"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Whose in charge?

You are your own authority unless you give it to others. Deep within the oneness you are all that you seek, it is not a matter anymore of looking, but rather being and accepting the oneness.

The mind seeks, constantly looks for something or someone greater, better and more filling. You will never satisfy its search or complete its mission.

Do not seek, surrender to who you are and what you are. Open the doorway of your feelings and allow the awareness to rush in. Allow yourself to become that which you fear to admit and fail to understand in consciousness now.

The mind will always challenge you to prove it. Only in your awareness are you encouraged to surrender and accept your birthright and your reality.

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