"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Book for the Aware

If you feel Robert’s whispers touch you and awaken the the truth within you, you may be interested in his book, “Big Little Book of Whispers”.  It was released early this year and contains well over 1000 whispers.  It is available in both print and Kindle. 

Some use it as a daily digest, reading one whisper each day.  Others read it cover to cover.  It really doesn’t matter how you choose to read the book, I’m sure the whispers will awaken your inner self to the truth within you.  The reviews and comments have been wonderful! 

Big Little Book of Whispers
by Robert S. Cosmar   


Really, really enjoyed this heartfelt book. The best I have ever read on this area of wisdom. Full of awareness shared so beautifully, and skilfully.  ~Haqiqa (Amazon)

I just love this book!  It's a must read.  The short insights by the author are timeless, true, and can be applied in day to day life to make it better.  Those who may not like to read it in a spiritual sense can read it in philosophical or practical sense and help oneself. There are no words to describe how joyous I am feeling after reading it. Thumbs up!”  ~Disha (Goodreads)

“… a treasure-trove of beautiful lines that makes one stop and introspect. 

When one is ready to look into his or her self, that's when the universe conspires to let us know, by all means, about what we need to know.  And during such a mission, I was lucky enough to have gotten an opportunity to read this book.

You can turn through the pages from the beginning or open any page and you can be assured that it will be something worth ruminating upon in the mind.”  ~Divya Nambiar (Goodreads)

“For those who are aware and awakening … there are some who will say my review of Robert's book isn't as valuable as a review by someone else. After all, I am Robert's life partner. I also edited the book, so surely I must be biased. They are entitled to their opinion, however, they would be wrong.

There are well over 2,000 whispers in "Big Little Book of Whispers". When I took on the task of editing this 520-page book, my mind tried to convince me it could be a daunting, tedious experience. It was not. 

As I began to read, more often than not I found myself lost within each page, the editing forgotten, my mind and heart working together as I felt each word, each whisper, come alive with meaning. 

It took me four readings to finish the editing. Each time I began, I found new truths that touched me, like a seed sprouting and growing, page by page.

If you are aware, or awakening, this is a book you will cherish. I would give it ten stars ...”

~CJ Heck, Author

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The Sideshow

The truth is not a sideshow.  

Truth is simplicity and naturalness of being; it is clarity within and it is absent of distractions. 

Truth is a single and complete identity. It is the YOU within existence. It is YOU without any ideas about self, and minus the imagination.
Many use awareness to promote themselves.  Some are caught between promoting awareness and themselves, and a few seek to only promote awareness. It is a difficult challenge and each person must decide for themselves what feels right to them within.
Making money off awareness should always be secondary to sharing it. If an opportunity presents itself to make money, it is not wrong, but it is important not to take credit for what has been borrowed from existence. 

The credit for awareness belongs to no one person -- it belongs to us all.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Addict

Like a drug addict that promises to clean up their act, our mind promises we will do better next time.TvmoBjg9OlE Our ego cannot face the truth that, as long as we have to search for the answer, we will never find it.
Like the addict, we are trying to escape from ourselves and find the way to a better existence. We want to go back to a time before the pain began and we lost our way.
The mind and the ego are full of excuses.  The imagination is like a drug and able to fantasize endless possibilities, but neither the mind nor ego can bring peace. 

Peace is the end of all searching and imagining. Peace is knowing the true self within our consciousness.

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Big Little Book of Whispers (Volume 1): Robert S Cosmar, CJ Heck: 9781480079519: Amazon.com: Books

Big Little Book of Whispers (Volume 1): Robert S Cosmar, CJ Heck: 9781480079519: Amazon.com: Books

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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Inner Teacher

That which speaks to the mind does not bring a realization into consciousness. 

It is always the heart that feels the energy behind the words in a subtle, but satisfying manner. The heart simply knows if a truth is being spoken, or addressed.
Teaching is not as important as what is felt within the teaching, or what is awakened by the energy behind the words of what is being taught. When you know, you do not forget, but permitting the knowing to be your life is another matter.
Teaching can introduce your awareness to you, but neither the teacher nor the teaching is your awareness within. 

Meditation is the tool and the key to begin your own inner communication into your own awakening or awareness.
Until you meditate (go within to the silence), what you receive is only secondhand information -- like the crumbs from a great feast that you have missed. Your level of hunger will make certain that you not miss the next one.

