"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are you chasing the goose?

Your truth can only be discovered within the innocence of your awareness. It surfaces within your consciousness when you have given up and surrendered to the life you are living.

There is no need to take courses, attend ashrams or learn new, wild and bizarre techniques. Your life, as it is is preparing you to surrender and become aware.

You do not become aware by running away from your life. You become aware from learning to accept and allow your life to unfold naturally. You make choices and you learn from them. You discover in every challenge and crisis the messages that your soul has prepared for you. You become consciously responsible for your life in every way.

Do not seek to be aware, for in the seeking the mind takes over and you are already off track. Look at your life as it is within and surrender it all from there; Let each day be the path and the journey that will lead you into awareness. It is as simple and natural as that.

Whatever you do with the mind to seek awareness is using the imagination and the imagination will not make you aware. It will only send you on a wild goose chase.

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The eternal light as consciousness

When you focus your attention on your thoughts you identify with the mind and ego. When you focus your attention on the breath you identify with the energy of your consciousness and truth. Your body and mind are a shell for the ego to inhabit and dwell. They are your vehicle for the physical world.

The breath is your passage into eternity. When the mind is silent the breath becomes the transporter of consciousness through feelings into awareness. It is a direct link into your being. The only hindrance to this is if the mind tries to identify with the process and tag along. Then the imagination interrupts and a pure link into being is not possible.

The purpose of feeling the breath is not to solely identify with it, but to feel the consciousness within it. The breath is a mixture of the physical and the spiritual energies of existence. It is a crossroads in consciousness and a door into the truth of your being. Do not underestimate feeling your breath and its importance to you in your growth into awareness.

As awareness increases even the attention to breath dissolves into consciousness. Your attention has been absorbed into being and you are simply aware. The idea that was death has been defeated by the awareness of forever. The eternal light of consciousness within you is now shining as you.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A cosmic giggle

The truth is a magnet for hearts. When you hear something that is true and it resonates with you a burst of life bubbles from within your being. It is like a cosmic giggle. How can something so joyful and simple touch you so deeply?

We are all truth, living in truth as the truth, but living at different levels of awareness and attention. Our consciousness knows no bounds, except the limits our attention brings. We are always what we choose to be.

We can choose to be a mind creature and explore ideas, thoughts and physical existence itself or we can feel and break from the limits of the mind and soar into the very heart of existence itself. We choose this by where we place our attention.

Fear is both a safeguard and a limitation. It limits our attention so that the ego can maintain an identity within the physical world. It limits us when in our thought and imagination we fear to explore the depths of our feelings into awareness. Fear is not evil, but it can lead to evil deeds if we follow it. It is also a safeguard when it alerts us to harmful situations. Understanding our fears is a key to expanding our awareness.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mr. Robert Cosmar | Maven

Mr. Robert Cosmar | Maven

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You can't always be aware

Not all experiences in awareness are meant to be shared, some are personal and private and just for you. Your awareness is a living contact with existence and not some script or formula that you have to follow daily. You are not a robot of whispers for the universe and never commanded to obey.

Awareness is a moment to moment relationship with existence in which anything can happen and you need to be flexible enough to allow the moment to be what it is and reveal what it does. Never try to force or control these moments, because if you do they begin to fade in consciousness. Allow them to be just as the universe allows us to be and enjoy the clarity they bring.

The mind is a constant distraction to these moments of awareness. From the very first moment that you wake and begin your day, to the moment you leave a meditation it kicks in automatically to help navigate you through your day. The price that you pay for being human, living on this planet and surviving is that you cannot always be aware.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

The subtle light

Awareness is the inner eyes of your consciousness; it helps you to see with your feeling consciousness the world within.
Just as the sun helps you to see objects close to you in the daylight, it is the subtle light of the moon at night that reveals the backdrop of unlimited stars, planets, galaxy’s, nebulae and black holes. Your awareness functions like this. It is a subtle light that reveals what the light of your mind (sun) cannot, because it is too bright within your consciousness.
It is identification with the mind, imagination and emotion that block out the reality within you by distracting you from the subtle power of your feelings to reveal another reality within you. Attention to your feelings is the only way to correct this.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The inner reality

Without awareness, you cannot know or experience the mind, ego, imagination, emotions, or the simplicity of existence within you. They are merely labels, or like words to describe a house you have seen on the outside but never visited within.

