truth.

Truth is void of imagination and full of conscious realizations that are already within our being nature. Nothing outside of us is included. Real religion is a personal revelation of our inner most self to our outer consciousness, it is not second hand knowledge passed down through the ages by those who seek to control our very destinies.

To become whole, enlightened we experience our very selves and this discovery leads to the knowledge of our true self in consciousness. Chasing an idea to try and catch it is like trying to hold smoke, it slips through your fingers. This is the destiny of those who try to seek truth outside their very nature.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dissolving Clouds

The mind is a cloud that blocks the sunlight of our being within consciousness. It assists the ego in forming an
identity that accompanies our body in this lifetime.

The mind distracts us from our feelings and if we are not careful over time we become numb to them as our identity shifts totally outside our consciousness into thought and idea. We believe that we are the thought and idea and we have forgot the core of our nature which is feeling consciousness.

Meditation is the result of shifting our attention from thought and idea, back into feeling. It is both a tool and the result of shifting our attention from without to within. We can observe and release our identity in meditation from ideas back into feelings.

Meditation is the point in consciousness where the influences of the outer are replaced with the influences of the inner life which is existence itself. The boundary of the finite is replaced by a conscious awareness of the infinite. The shift moves from who we thought we were to the experience of who we truly are in consciousness.

Meditation assists in the revelation and discovery of our inner being.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The real deal

Your feelings are not a fantasy, in fact they are closer to reality then you realize.

Thoughts exist outside us in a sense and they help us to build and manage our life in the physical world. There would not be any physical world structures, services or organization unless we acted on our thought, imagination and ideas.

Consciousness includes thoughts, imagination and ideas, but its most important quality is our feelings and our awareness. We cannot know ourselves truly and fully in the mind. At the heart of our consciousness is our feelings. Our feelings reveal much more of who and what we are than our thoughts.

Thoughts allow us to create any identity we wish, but those identities are false and unreal. They are mental constructs for playing in the sandbox of life, but they are not who and what we are within.

Feelings reveal the nature, essence and texture of existence, if we honor them and accept our awareness that accompanies them. They reveal the content and quality of our relationship to ourselves, others and existence. They determine how we experience life and how we choose to act. If we are real or if we are playing in the sandbox of life with others who are playing make believe.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Not for sale

Awareness is only a business if you are selling ideas. Many seek to promote and sell the image of awareness as an idea, but they lack the substance within their own awareness to be truthful enough to accomplish it. It is a gift of consciousness and cannot be bought or sold. When it is sold as ideas without awareness it is cheapened in a similar way as someone telling you that they love you and don’t mean it or understand it. Sincerity of effort does not equal the quality of real content or real awareness.  You do not become aware by educating the mind and you are not helping others by selling the idea of awareness.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Not impressed

The aware are not impressed by anyone, they see everyone as equal, but they realize that some are more conscious than others.

The world worships government officials, actors, religious leaders, athletes and anyone that appears to be a success on the world’s terms, but they know little of the character or the consciousness of these people.

The world has little to offer the aware at this time, other than the examples that the unaware leave as a demonstration of the results of being unconscious.

We are all ONE within ourselves when we are conscious, it is only in an unconscious state that we believe we are different from others.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Robert Cosmar : Author, Astrologer and Teacher Of Awareness - Home

Robert Cosmar : Author, Astrologer and Teacher Of Awareness - Home

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True teaching

True teaching is felt within us, not taught to us. It reveals the nature of our existence without the use of the
mind and ego as a false identity. Words are not necessary because a knowing presence exists.

True teachers of awareness know when they have met a recipient of awareness, because they can feel a kinship in their hearts for the truth. A knowing presence exists that reveals their state within the oneness. They share a moment of give and take within the now of existence.

True teaching is nothing but a steppingstone where the receiver recognizes they too possess a natural wisdom that comes from within. It is the point in the moment of time where the student chooses to stay in school or to graduate and go to the University of their Inner Self.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Do not imagine, become!

Time and space stop with the discovery of the silence, only the knowing self remains.