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Friday, October 25, 2013


The truth of knowing within your awareness is the experience of your natural identity within your being.
For many, their spirituality is clothed in images of the imagination and the hopes and promises of the ages as dictated by religious authorities. They have a surface understanding within beliefs, but they do not feel the reality in their spiritual truths. Hollow is their faith when challenged by the realities of life and living. They have nowhere to go as the images of spiritual support fail to give either direction or support.
They sit in a pile of ashes for each belief burned up by the realities of life and you can hear the word “Why” uttered over and over again.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You Don't Buy Awareness

I got something in my email yesterday that made me cringe.  

For only $49.95 a month, a couple was offering to teach me (and God only knows how many others) how to be aware through a series of audio CDs they had produced.  

I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  Are people really foolish enough to be conned into thinking they have to buy their awareness?  

You can’t buy awareness.  We are all aware – some are only unaware of being aware.

“I’m aware?”  you may be asking … yes, of course you are!  You wouldn’t be here at Knowing Whispers, if you didn’t at least wonder whether you are aware.   

If these universal thoughts (whispers) that come through Robert touch something within you that resonate with truth -- know you are aware.   

There is only one truth.  It is your inner being – self – which recognizes, or knows, the very same truth when you read the whispers.  They are shared as a guide for you to get to know that inner self.

Remember, you don't have to buy awareness.
  You are already aware …


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The Lies

nsudfgsudfgdfTo discover ourselves (Self) is to discover all that is within us. There is no hiding!
Our lives are out of balance, because we are lying to ourselves first and then at times subtly to others.
It is the lies that we believe and the avoidance of the truth within us and about us, which create a block in awareness within ourselves and others. The natural sharing from love is contaminated and the joy within our being is stymied.
It is the little lies that prevent awareness, not the obvious ones like beliefs. It is fear of trusting ourselves and others that separates us all from the love we carry within and the ability to share it in oneness.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Knowing Truth

In the multitude of many words and ideas there is much confusion. In fact, the mind itself is Summer Park, Chamarande, France.confusion.
It cannot by itself agree on what is true. It can speculate and analyze, or theorize, but to know what is true we must feel it deep within our being. 

Truth is an experience of knowing with certainty, not guessing as the mind tends to do.
We do not come to the realization of truth through the mind. If we did that, the truth would be outside us and truth needs to be found, or attained. 

The truth is in fact within us and truth is us. We only need to discover it within to know it.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Become the Breath

refreshing!Become the breath. Enter into it with attention and remember your beingness.
Many meditate with the mind and stay with it and the imagination. Shift the attention to witnessing and begin to pay attention towards feeling the breath and the fullness within it.
This is the Gate of Awareness and to becoming the breath. 

To become the breath is to stand in the middle between mortality and infinity. It is knowing the true essence of reality and the natural state of your beingness. It is the end of all seeking and the beginning of all becoming in your truth.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Act of Being Spiritual

Meditation is the tool and surrender is the key to awareness. 

Those who seek shall not find, until they give up the desire to find. 

The devoted religious person is always further away from the truth than the natural person who accepts life on its terms without question. 

Trust who you are, where you are, and allow it all to unfold without complaint. The act of being spiritual is never the same as awareness. An aware person never acts as being spiritual -- they understand that the mind has no idea of what spiritual is anyway.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Test of Truth

True knowledge is only useful for those who understand it. It is never earned or learned, but ratherWhitier 2[1], experienced. For those seeking the truth within the mind they will be sadly disappointed.
True knowledge is the possession of those who are awakened within consciousness. It is the knowingness of their true identity in consciousness, an identity that defies description within the mind.
The world of the mind is full of tales, superstitions, and misinformation concerning the nature of reality and its identity within consciousness. 

The masses of humanity, driven by mind-based beliefs and superstitions, drool at the feet of ghosts and over-excited imaginations. The test passed within individual consciousness is ignored and avoided.
Reality is simple, personal, and individually experienced. It is similar for most aware people, but not identical in all ways of expression. 

True awareness will never become a religion, because like consciousness itself, it can never be copied or duplicated either in the mind or the experience of reality.

Monday, October 14, 2013


Lack of worth is due to lack of awareness.
The world and the ego will tell you that poverty (spiritual and financial) is due to a lack of worth and that the answer is personal pride within. 

Pride is not a virtue of awareness.  Pride is an artificial pumping of the ego to build up a false identity. It is the belief that if you create a positive and prosperous identity, you will fill the deep void within your being.
How can you find deep fulfillment and stability, if you are building up one leg of your nature (thoughts) while denying the other (feelings)?
Worth is knowing the truth within your awareness of the true nature of your being within existence. It does not require any props, because it stands alone as our ultimate identity within.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Art of Being

Art is the expression of awareness transformed into imagination. It is the passage of truth from feeling to thinking. It is the decay of life energy into symbolic form.
Truth and awareness are the artwork of life and the universe. There is no one form, only infinite substance. 