It is essential to your growth in awareness that you know the inner territory of your awareness. It is important to consciously detach and witness/watch the inner world within. You cannot trust what you do not know within you personally. No matter who tells you what they believe to be truth, you must experience it yourself. This is honoring the truth within self.

It is not enough to read rumors in books, or hear others' tales of their often imaginary experiences. You have to know what you are becoming aware of. It is a function of your awareness, your inner teacher, to illuminate the territories within your consciousness. Just as a flashlight illuminates a path in the dark of night, your awareness illuminates the journey towards deep inner reality.

Words do not guide you unless mind and heart work together, because they are not the substance of reality within. You must learn and remember as you go, trusting that the moment of awareness is guiding you home, step by step. Do not take the word of anyone for this. You must know the reality of existence within your truth for it to be real for you. It is a journey that you must take alone within.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Big Little Book of Whispers: Robert Cosmar, CJ Heck: Amazon.com: Kindle Store

Big Little Book of Whispers: Robert Cosmar, CJ Heck: Amazon.com: Kindle Store

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Nothing special

There is no pride in spiritual awareness; you can’t take credit for it. You can’t say “Look at me”, because you realize it is not the identity that you have lived with all your life. It is separate and beyond the current understanding of your mind and identity, but it is still you. It is a mystery of existence that the two exists outside of the one, but both are born of it.

Words like holy, spiritual, enlightened, pious, reverend, great, exalted and even aware are all distorted by the imagination and give a false sense of what real awareness is.

The more aware you are the more unspecial you feel. This natural state of our existence is not out to prove anything to yourself or others. Wholeness helps you to accept everything, especially yourself and you don’t have to put on an act or follow an image in the imagination as many do. It is being who you are and what you are within the truth of existence undistorted by the mind and imagination of self or others. This builds trust with others, because they don’t feel you are hiding behind anything or behaving in an unauthentic way. You must trust yourself first before others will trust you.

The truly aware are servants to the growth of awareness in others as directed by their gifts in awareness and unconcerned about their image to others or the results of their work. They allow the truth in awareness to speak for them and leave any results to existence. They share!

You cannot imagine reality, heaven, truth, or anything real for the imagination distorts it all, but you can become aware of them within and with that knowing comes an authentic reality that flows through you as love eternal.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big Little Book of Whispers (Volume 1): Robert S Cosmar, CJ Heck: 9781480079519: Amazon.com: Books

Big Little Book of Whispers (Volume 1): Robert S Cosmar, CJ Heck: 9781480079519: Amazon.com: Books

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For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am

Reality cannot be described with the mind, ideas or thought; it is out of their bounds. It is limitless conscious awareness seeking expression throughout eternity. The mind, ideas or thought only limit the free expression of conscious beingness and therefore stand outside existence and reality.
This is not to say that our lives and this world do not have merit, they do, but they are a very limited version of who and what we are in comparison to consciousness and awareness. We see through a lens created by the mind and supported by the ego that defines our understanding with limitations. This directs our senses outward where we become unaware of the greater elements of our consciousness within our being within us. As awareness follows our attention so does our identity of beingness.
Truth can never take physical form except within our awareness. Truth only exists within your being. The higher the truth in reality and existence the less chance it will take form. The reason for this is that form is a duality outside life, truth and beingness. It is an approximation that can only reflect what is real within us. It will always be an image or reflection within the mind that appears to be real but is not.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Awareness is what you are

Aware is what you are by virtue of your consciousness. You do not need to seek it, find it, or develop it. It is what you are. Life cannot seek life, because there is no division in it.

Thought is a product of the mind and it must be cultivated and developed or exercised. It is for examination and observation of those things the mind perceives. The mind is not conscious, it is outside consciousness looking in at it and not knowing what to do with it.

Knowing is the purpose of awareness and they are an inseparable link to existence.