All references to what exists outside us stops as we have nothing outside to identify with. We are alone, but we are total and complete within our existence. The last barrier to self-discovery are the ideas about what we think it is.
We do not discover reality through our imagination. This is a trick of the ego and mind and it is a partner to those who only can imagine what is real and true about themselves and existence.
Much of what is written or spoken about reality is imagination or from contact with energies of the unconscious. They are still outside of us and counterfeits of the true reality within us.
Each of us must discover our own truth from the reality we discover within our own awareness and consciousness. It is a very personal journey that we walk alone and learn to trust all the aspects within us, even the ones we judge as bad or evil.Bookmark and Share

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Self reliance, key to your truth

Beware of those who offer you truth at the price of your freedom to grow, understand and experience life on your own. Those who promise to sell you secrets or declare that they know the way.  As long as you choose to follow others or seek answers from them you will still be cheating yourself of the experience of what is real and not a counterfeit. Truth must be gained individually from the choices you make in life and the lessons learned. You cannot be strong in your truth if you are leaning on others to explain the way all the time.Bookmark and Share

Monday, January 13, 2014

The unconscious

The unconscious is all about trapped emotion and thought. It is a wasteland and garbage heap of unresolved
thoughts, issues and emotions. It is contacted though the mind, but in reality exists beyond the mind and is a part of the aura of deception that surrounds the earth. This aura is the result of millions of years of unresolved thoughts, issue and emotions.

The unconscious is a counterbalance to our awareness and provides the mirror from which we can decide who the real person is or who they choose to become. Without the unconscious the ego would forever remain in control of our identity. We would become lost in an infinite search with no final resolution.

The nature of the unconscious is pain and conflict. It is the strength of the pain and conflict that magnetically draw us into it. The nature of our egos is to control everything and when we realize life will not permit this we tumble into the unconscious and sit until the clouds move beyond us and we can see the sun again.

It is the unconscious that cause us to doubt the assertions, beliefs and demands of the mind and ego. It helps to unravel what is unreal and points us in the direction of what is real, our awareness and our feelings and our truth.Bookmark and Share

Friday, January 10, 2014

The heart of the matter

Awareness speaks to the heart of the matter, it pulls no punches, but it does not attack the individual.

It speaks to those things that are believed by the masses in an attempt to clarify and uncover the essence or intention of the belief.

Awareness is reality minus the mind, ego and beliefs. It is pure conscious knowing without our distorted identity cultivated by the mind and ego. It is an introduction to our core consciousness.

When we are aware the single voice of our consciousness is speaking to us and maybe through us to others. It reveals our true home and nature, not the one the masses accept through a distortion of their mind, ideas and imagination.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The knowing oneness

The end result of awareness is an awakened consciousness. One that is not based in mind or ideas, but a revelation of the fullness of our being.

It is life without ideas and a mind to hinder its expression. It is truth in essence and our truth personally without the doubt we harbor in the searching mind.

To become “one” the knower and the known must unite in the fullness of their being. There is no asking, because all is known in the becoming of our awareness.

The mind is a distraction to our becoming fully conscious and aware. It places our identity into thoughts and ideas where we hide until we return to our unity in awareness once again.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Eager minds

The teachings of awareness are not for those with eager minds. They will most likely miss the message of the

Awareness is for those who feel and love. It is for those who can sense the rhythm of existence flowing through and around them. It is for those who know that there is more to life than what is seen and heard.

Awareness speaks only through the language of the heart and it reveals the nature of our lives beyond what the senses can perceive outer.

The teachings are not a doctrine, but an encouragement to know within yourself and follow the truth of your own awareness and whispers.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Stop trying!

Religion and philosophy are for those trying to be spiritual. In reality we are all spiritual or conscious, but some are aware while others are still trying.

The mind tries to be spiritual and the ego loves it. It says that if you do this, believe this or become that you will be saved and for a while we accept that.

Existence does not allow us to live in ignorance, eventually it compels us to investigate ourselves beyond the opinions, philosophies, theologies and beliefs of family and others. We may try to hide ourselves in ignorance for a season, but the pain of rejecting our individuality forces us to peek behind the curtain of ignorance and ask “WHY” or “Who is there?”

Spirituality is accepting ourselves as we already are and allowing the natural awareness of ourselves to rise within us. It is realizing for ourselves that we are the temple or door of our own salvation and that all we need to do is turn around and look inside for our salvation is already waiting.

True salvation is recognizing who you are in your awareness, without all the props and promises of those still trying to be saved.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Love is

Love is the awareness of what is real and feels right. It is the companion of the true knowing intelligence. It
reveals and supports what is real and true. This is why when you are in love everything feels right with you and existence. This however is not a guarantee you will feel this way forever.

Love is what we feel when we are in alignment with the universe, when we are true in our decisions. Few are able to do this on a day to day basis, but as awareness increases it is easier to know how to proceed.

Love reveals our truth and how we are to live in truth. It shines a light on what is real and good and it also reveals the wisdom to avoid wrong choices and improper decisions.

Love is the nature of existence. It is flexible and free of form. It provides a unique connection with the knower within who shows us our way into our truth.Bookmark and Share
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