"We all have an inner voice, our personal whisper from the universe.
All we have to do is listen -- feel and sense it with an open heart.
Sometimes it whispers of intuition or precognition. Other times,
it whispers an awareness, a remembrance from another plane.
Dare to listen. Dare to hear with your heart."
~CJ Heck

"The Key to the Universe is Love, Together in a
Partnership with Awareness."
~Robert Cosmar

Monday, November 5, 2012

Awareness is an revelation, not an explanation

Awareness teaches you what you need to know, learn and understand about the nature of reality and yourself. It does this by leading your consciousness gently into realms of your being that the mind cannot comprehend. It shows you and reminds you of what you have forgotten about yourself and life. It is teaching not by word only, but by the example of knowing. It gives you back your true dignity and self-worth and it wraps you in a blanket of love and understanding. It guides you into the revelation of reality, not by holding your hand but by introducing your potential if you will embrace it.
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