Existence is that which we are and when we are aware we are whole. There is no proper definition for either existence or awareness because they just are. That which is without limit has no proper definition. You cannot label it and put it in a box. To label it is to separate yourself from it and stand outside of it. When you are home you are simply aware and in that wholeness you find completion, rest and an assurance of beingness.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Its your truth

Follow your truth. It does not matter whether anyone else agrees or not, it is your living truth. Those who seek agreement on what is truth are chasing their tails around a fire hydrant. Your truth is yours, your awareness is yours, your awakening is yours. Do not wait for others to give you permission on what is your truth. It does not come to you that way.

Truth is not a new set of rules to follow, where new leaders dictate the rules of the game for you to follow. It is your living relationship with existence. One built on individual trust and understanding. You do not need my or another’s permission to follow your heart. It is not without challenges and pitfalls, but it is your living truth and it is not contaminated by others opinions or beliefs. It is forged in the furnace of your own awareness. It is your trial you passed by fire.

Truth is not another dogma to believe in or a path to meditate on. It is your living connection to existence and the greater part of your being. You do not learn it, study for it, meditate to make it happen, pray to it or beg your God for it. It is you at the level of your awareness with the limitations imposed by the mind and ego, but it is also you in those moments when the kiss of existence is placed on your heart from the soul of eternity.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Watching the breath

The breath is the bridge through and into feeling consciousness. Life energy comes into the body through it and returns back into existence. Unlike the mind that deals with things external for the most part, the breath opens the door to all that can be felt, known or experienced as consciousness. It is the key to the path home within through feelings. Just as the mind identifies with thought, the breath is a passage into your being through feelings.

It is known by those who meditate that realizations often accompany the breath. Not only does breathing support the life of the physical body, but it is the carrier of consciousness within the body that is the life within existence itself. It is the doorway within silence where the tide of consciousness rolls onto the beach of our lives and then returns to the greater ocean of our being. It is the passage to the middle ground of our being.

Focusing on the breath bypasses the mind and places you within the body of your conscious feelings. The seed of life lingers here within you, the tide of existence resides here for you.

It is one thing to know that you are breathing and totally another to be aware of your breath. One is an observation and the other is conscious communion with your feelings that extend into life itself. Such a little thing that we take it for granted, but a bigger key to our existence within reality.

The next time that you breathe, stop and feel. It is all there within you waiting to be discovered within. The mind will try and tell you that you are JUST inhaling and exhaling, but your heart will know that the key to the door of life is now in your hands and you can enter at any time to drink from the well of existence.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The servant

The servant is the one who surrenders all, to relinquish one’s personal will for that of another greater will and in doing so gaining understanding and communion with the greater will. It is to deny the ego control of the identity within the mind; it is to dissolve it with love and understanding brought about by the truth. To serve is to work for the greater good of all and not for the good of just one. In doing so there is benefit to all and not just the one.

Fear is a lord of the mind and the servant does not bow down to it. The servant surrenders to the message within it and grows beyond its grip on them.  It is the journey of the wise servant to surrender the small pleasures of desire for the far deeper reward of awareness. In doing so they receive the crown of truth and reality and rejoin the oneness from within they were born.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The echo

Do you feel the words within your heart as you read the whispers? Do they gently prod you from your deep sleep in consciousness? I am like a mirror that reflects, but holds no image.

A whisper comes from one mind and heart and resonates to the heart and mind of those who listen. They begin within the silence of you, then return to the source from which they began.

Like echoes from the universe, they bounce from heart to heart, always returning to the ears of those who are listening. A voice from infinity, they caress the mind and tug the heart, compelling all to stop and feel and live in eternity where the whisper lives.

Do not think I am the echo. I am only a speaker that plays sounds to ears that are ready to hear and understand, but I did not create them. Like you, I am a voice within existence silently remembering who I am. The whispers are a reminder of everything that waits within you.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Real Communication

True communication is only possible in the NOW where the barriers of time and space do not interfere, where imagination and memory do not intrude and heart touches heart in the innocence of existence.

So much time is spent talking and not communicating. It is like receiving an impersonal postcard from a friend minus the moments of a cherished youth filled with spontaneous joyfulness. Impersonal ideas passed back and forth without the live feeling of essence, like an empty bag filled with promises that can’t be delivered. It is talking without hearing and listening without feeling.

