"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Friday, December 19, 2014

Spiritual Awareness Books: by Robert S. Cosmar

Robert Cosmar


All of my books are about spiritual awareness and awakening.

They are my own inner experience and shared in the hope that, through them, others will also recognize their own journey to discover truth.

Within our awareness, we are never alone. 

Big Little Book of Whispers

Publisher: CreateSpace
Paperback and Kindle
520 Pages

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About the Book

The heart speaks the language of feelings and words are the tools used to convey them.

This book is for those whose hearts are open and who are ready to look into the self.

The Big Little Book of Whispers is a collection of short insights (whispers) which speak to the heart and reveal the true nature of your inner life. Each whisper offers a view into that inner life, by creating a bridge between intellect and intuition.

For the mentally-oriented, this book may seem odd, childish, even silly, but for those who wonder and yearn for more awareness of self, it will be a gateway to eternity within your heart and soul.


"This is a book I will cherish for a long time to come. It is not a novel, or something to race through, It is a book to savor and comprehend, to obtain the full meaning and truth from each passage. There are over 2,000 whispers in Big Little Book of Whispers, and I am unable to list all my favourite passages. They all hold meaning and purpose and are unique within themselves. Definitely check out this book and open up your heart and mind." ~Coccotoro

"Simple, clear messages from the soul, with lots of room for your own wisdoms to form around the seeds offered on each page. This is the kind of book you could use for daily pondering of life and how it applies to your own situation in the moment." ~Sue Rumack

"I really, really enjoyed this heartfelt book. It is the best I have ever read on this area of wisdom. Full of awareness and shared so beautifully and skilfully." ~Haqiqa

'The strange thing about beliefs is, they limit in some way who you think you are. Beliefs put you in a box and label you. They cause you to doubt you are anything more than what you believe. 
The heart limits nothing and, in time, it helps you realize through awareness, that you deserve everything, because you ARE everything. Your beliefs and doubts only stood in the way of that realization.' (from Big Little Book of Whispers, by Robert S. Cosmar)
"These are just a few lines from a treasure-trove of beautiful lines that makes one stop and be introspective.

When one is ready to look into his/her self, that's when the universe conspires to let us know what we need to know.  And during such a mission, I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to read this book.

As the author states, there is no particular way to read this book. You can turn through the pages from beginning to end, or simply open any page at random. Be assured, it will be something worth ruminating on.
" ~Divya Nambiar

"I just love this book! It is a must read. 

The short insights by the author are timeless, true, and can be applied in everyday life to make it better. Anyone who may not want to read it in spiritual sense can read it in a philosophical, or practical, sense and still help oneself. 

There are no words to describe how joyous I am feeling after reading it. Thumbs up!" ~Disha

"There are some who will say my review of Robert's book isn't as valuable as a review by someone else. After all, I am Robert's life partner. I also edited the book, so surely I must be biased. They are entitled to their opinion, however, they would be wrong.

There are well over 2,000 whispers in Big Little Book of Whispers" When I took on the task of editing this 520-page book, my mind tried to convince me it could be a daunting, tedious experience. It was not. 

As I began to read, more often than not I found myself lost within each page, the editing forgotten, my mind and heart working together as I felt each word, each whisper, come alive with meaning. 

It took me four readings to finish the editing. Each time I began, I found new truths that touched me, like a seed sprouting and growing, page by page.
If you are aware, or awakening, this is a book you will cherish. I would give it ten stars." ~CJ Heck, Author

Awareness: Being Fully Alive

Publisher: CreateSpace
Paperback and Kindle
112 Pages
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About the Book

The journey to awareness is a personal journey, one of self-discovery and self-enlightenment. We are our own teacher on this journey and consciousness is our personal classroom into our truth, inner knowing, and self.

Awareness: Being Fully Alive is a book of essays about awareness and awakening. It acts as a bridge between the mind and heart.  

Each essay is a doorway to our inner life that inspires and encourages us to dig deeper into our life and feelings.


"Not a book to be rushed, but to be savored ...

Robert writes from his heart and touches ours with his inspiration and insight, through love and his partnership with the universe.