Life is what it chooses to be, unless someone or something hinders its expression. It has no guidelines, or laws, as freedom is the basic principle of life and existence.
Our lives are expressions of the unlimited artwork of existence as revealed through awareness and penned by the egos of our lives.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

God or Me?

It is very difficult to put into words the feelings that awareness brings.lotus blossom
They must be crafted, sculpted with the assistance of higher intelligence. They must feel and look right, similar to what an artist feels about their creation. If you have doubts then they are not finished or ready to be shared with others.
I was asked recently if anything exists beyond awareness. I told them I was unsure or did not feel qualified to answer.
Recently I decided to share what I can say about awareness and what lies beyond it. I cannot prove this, but it feels very strong to me.
I feel that we are the God that we are seeking in consciousness, but as yet we are not aware of this. It is kind of like the old story that if you want to hide something, hide it where people will not look -- right in front of them.
I know some may reject this theory, but isn’t it the only true explanation of oneness or wholeness? Is not the whole body of a person capable of reproduction by cloning? Because of ideas like sin or evil, many are prone to reject this body and the world. They do not want to believe some outside source called “God” would permit it.
Awareness puts us in touch with our true self and existence. The imagination is set aside and only what can be felt within is recognized as real and true. Awareness is the creative essence of existence, or the body of truth being shared through feelings. 

Imagination is the product of the mind that can be inspired through awareness, memory, and sometimes the unconscious.
Not until we pass from identification with this world and our image of self, will we realize how much remains within us, but it would not surprise me if I am not asking the same questions about existence there as well. 

The last question to be asked is, “Who is asking the questions, God or me?”

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On the Stage of the Ego

Standing in the middle, between the extremes of the mind and the silence, is the thread of the ego.

The ego is the stage upon which the mind can perform. It hides behind all the activities of the mind and emotion. It feels great emptiness, if it is not in control and it always fears whether the identity it creates is being threatened.

Witnessing and being aware of both fear and the ego is essential to knowing freedom from them and the power of our choices within. The deeper our identities delve into the awareness of our truth, the lesser the pain the ego can bring to deceive us.

The point in consciousness that the ego is most fearful of is where the birth of awareness begins. The ego is a distraction from the truth of our inner awareness through the creation of its false identity within us.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Problem with Comments Posting

I believe we have finally fixed the problem with comments that were left for our posts. I had assigned the Google + profile as the main one and bypassed the blogger profile. This seems to have messed things up.

Now a comment link either appears at the end of the post or a embedded window opens at the bottom of it for you to post your questions and comments.

Robert and CJ

For Your Inner Eyes Only

If we become a follower of the whispers, we have missed their point.TunnelSwirlBlueBG
Do not become mesmerized by how the whispers touch us deep within.  Become aware of what they are trying to reveal within us. It is their purpose to awaken the sleeping consciousness within.
What we do with this experience is up to us. We can go about life as we have before, or we can hunger for more to be revealed within us. We can embrace this responsibility within, or we can walk away into the sleep again. We can begin the inner search in consciousness, or we can hide from it in our minds.
If we become a fan of the whispers, we have missed their point.
They point the way within and give a taste of what we already know and are, but it is up to us to follow them on our own, with our own awareness, or dismiss them as a figment of our imagination.
Meditate and feel within consciousness the whispers for you and no one else.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our True Identity

Our true identity is tainted by our attention to the mind and thought. It is further contaminated by the presence of unconscious content that filters its way into our mind.
The unconscious is a garbage dump of thoughts, actions, emotions, ideas, images, beliefs and energies that are ancient and serve as a repository for unfulfilled desires and expectations of the mind and ego of humanity. It is the cesspool of the mind and ego.
To meditate is to choose to feel and not to think. It is to close the door of the mind and open our feelings to awareness. It is to observe the unconscious, but not be swept away into its influence. To meditate is to reclaim our lost identity and abandon the suggestions of the false one. It is to be free of the influence of the world and aware of the nature of life and existence within us.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

To Trust and Become Aware

Trust is a choice in consciousness. It is a confidence built on knowing within. We cannot trust thesunheart mind, because it is always changeable according to its desires, expectations, and wishes.
To fully trust, we must go beyond the mind, emotions, and imagination and become unified within our conscious beingness. 

We need to experience the truth within of who we are, not a goal, or expectation of the mind which we hope to be in the future.
Trust is realizing that we create all that we are and have been, even if we are not conscious of it. It is knowing with certainty that our beliefs are all that stand in the way of our clear conscious knowing of this truth. It is also realizing through surrender that our true identity is limitless consciousness and eternal beingness.

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