True communication is the sharing of life energy, rich in thought and feeling. Sharing of thoughts and ideas is not real communication, but placing hard data on a hard drive to be stored for later retrieval, assimilation and reporting.

You do not communicate with just your mouth, your memory or your imagination, but with the energy of existence that runs through you like a cool breeze on a hot day or an ocean wave caressing the beach. Real communication touches all of you and leaves you stunned and amazed as it passes through every cell of your being and leaves you unable to reply.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Big Little Book of Whispers (Volume 1): Robert S Cosmar, CJ Heck: 9781480079519: Amazon.com: Books

Big Little Book of Whispers (Volume 1): Robert S Cosmar, CJ Heck: 9781480079519: Amazon.com: Books

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Silence is your only master

True masters are silent, because they know that they can’t teach you anything. Even the sincerity in their words is a manipulation within consciousness that distorts the potential experience of truth within you.Even the worshiping of inspired words can divert your attention away from the truth within you.

Some followers become junkies of the master’s words, drooling to taste the sweetness behind them, but they do not realize they have sold out their natural innocence and guidance within.

You do not need a master, you are the master and the sooner you realize this and take the responsibility for your own growth in awareness the better off you will be in the long run.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The real deal

When you become aware that your thoughts, ideas and imagination are outside your awareness you will have understood the meaning of “I AM”. You will know the difference between reality and the state of illusions created by the mind and defended by the ego. It is like waking up from a dream in which you realize you were dreaming while you were in the dream, but now you are awake and you know the difference because the awareness has shifted from the dream state to the normal conscious state of living. You realize they are two places thinly divided by your attention to them.

It is not necessary to die or completely surrender your ego and mind for awareness to happen. They can co-exist, but you will prefer to bypass them to discover all that is contained within your awareness. The dividing line between the ego/mind and awareness is the choice of where you place your attention. Do you totally place it in thoughts or do you allow yourself to explore the feelings within. Identification is the result of the choice of where you place your attention and that determines the reality you will experience.

The longer that you remain in your awareness the deeper will become your communion with existence and a new reality or identity will emerge. This identity is a bond beyond thoughts, ideas and even imagination. It is not a creation of any imagery within the mind, but of the substance of existence itself. It is the real deal.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Big Little Book of Whispers (Volume 1): Robert S Cosmar, CJ Heck: 9781480079519: Amazon.com: Books

Big Little Book of Whispers (Volume 1): Robert S Cosmar, CJ Heck: 9781480079519: Amazon.com: Books

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The prayer of the aware

The prayer of the aware is to share with caring. It is to express through words and feelings the nature of reality within their being. It is to communicate knowing and light the candle of another. To help all who are willing to uncover the mystery within them and to see with the eyes of truth in their being.

It is not to create followers or believers, but to help the willing to stand on their own legs of awareness and know the freedom within them. It is to show them the beauty within and awaken the weary of heart. Hope that is not realized it still hopelessness. To know is the cure for the struggle of beliefs, the silence ends it all and doubt is destroyed in the light of awareness and truth.

To receive life and to share life is the blessing of the awakened ones. It is to grow conscious of truth and knowing and even bridge the barrier of death with wisdom. To live more completely in the brotherhood of consciousness of eternity and to be one with all that is.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

A Beautiful Soul


"Wow! That's beautiful." This is what we all say, or think, when we see a sunrise or sunset, a spectacular view of the ocean, mountains, or even a good-looking man or woman. 

But where does the appreciation of that beauty originate? Where does our ability to understand beauty come from? It comes from within our own consciousness.

The very essence of who and what we are is beauty.

The true essence of beauty cannot be found in a sunrise or a sunset, a face, or even a spectacular view. Those only awaken the essence of beauty within our own spirit. It's not only something we sense within ourselves, but it emerges in our character as virtue and in our life as care.  What are virtue and care anyway, but love in action?

Can beauty be defined with regard to people? I feel that it can. Physical beauty is subjective and, for the most part, seen through the eyes of the beholder.  