Awareness: Being Fully Alive is written through a series of essays from whispers he receives from his guidance. (Whispers are those sometimes annoying little announcements from the universe, that make us aware of what is real, genuine and eternal). 
I loved this book. It puts awareness into a wonderful new perspective." ~C.J. Heck, Author

Trilogy of Awareness:

Publisher: CreateSpace
Paperback and Kindle
222 Pages

About the Book

Three fictional stories that will inspire the imagination, awaken the heart, and give you a rare glimpse of the eternity that resides within you.

Written in the early 1990's, these stories were tucked in a drawer for twenty years, until my life partner, CJ Heck, found them.  She loved them so much that she encouraged me to put all three in a book.

So ... these stories are a message from my heart to yours that says to awaken from your sleep and remember who you are. Each story is about you and me.

Lost in a world of beliefs and searching desperately for some sort of meaning and purpose, we play roles, until we finally reach a point when we can't live a lie any longer. Then, when it seems all hope is gone and we feel as though we've struggled forever, a ray of light, (awareness), surfaces from within and begins to guide us "home" again.

Home: Where the Heart Is:  The tale of a young man from the planet, Maldron, who is banished to Garbon in another galaxy, because he goes against the archaic values of his government.

In Garbon, he begins an adventure which leads him on a dangerous journey through a wondrous land, filled with life-changing challenges, strange beings, new friends, and where ultimately he is given a magical parchment containing the answer for saving his people on Maldron.

Masters of the Park:  A despairing middle-aged man rediscovers the importance of life with the help of a magical little friend in a city park, after falling from a child's swing and hitting his head on a rock.

After coming to, he suddenly finds himself thrust into a parallel time and space dimension which was designed for him alone.

The Ghost of Woodstock:  Jimi Hendrix's ghost returns to help some young guitarists at a music camp near Woodstock.

Through Jimi, the musicians rediscover their own inner magic, the one vital key to releasing the true music dwelling inside their heart.


"This book is a must read for anyone who loves fiction. These three short stories weave tales of fantasy, drama, and imagination, and whisk you away on wondrous adventures to other times, places and dimensions. 

It's a wonderful journey from the heart of an enlightened man who understands the magic of the universe. I can assure you, these stories will awaken that sleeping part of you that reveals you are more than you ever thought possible.

Give yourself, or someone you love, an uplifting gift -- Trilogy of Awareness, by Robert Cosmar. You won't be disappointed." ~CJ Heck, Author

"Bob demonstrates amazing creativity and a transparency into his spirit. I appreciate his honesty and the life lessons he teaches through these stories. 

Reading the stories with an open heart and mind is healing. It is impossible to read them without seeing yourself mirrored in at least one of the characters. It's a great book!" ~D. Lynn Mullens

The Magic of Love and Intimacy:

Publisher: CreateSpace
Paperback and Kindle
64 Pages

About the Book

Love is important, but intimacy is critical for love to continue to grow and flourish.

The Magic of Love and Intimacy is full of little truths, essays, based on whispers about love and intimacy, the keys to feeling love and how to follow it into an intimate partnership with another, the universe, and the life you live.

Often we, or our partner, have failed to confront issues that stand in the way of forgiveness and acceptance of one another. Difficult times are not always the end of anything, but a beginning, a realization as to why love may have grown stale, or empty.

If you long to know what is needed to build a strong foundation in love with someone, this book will assist you in making love more real.


"This is a 'must have' book for everyone -- young or old, male or female.

We all have this 'idea' about what love is and we spend a lifetime trying to find it. With each failure, we desperately seek to understand why it failed.

Through his own partnership with the Universe, Robert Cosmar shares his heart through a series of essays, based on his own lifelong search for love and intimacy, that is until he re-met his life partner, CJ. 

Robert offers us many valuable keys to unlock what love truly is. Most importantly, through his book, we learn that love is not an idea. It is an experience of the heart and when we are ready for love, love will find us." ~C.J. Heck, Author
"Don't beat yourself up, if you don't have love in your life. Each failure and experience, no matter how painful, is preparing you for that moment when love will knock on the door of your heart and awaken it." (from  The Magic of Love and Intimacy, by Robert Cosmar)

New Book (Coming Soon):

Heart to Heart is Where we Start: Big Little Book of Whispers II

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