We all want to like what we see in our mirror. That kind of beauty can often be bought through plastic surgery, cosmetics, clothes, and hairstyles -- if we have the money. Physical attractiveness is appealing to the senses, but it's a fake beauty based on the superficial standards that society has deemed "beautiful".

Please don't misunderstand, I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to look and feel our best. Everyone does something for beauty, everyone! But that isn't true beauty. 

Spiritual beauty is true beauty, because it comes from within the heart and soul of a person. When someone has a beautiful soul, their very presence can be sensed by others who are naturally touched by them, without even knowing why.

Spiritual beauty comes through awareness and from knowing there is a higher power who gives us the strength and confidence we need to live the best life we can. With it comes peace, confidence, and inner happiness. Spiritual beauty naturally radiates an inner glow that others are instinctively drawn to, because they sense and feel the awareness and beauty that's there. 

Spiritual Beauty
Feeling this good, spiritually, has other benefits, as well. It makes us want to take care of ourselves and our health, which, in turn, is good for our overall physical appearance. 

We gain inner balance by knowing who we are, and knowing we are beautiful, spiritually. As a result, we attract spiritual people into our lives, people who love the totality of us -- mind, body and soul.

The next time you say, "Wow! That's beautiful." Remember, you speak of yourself.  You are beautiful. You always were. You always will be.

Now that's beauty ...


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Exploring the unknown within you

You must become an explorer of your life if you are to be aware. You must shift from mind to feeling, if you are to know. In the stillness, where attention gives way to being you will both know and remember who you are. Like the morning sun breaking through the darkness of the night you will see with new eyes, inner eyes and reclaim your identity within reality.

The darkness is the barrier created by the ego that exists between the outer attention of the mind and the inner knowing of your awareness. Fear always gives the darkness strength and awareness makes it melt into reality. Surrender is the passage to this realization.

This is not something that you learn by doing for it is revealed through feeling. Feeling is consciousness directed inwardly, whereas thinking is consciousness directed outwardly. Attention is the choice we can make in consciousness as to where we place our focus. It is not a struggle, but a surrender and a releasing of control from our mind to our feelings. This is the path of discovery that all explorers realize who awaken from sleep to be born within anew.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The infection of fear

Fear distorts reality by disturbing the imagination. It floods the mind with negative ideas and outcomes, most of which prove to be untrue over time. Fear also distorts the identity of yourself and others, you do not see them or yourself as clearly or as positively as when you are silently aware. Fear strengthens the ego and the stronger the ego becomes the further away from the truth of existence and yourself, you become. The ego and mind need fear to keep you separate from the great truth buried within your heart and awareness. Your fear is never real, but in your mind you imagine it so.
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Announcement of New Book

Introducing ...

The Big Little Book of Whispers, by my partner, Robert S. Cosmar, is now available through Amazon.com!

"The heart speaks in the language of feelings. Words are the tools used to convey them. Big Little Book of Whispers is a book for those whose hearts are open, those who are ready to look into the self.

The Big Little Book of Whispers is a collection of short insights which speak to the heart and reveal the true nature of your inner life. Each insight is a view into that inner life and assists the mind by creating a bridge between intellect and intuition.

For you who are mentally oriented, this book may seem odd, childish, or even silly, but for you who wonder and yearn for more, it will be a gateway to eternity within your soul and heart."
~Robert S. Cosmar

My Review on Amazon.com:

"There are some who will say my review of Robert's book isn't as valuable as a review by someone else. After all, I am Robert's life partner. I also edited the book, so surely I must be biased. They are entitled to their opinion, however, they would be wrong.

There are well over 2,000 whispers in "Big Little Book of Whispers". When I took on the task of editing this 520-page book, my mind tried to convince me it could be a daunting, tedious experience. It was not. As I began to read, more often than not I found myself lost within each page, the editing forgotten, my mind and heart working together as I felt each word, each whisper, come alive with meaning. 

It took me four readings to finish editing "Big Little Book of Whispers". Each time I began, I found new truths that touched me, like a seed that was sprouting and growing, page by page.

If you are aware, or awakening, this is a book you will cherish. I would give it ten stars ...

CJ Heck"

Another Review:

Hi Robert and CJ, 

Congratulations on the new book! Best wishes for much success in your sharing of truth. Your insights provide the impetus for others to recognize their own inner knowing and begin the journey of exploring their truth.

Lee Johnston 

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You are who you are and in that beauty accept who you are totally. Do not mimic anyone or try to copy another in your mind and imagination. You are unique and special and the gift that you bring to life is needed and necessary. You are a direct source to life itself unless you divert it by playing a role in your mind and imagination. Do not do this, embrace yourself and begin the journey back to source and inner wisdom. This is the beauty of love and awareness; it brings you back home to you. You are worthy; you are ok as you are. Stop judging and become aware of all that you are, not what your mind, ego and others think you are. Be real and in that reality you will find your healing and your heart.
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Setting up failure

When you set up rules, commandments and laws to regulate behavior you are setting up failure. The mind and ego cannot produce virtue either through imagination or commanding it. Virtue is a fruit of an awakened heart and not the result of rules and regulations. You do not make people better through fear and intimidation; you make them frustrated and angry. You entice them to break the rules, commandments and laws that you seek to govern them by.

The mind and ego can be trained to a degree, but who a person is will drive them eventually. Unconsciousness compels us to behave a certain way until we are more aware of the goodness within us. Till that time all of us will stumble, fall and crawl through the personal pain of our unconscious and the judgments that rules, commandments and laws place upon us.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The middle ground

The mind, imagination and dream state are the middle ground of consciousness in which ideas and images have the freedom to exist outside the realm of reality. They are the no man’s land of existence where reality is not present but illusion takes form.

We have the freedom to identify with these states in the playground of consciousness to explore and fulfill our individual wishes, hopes and aspirations or dreams, but this is not our true reality or our ultimate existence.

The dream state is a middle ground between which the mind has greater freedom to explore its possibilities and we can also be influenced by the deep inner dimensions of our true reality. It is the border or twilight zone between reality and illusion.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The compromise

The messenger is not the whisper. Do not assume that a messenger embodies a whisper or is the physical manifestation of one. Whispers come from within the messenger as a reminder and a revelation of a deeper level of conscious knowing within the self. They alert us to what we are and what we know. They are not a continuous every moment experience within your being, but  a rising within the feeling nature of a part of you that was dormant and now is alive within your consciousness. It is not possible to be fully aware as long as the mind and ego hold onto a false identity. To become the whisper or embody it you would have to dissolve the ego totally and that is not possible.
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fear of abandonment

Fear of abandonment is the excuse the ego provides if you trust yourself, life and others. This fear pollutes our innocence and makes us slave to situations that bind us into the grip of the ego. We hold back the truth and the revelation of ourselves, our true expression of self. We live in fear that if we do, say or be the right thing it will cost us dearly and our security will be gone forever. It forces us to betray the honesty within ourselves that is essential to be real with ourselves and others; it eats away at the fabric of life and pollutes our communication with existence.
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Drop it all

If you want to grow in your awareness then you must drop all the crutches, tricks, procedures and techniques and take time to turn your awareness within you. It is as simple and as difficult as that.

Anything that the mind of man creates to guarantee or coach you into a true spiritual relationship with yourself will inevitably get in the way of your awareness. You cannot use the mind to become aware unless you direct your attention towards your feelings.

It is through the feelings that the revelation of awareness happens. The mind stands on the outside looking in and your feelings are the door to your awakening. Even thinking about awareness is a hindrance to experiencing it. It is better to feel and become conscious of what you are feeling.

Knowing is the experience of feeling life, it is automatic understanding. It requires no action on your part because it is already there within you. You do not need to be educated or trained to receive it.

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Until you FEEL

Until you FEEL, the deeper mysteries of awareness, awakening and the universe are hidden from you. They cannot be shared through the mind, the mind cannot hold them, but you can feel them within your heart.

The heart is the living presence of universal consciousness within you. It is the bridge between time, space and eternity. It reveals that you are the truth already and no search for it is necessary or possible.

Life is a presence within consciousness that stands at a point behind the mind and ego and along with the heart joins you with eternity through the feelings of an awakened heart. It is not something that you can control or explain or attain through the mind alone.

You feel  life, the feeling always precedes the thought.  Life comes before thinking.

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